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  1. You will get all the help you need on here Glynn... i would advise changing your username if its your real name. Contact a mod and they will help you with it. Good luck Jos
  2. Thanks Michael... without your help i would have given up a long time ago... Top man.. Jos
  3. So have they actually sent you a list of all of your charges? If they haven't i would pursue it... I would bet my grannie on the £239 being a lot less than you are actually owed...
  4. Thanks Steven... i feel i have got a result i would have been happy with when i started.. I made sure i never took my eye off the ball and let pound signs blur my vision which is very difficult at times!! I was pushing my luck to see how far it would go, but these guys representing the banks know that very few have the knowledge and linguistic skills to be able to stand up and win in court.. me included. So i live to fight another day, have cleared 2 substantial OD's and still have my health and happiness intact...
  5. Ok haven't been about for a while.... personal matters with my fathers health to deal with which seemed to put everything into perspective.... Basically, i didn't go to court with just the CI element left to fight for.. so i finally settled for.... Charges ( claimed for 2800 originally but then realised 500 wasn't actually charges so amended to 2300) 8% Interest Costs of 350.... But they sent me 2 costs cheques which i accepted and banked.... and they paid me the 500 i shouldn't have claimed and about 250 of account interest as well... So, with everything else going on around me at the moment, they caught me at a low ebb and i discontinued the claim.. But as i always said i would never go into court with just the CI... bit of a drab ending really isn't it but hey there are far more important things in life...
  6. yes of course you can. Just follow the process and the judge will deciode what track it will go down. Jos
  7. The FO has had a lot of successes, whether it is quicker or not is debatable.. Some have had their charges back by just sending the first letter, some have gone all the way to court. It really is your choice. Jos
  8. yes of course they have. Regardless of who 'owns' the account, a penalty charge is a penalty charge. Jos
  9. The debt collection people can't do anything as this account is in dispute. And you need to send them a letter explaining this. Start your court proceeding now, you have given them plenty of notice.
  10. yes you can and its the same process... Jos
  11. yes i would. Use the calculator in the bank template forum. It will work it all out for you. Jos
  12. Hi Subtle The spreadsheet in the bank Template forum will work out the 8% interest for you from the date of when the charge was applied to you account...If you have statements going backfurther than 6 years i would suggest you claim the lot... Jos
  13. The confidentiality clause basically tell me to keep the whole thing quiet.. bit late now tho don't you think!!!! To me, they are asking for something that is totally unacceptable.. Who the hell do they think they are!!!! Me keeping quiet about THEM paying me MY money back... So as far as i am concerned i think that a judge will also find this unacceptable and therefore i have something other than CI to go to court on.
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