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  1. Thanks Lily, Blackcat... i'll keep reading me thinks, but having said that the A+L can't have what i haven't got can they.. its not like my salary goes into the account or anything is it.. the best they can do is to send a bailiff round i suppose.. and he'd better be a big one!!!!!!
  2. fantastic news... well done for perservering...
  3. thanks again Lily.. let me know how you get on or the name of your thread.. Brian
  4. Thanks Lily... i owe £900 and have all the statements which add up to £550....
  5. Just one question really.. already going thru the process with the Halifax, should get a result in a week or so... I have a CC which i owe £900 on.. if i were to start action against the A+L could they recall that debt straight away? are they likely to? i have no DD or SO with them, just pay it with a cheque each month..
  6. great advice there from Olliiebear... again, welcome to the site. You will find a whole host of very friendly knowledgable people, all of whom have gone thru or are going thru the same process. The Halifax will stall, bully and bulls*** all the way thru the process, just stick to the timelines thet YOU set and never be fobbed off no matter what they say. Come onto the site frequently and ask anything, there is always someone to help and answer queries. Good luck..
  7. I am the same. The statement only list dates and i spoke to the Halifax and they couldn't, or wouldn't, give me details of what each debit was for. Don't worry, just follow the process.... I sent my 'thanks but no thanks' letter last week..
  8. Just send the second letter, he's talking out of his arris and once again stalling the process. Keep to your timelines and follow the procedure NO MATTER WHAT RUBBISH THEY SAY. Regardsless whether they disagree with the OFT, they have adopted an EDIT charge process laid down in law... best of luck. Unlawful not illegal! word edited...
  9. keep going, some great people on here and they always help.. keep the faith and hold your head up high..
  10. thanks for that.. i have just sent my 'thanks but no thanks' letter off and will file my claim in to weeks from today hopefully..
  11. Now, i have read loads and loads over the past few weeks and my eyes are ready to pop.. There are some fantastic posts, great templates and very valuable advice.. But what if..... Sooner or later some lucky / unlucky layman like myself is going to end up having to go all the way to court... they are gonna stand up in front of a judge somewhere, opposite the defence lawyer from the Halifax having kittens.. Now, if its me then great.. at least i'll have a day off work. But is there anything written anywhere regarding actually appearing in front of the beak. If there is, then great. If not, wouldn't it be useful to have something prepared, by someone far more knowledgable than me, regarding the process, legal arguments etc.. i suppose i'm asking if a case can be prepared in advance ready for the first person who has to be 'the one'. any thoughts??
  12. .. Would love to be the first to stand up to these faceless numpties in court and win!!! how cool knocking that cheesy smile of Howards face, he wouldn't bloody sing then... Might even get on Anglia TV news, after the 6 fingered farmer from Diss and his singing cat...
  13. Ralphbell This is normal. I was charged £10 so your a fiver up already!! Unfortunately you have to work it out yourself, but do so quickly so you can get to the next stage. Stick to your guns and timelines. they will drag their feet all the way and make you wait.... I sent my second leeter after the statements, waited and got a reply saying basically 'tough'. Sent the next letter and got an offer of £588. Claiming £1478... Just sent the last letter today threatening court action, given them 14 days and then i'm off to court.. Keep the faith
  14. kacking me pants to be honest, but ready to fight Howard all the way... and his glasses.
  15. LBA went winging its way in the post this morning... either my 4 kids will have a great christmas or i'll be sleeping on the settee for turning down their 'gesture of goodwill'.... fingers crossed..
  16. Now i have spent a whole afternoon reading all sorts, i feel much better.. can anyone tell me why i can't add the 8% interest onto my claim until i have reached the Court stage??? just a little confused with this.. anyone know why?
  17. Thanks Mark.. where do i find the letter temlates/interest spreadsheet etc..
  18. Hi people Great site!! only found it yesterday.. Story so far.. Sent letter 1, got my statements... Sent letter 2, asked for £1333 got laughed at...(nothing new there!!) Sent letter 3 and have just recieved the normal useless 'offer' of £588... Now, what do i do... wifey wants the dough.. i want to claim.. Risking sleeping in the spare room, i have decided to pursue my full amount on the basis that she will be a very appreciative woman when i have beaten this lot... but.. not sure how to sort out the interest side of things.. So far i have done all of my own letters and kicked myself for not finding you kindred spirits before.. If you can direct me as to where to go next..
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