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  1. Hi all. Back on 4th November 2014 we ordered some new covers for our 2 sofas. We picked the fabric and the covers were to be custom made by the supplier of the sofas. On the invoice, it shows an approximate delivery time of 3-4 weeks. As the covers were to be custom made, we paid in full at the time of order. We contacted the shop at the beginning of December to see what was happening only to be told the fabric hadnt arrived from the suppliers and so they had not started on the covers. Just before Christmas we got a phone call to say the fabric would be delivered on 6th January to which we said we were not very happy but OK. 6th Jan, called....no fabric, will definitely be delivered by 13th of Jan. Rang today, still no fabric so said we were very unhappy and would like to cancel the transaction. Shop very defensive, said it wasnt possible and that the fabric had been dispatched and would be there tomorrow or Monday. Wife said, Monday or money back. On the back of the invioce one of the terms and conditions says " All delivery dates are quoted in good faith and are correct at the time of ordering however these dates are approximate and can be subject to change from our suppliers. Under no circumstances can ' Store name' be held responsible for delays in delivery due to unforseen circumstances. Nor will it constitute a cancellation " Also, "All orders that are specially made and custom built cannot be cancelled" Are we within our rights to ask for our money back if the fabric doesnt arrive on Monday? The quoted terms are normally for the furniture they sell and supply but they are now saying it also applies to fabric orders. I realise they may well have ordered the fabric but they have not as yet received it or made a start on making our covers. Any help or advice appreciated.
  2. hi all, A bit vague this one but here goes. my wife went online and bought me a pressie from a company. It was described as brand new, boxed and with accesories. BTW, it wasnt an auction site. The item arrived, not boxed, in a jiffy bag and with no accessories. When my wife contacted the company, a very nice customer rep said to return the item and a full refund would be issued however return postage would be at my wife's cost. It says on the companies website that all returns except for faulty items are at the customers expense. A few mins after speaking to the rep, he rang my son on his mobile phone ( my son actually placed the order for my wife as she doesnt really do the whole internet buying thing ) and was told that the guy had spoken to his supervisor and that as a gesture of goodwill, as soon as the item was received a new, upgraded model would be sent out, next day delivery at no extra charge to ourselves. Luckily my son recorded the conversation but the quality of the recording is poor and it drops out where the offer of the upgrade was mentioned. Fast forward a week or so and the company have not issued a refund or a replacement. The customer service rep denies telling my son a better item would be sent out free and that if we want the next model up we have to pay for it. At this point, we just want to get our money back. What are our rights? I was under the impression we should get back our initial purchase and postal price and that as the returns info is set out on the website, we would be liable for this. Does this sound right or should we be entitled to our return postal costs as well as the item was mis represented and sold non boxed and without any accessories where the site clearly shows as having both? Many thanks, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!
  3. Hey all, Just did a check on my non existant credit rating and noticed a couple of things. Back in 2008, we had major financial difficulties and managed to pay off about 50% of what we owed to various cards as settlements...all except Egg. Egg agreed to us paying £1.00 per month and this was all good for a year or so. Then out of the blue, I seem to remember having a letter from Egg saying they had sold my debt to another company which to the best of my knowledge has never contacted me. Now I check my credit rating and see that whilse all my other old debts show as settled or satisfied, I have 2 defaults. One with Egg and one with a company called Apex credit management whom I assume must have taken over the Egg debt as the balance is the same. Apex have got my surname wrong and I remember having a company keep calling me and me saying you have the wrong person and not giving them any information. So, how come on MY credit rating/info the Apex default is showing with the incorrect surname? Surely they must have my correct name to issue a default. Also, as Egg sold on my debt, how long will the Egg default remain on my file?
  4. I was under the impression that DD amounts could be varied but only after giving the customer written notification?
  5. On my PC I run Ubuntu as it does everything I want it to and is more secure than windows.....and its free! lol.
  6. Well it looks like they are going to do an exchange for me. They have agreed to pick it up on Monday and then send out a replacement when they get this one back. I did ask why they couldnt just send a replacement out with the courier and do a swap as they have had the machine twice but the lady on the phone said that wasnt an option. We shall see......
