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  1. They have 40 days to respond to the SAR request. If, by the 33rd day write again giving them a nudge.. If you don't recieve these within a week then start court proceedings for non compliance. Jos
  2. am i missing something here. why doesn't she just stop paying altogether....
  3. you wait... for the bank to send you a defence, or the court to advise of the next stage.. Jos
  4. You will find that the banks get away with all sorts.. I agree deadlines should be stuck to, but it seems the courts can be a bit lenient most of the time.. Jos
  5. Welcome Beth.. Have a good look around the site and you will get the hang of it quite quickly. There is a chat room that deals with any questions you may have and everyone is really friendly.. Have a read of the FAQ pages first, these will answer most of the questions that you will have.. Good luck Jos
  6. It will be the best thing you ever do.. the satisfaction of beating these people is immense.. Good luck Jos
  7. the three copies are for you, the bank and the court... i would send 2 to the court, they sent a copy to the bank for me, and send a copy to the bank as well so at least if they get 2 its better than none... Jos
  8. the court keeps a copy, a copy goes to the defendent and you keep a copy...
  9. Not sure if this is any use. This is the defence that Cobbets sent to me... http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/show-post/post-589538.html I will PM you my response...
  10. Thats excellent news.. well done.. If you would like to make a small donation then please click here... http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/sitemap.php Every little helps.....
  11. I would do as they ask. Go into a branch with as many forms of ID as you have. They will then be able to locate your roll/account number ready for you to get the ball rolling. Jos
  12. me too...... ... Cobbets do not like CI do they...
  13. Tell her just to go ahead with a claim. The £12 was only a suggestion by the OFT and was never accepeted as a reasonable charge anyway. they have never shown what their true costs are so she can claim in the normal way. Jos
  14. ok.. you will need to post up your PoC.. you can alter your court papers if need be by completing an N244 form and paying a further £35
  15. Having read this i would say you can only claim back your charges, and possibly the PPI.. So your claim should be for the £250 charges plus the PPI if you want to claim for that as well.. The purchase interest isn't a charge or a penalty. It the interest you have paid on the money you have borrowed so is unclaimable.. You will get hammered if you try and claim any of that back, so stick to what you are allowed to claim. Jos
  16. a CCA is a signed agreement that all financial institutions must have a record of when you sign up. If they haven't got a copy,then the debt isn't enforcable.. Have a look here.... http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general-debt/20758-creditors-dcas-letter-templates.html#post162367 Also, i have used this site before and it tells you what you are entitled to... entitledto Not sure if any of this will help, but good luck anyway.. JOS
  17. just subscribing.. worked hard haven't you, well done for getting this far and i'm sure you will get a result before the weekend.. Jos
  18. Looks like they added your usage to mine....
  19. Ok an update... Having just given Powergen another reading apparantly i am using £23.65 per week in electric.. does this sound normal? It certainly doesn't to me... I haven't yet checked as to what time it is switching over, but the consimption just seems so high..
  20. Add the new charges and send the next letter.. this is standard stuff.. And start a thread in the NW forum..
  21. Thanks guys... Right, here is todays update.. 2 letters to sign for.... Letter 1.. the AQ... A. Settlement....NO B. Location....NO D. Track... FAST TRACK..??? E. 3 Hours F. Directions...NO G.Costs to date...£300 Overall Costs estimate.... Nothing completed In the section for 'any other information you consider will help the judge to manage the claim'..... The Defendent views the claim to be settled and the defendent expects the claimant to be writing to the Court with a otice of discontinuance... And this is why... here is letter 2.... i won't type it all out but basically.. 'our client is prepared to make an additional goodwill payment of £508. Please find enclosed a settlement cheque for £158. This payment is in respect of interest on your account when you have exceeded your OD facility as detailed in your statements. (I never claimed any of this interest in my claim, but i did mention it in a later letter that i sent when trying to settle with Cobbets). We confirm that our client is raising a further cheque for £350 in respect of court costs. We reiterate the points in our previous letter that payment does not inc an amount for contractual int on charges at a rate of 29.65% (i actually claimed 29.5%). Our client views this matter as cincluded and awaits a Notice of Disc. If you fail to provide us with a completed NoD we will apply to the court for an order that the remainder of the claim be dismissed. Furthermore we reserve the right to refer to this letter on the issue of costs'... So, something else to get my teeth into.. remember, they paid me half of the claim, plus todays little bit that i hadn't even claimed for!!
  22. Of course not Johnny ... well, not yet anyway!!!!
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