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  1. Thank you. Got other things to deal with first. He's claiming all sorts against US and threatening to take us to court for it. Don't fully understand what he's claiming as his letter appears to refer to one he's sent previously, but he reckons we owe HIM £2,600! We'll see how this pans out. Have a baby due anyday so could really do without this. Worried I'll go into labour and come home from hospital to a court letter.
  2. But without anything specifically saying that one of those payments was a deposit, can I still do this?
  3. OK, the ex-landlord has now responded with a letter claiming all sorts of ridiculous things against us. I'm hoping we have a leg to stand on with regards to them all. One point I want to put by anyone who would care to respond is that he is claiming that we didn't pay him a deposit. Now without going into too much detail, when we moved in, we paid him 2 months in advance (as he'd required) and a month as deposit, all in cash, for which he gave one receipt for the total amount. We subsequently paid all rent and have proof, and gave the required notice to leave when the 12 months' tenancy w
  4. Thank you. Didn't spot that and wondered whether I could use it seeing as our tenancy has already ended. But have had a crack at it. I plan to send it to the property itself - he does not live there but is registered as residing there in the title deeds, and would hope the new tenants will forward it. But... if it's in his name, and I send it record delivery, they may not sign for it. So also plan to send a copy via recorded delivery to his father's address, which is where he resides. I haven't mentioned the detail re. the deductions that can be made, as we haven't even got that far.
  5. Hi. Is there anyone who can give me a starting point as to what I should write to the ex-landlord? Not really sure of where I stand in all this. Thanks.
  6. Thank you for your advice. I paid for the owner search and it has come up with the bloke we know as our landlord, ie. the one in the contract, not the one we pay the rent to, so why the owner is referring to this guy as our "landlord" I have no idea. Interestingly, and annoyingly, he's listed as living at the property, but presume that's no surprise. So I'm probably best sending a letter to him at the only address we have for him - his father's address. And maybe a copy to the property itself, hoping the current tenants will forward it to him? What do you think? And what sort of thin
  7. We rented a property privately for a year, moved out in December 08 giving appropriate written notice, all rent paid up (and have proof of all rent payments, and confirmation notice letter was received etc). When we started tenancy, landlord had his own tenancy agreement drawn up. It was lengthy war and peace style but appeared to be in order, although curiously “landlord’s address” was down as the property address. We have a handwritten receipt of the deposit of £595, however 3 months after moving out, we are yet to get our deposit back and are now struggling to contact him. Until n
  8. Got the blurb from the court today, and the blurb from Cobbetts in the post. Got the AQ and got a very long document requesting loads of info. A bit mind blowing. I know I have to respond ASAP but I have an assignment due in tomorrow and will be up all night finishing so will have to put my mind to Natwest tomorrow. Am I still in with a chance (in anyone's opinion)? Hubby is cynical and has resented me paying fees from the start as he thinks I'll lose this.
  9. Damn & blast. Time would have been up tomorrow but just logged onto Moneyclaim and spotted that Natwest have entered a defence. I presume I'll get something in the post now. Will that be the AQ? Am scared now... ! Cez
  10. Have received acnowledgment to my claim. The tick box next to "intend to fully defend" is ticked. Is that bad news?
  11. Thanks. I think I'll leave a date out as I haven't a first clue when I opened the accounts and I'd rather claim the two accounts together to avoid paying 2 lots of fees. I started by sending 2x £10's for the statements and was sent them all together with one cheque returned. And sent 2 separate prelim letters but received one reply to both. So they seem to be indicating they are seeing my 2 accounts as one issue, so I'll play it like that. Presumably I am one identity on their files with however many accounts under that identity. Ta for your help. Getting quite nervous about this. Wi
  12. Well, have got to the stage where I have had a reply from darling Mr Higley to my LBA - standard response presumably, basically saying "still not paying up, go away". Am now going to do my moneyclaim claim and looking at the suggestion for wording for grounds for action in the library, it says that I have a contract with the bank dated xxxx - how on earth do I find that date out? Presumably this is when I first opened my account?? Not a clue - years and years ago!! And my claim is for 2 Natwest accounts in my sole name, both opened at different times. What date would I use? Anyo
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