  7. Last July we bought our daughter a netbook from the Argos Ebay clearance shop. It was listed as refurbished with 12 month warranty. Fast forward to early March and it started to run very slowly as if it had a virus as there were also some annoying pop ups despite having anti virus, firewall and spyware software installed...paranoid? lol. Decided it would be wise to do a factory restore and start again. Done it many times on various PC's, laptops and netbooks for friends. Im a bit of a PC geek. Anyway, everytime we tried, it would fail at exactly the same point, 52% in to expanding the requitred files therefore showing we had corrupt install files. I dug out the receipt and contacted the repair firm as listed who were good as gold. Arranged collection of netbook via courier and after about a week, we had the netbook back. So first thing I do is to try a factory restore just to make sure files are working and this time it fails each time at 40%. Contact company who apologise profusely and arrange to have it picked up again. 10 days pass this time even though I was promised it would be urgent as this was the same repair twice and it arrives again with a note saying hard drive has been replaced and that there is a known issue with the factory restore problem. So I try a restore and you guessed it...fail. My daughter uses her netbook for surfing the net as most kids do but also for home work. We backed everything up but with exams coming, she wanted to do some work over the holidays and it has been a little inconvenient for her to have to share the home PC. I will contact the repair company again but am I within my rights to ask for a replacement this time? I feel I have been fair and have allowed them 2 attempts to fix the unit but obviously, they have not. It would appear that the install files originally on the unit were corrupt and so right from the outset it could have been deemed as 'faulty' even though my daughter was able to use it. It only came to light when we needed to do a clean reinstall of the operating system. What would you advise me to do? TIA and sorry if this is in the wrong part of the forum.
  8. Many thanks to you both! Will contact the solicitor tomorrow and see if they can offer any advice. Will also go in and talk to her employer and get everything in writing.
  9. If the doctor agrees that it is possible for her to carry out this 2nd job, would her employer have any grounds to refuse her permission to work? If she is unfit for her cleaning job but is capable of doing the 2nd job until she regains full fitness and is able to return, Im hoping this wont cause any problems. Unforunately, we need to make sure the bills are paid and food is on the table.
  10. Hi Che, Thanks for the prompt reply. The accident was caused by another driver who has admitted liability and whilst we did not want to pursue it further, our financial situation means we need to recover our out of pocket expenses. To this end and via the motoring part of the forum, we have made contact with a personal injury lawyer to recoup these losses. My wifes cleaning job is a physical one with plenty of bending and although it may sound silly, the mopping action really aggrevates her condition, hence the reason she has been signed off. She has seen a physio twice and he told her it is very unusual to still be experiencing the pain and tenderness that she does. This new job is office based and as such does not require her to be stood for several hours at a time and does not involve any manual lifting and handling.
  11. Sorry for the poor title! My wife was injured in a car accident in early December and as such has been signed off of work as a cleaner since. She is suffering with back injuries. Her employer got in touch to say that as of 23rd Jan, she will be on half pay and that after 25 March if she has not returned to work it will go to no pay. We asked about her going and doing light duties but this wasnt an option. My wife has now been offered a part time job that would enable her to earn a little without the job being at all physical and so not putting any strain on her back. She would like to return to her cleaning job as soon as she is fit. If we go to the doctors and he says it would be ok for her to do this part time job but not the cleaning job, where do we stand from an employment point of view? Would her current employer be able to dismiss her because she got a new job? Im pretty sure they would think something strange is going on but we need the money and whilst ideally I would like for my wife not to work at all untill she has been declared fully medically fit, needs must. .
  12. Recently posted this, http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?286843-No-fault-accident-3rd-party-has-admitted-liability-advice-on-uninsured-loss-and-injury-claim-please. The other insurance company has been a PITA to be honest and now Im tired of playing Mr Nice Guy! As I said in our original post, we only want whats fair but they seem to be trying to get out of coming to any sort of agreement. My wife is still in pain and we may be witout a vehicle to go and look at cars simply because they want the hire car back. I have said that the cheque hasnt yet cleared and that we need a vehicle to go and look at replacement cars. With Christmas coming up, finances are already stretched and we now just want to talk to someone who can help us put together a fair uninsured loss and personal injury claim. Not sure where to look or who is reputable as Im wary of the people that advertise on the TV. Has anyone had a good experience with a company that they would be happy to recommend? Happy for replies to the thread or by PM if it would seem unreasonable or advertising for these companies. Getting very stressed now in a time that should be fun and enjoyable. Thanks.
