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  1. Thanks dx100uk, do you know if I'm entitled to copies of the statements or will they say a spreadsheet honours the request?
  2. Hi, MBNA has upheld my complaint but said i only paid PPI for 5 months then i cancelled it. I don't ever remember cancelling because i never knew i'd taken it out until recently. i sent off a SAR got lots of paperwork back but instead of getting copies of my statements i received a spreadsheet outlining transactions made. Also i never received the transcript of the apparent call i made them to cancel. should i be suspicious that they sent me a spreadsheet because i know how easily they can be manipulated to show me only what they want me to see? Or shou
  3. Hi all, just claimed PPI back from MBNA and it was up held but they only offered £154 refund in premiums plus the interest totalling about £350. I'd had the card for 13 years with high balance on it for a while. I called them today to query the amount, they say i cancelled it in 2000 which is catagorically not true, i didn't know i'd taken out PPI til i got a copy of the credit agreement the other month ! Has anyone else had these claims if so how did you deal with it? Thanks for any suggestions.
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