  13. TC, sorry, I have just re read my orignal post and Ive just realised I didnt get it quite right first time. When I said we were not interested in contacting any of the so called personal injury lawyers or helplines advertised on the TV, I should have mentioned that the other insuarnce company have already stated ( and did so from the outset ) that they will deal with a personal injury claim as long as surgery isnt required. They have stated that if it is for whiplash for example then they could settle a claim. What I didnt want to do was involve a so called specialist to make the claim. As long as I feel we are being treated fairly, then that is how it will stay. I have contacted my payroll department and they are happy to supply a letter stating how much time I have taken off and what my hourly rate is. They have also said that I can borrow holiday from next years entitlement to cover the Christmas period so we are now not unduly worried about my pay packet! As long as the insurance company continue with us fairly, we will be fair back. Cant say much fairer than that! lol. Wife is feeling better in herself today so the mood has lightened. She still has some abdominal tenderness but her main concern at the mo is a lower back pain and a pain in her neck. Many thanks for your input, its very much appreciated.
  14. Thankyou TC. As I said before, we only want what is fair and I consider me being off work to care for my wife and sort out the household fair. I can get a letter from work stating the time off I have had so that shouldnt be a problem. If it can be avoided, we dont want to involve an injury specialist purely because whilst they will probably get us more, they will get paid and at the end of the day our ( read everyones ) insurance premiums will go up even more. I have kept a diary and a few receipts from going to look at new cars ( why do people say immaculate when they mean OK for a dogs kennel? ) but am mainly concerned with what my pay packet will bring in. I have contacted my payroll section to see if I can buy some of next years holiday or borrow it so that when the claim is settled, I can take the unpaid leave as my usual holiday. will keep the post updated and will contact the 3rd party inusrers tomorrow to see if they will play ball by allowing a very unlikely interim payment.
  15. My wife was involved in a no fault accident just over a week ago and the 3rd party admitted at the scene he was to blame. Witnesses verified this and he also told this to the police that attended. The 3rd parties insurance company contacted us the next morning to advise that they would be sorting everything out as there client had accepted liability. I contacted our insurers to let them know what had happened. My wife suffered back, neck and abdominal injuries and was taken to hospital. She hates hospitals and just wanted to come home. On a scale of 1 - 10 with 10 being extreme pain and 7 being child birth, my wife put the pain at 8. She has a huge pain threshold and so I knew she was suffering. They gave her morphine and after about 6 hours she was discharged on the understanding that we would go back if it got any worse. The car has since been written off as a cat c. The 3rd parties insurance have offered a settlement on the car of £2350 if they retain the car and £2150 if we retain it. They said because I was dealing directly with them, they technically didnt have an automatic claim to the vehicle as my insurance would, but they would want to retain it if they paid out the higher amount. The £2350 is probably a fair amount ( took a while for us to negotiate to this point ) but I would have thought the car is worth more than the £200 they have included as salvage so Im considering accepting the £2150 and retaining the car to sell myself. Does this part all sound correct? We have been issued with a rental car whilst the claim is sorted out. Any ideas how long we get to keep it after we receive the settlement? We are looking for a replacement car but it is not easy! Due to the injuries sustained by my wife, she has been unable to work and has been bed bound since the accident. She was hoping it was going to be a couple of days of aches and pains but that is not the case. She has trouble moving around, is unsteady on her feet and feels nauseous if she sits up or stands, possibly due to the pain. We have been to the doctors twice and have been given more powerful painkillers and anti inflammatories. I have had to take time off from work to look after her and sort out the house and 4 children. We are not interested in any of the personal injury helplines etc, we simply want to know that our out of pocket expenses that we incurr will be covered and that my time off will be paid for. I am now having to take unpaid leave as my holiday entitlement has now been used up. Is it fair to ask for my time from work to be paid for? I know my wife will get sick pay from work, I think. I just need to be sure as I wasnt directly involved but obviously this has had an impact on all of us. The other insurance company have said they can deal with personal injury etc if it is minor and not requiring surgery etc but they have given no indication of what they will cover or how much. I contacted my insurance and asked about the legal help line that we have and they said because we were dealing direct, there wasnt an open case as the other insurance company had agreed to sort it out. What makes it harder ( and no Im not a racist ) but it sounded like an indian call center and the response was script like. Would have been much easier to deal with a UK based center. The 3rd parties insurance is UK based so that makes it a little easier. As of now, we are awaiting confirmation of the offer and a cheque to be issued for the car and we are wondering about the financial implications of unpaid leave etc especially with Christmas coming up. Any help or advise greatly appreciated even if it just puts our minds at rest. Thanks in advance and sorry for the long post.
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