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  1. This topic was closed on 03/06/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. been following this thread over the last couple of days now... so if you do get a letter from these muppets, do you simply ignore (and not enter into any comms with them) or do you need to address it? i am concerned as a BT customer that my details may be now in the hands of acs and would like to know what the suggested route is, should a belated xmas pressie comes through my letterbox!
  3. A half hearted mention in the settlement letter about the agreement being in confidence, but nothing else. end of the day it is my wife's account not mine so barclays can't touch me! so i am shouting from the rooftops and telling everyone!
  4. Yep, got my claim settled via phone. See other posts, but needless to say like above i had my allocation form ready to go and spoke to them via phone and the offered to settle. Just hang in there everyone. It is a game of chicken as far as Barclays are concerned.
  5. Don Yes totally agree, you don;t want users thinking this is a short cut to getting a result AND not clearly reading what steps had been taken by you or I. I have stressed (as have you) that care must be taken. I think you will agree that Mr Jeramiah is quite "open" to dialogue. the email I had back (again, always insist on backing up conversations with email) from him referred to our claim as a "modest amount" that was really "not worth going to court for"- certainly not to us. However the supporting leaflet from the court does state that "You should attempt to come to resolution
  6. Don, I am sorry but must disagree with parts of your post. Once you have received a defence to your claim, MCOL transfer your claim to you local court. The leaflet that is supplied with the allocation paper clearly states that you should attempt to resolve the matter with the other party prior to submitting your allocation questionare. Now if Keith Jeramiah chooses to accept your suggestions, brilliant! if not then you mention on the form that you DID attempt to resolve the matter and they would not help. When i dealt with him, he said I need to confirm with senior manager and he the
  7. no we did not get a court date, however we got the court transfer pack from MCOL after they entered a defence. We just phoned Keith J and said let's sort this out like grown ups and he agreed. We have had all our money back yesterday and are VERY happy bunnies. Barclays can now go screw themselves- If they charge me again, the ball starts rolling again. You should see their "settlement" letter- cheeky *^*^* s!! But end of the day we won- they lost!! So go for it and screw them too. You'll have the BIG SMILE too!!
  8. I must agree and stress what Don has posted. We contacted him AFTER they lodged their defence and our case was transferred to our local court. Obviously do not contact them before- it would be pointless and a waste of time. The leaflet that comes with the transfer/allocation questionare urges you to try are resolve the matter prior to submitting the alloction pappers. This stands to reason- benifits them and more importantly YOU. Lets be realistic here: most people don't really want to go to court (but would if they had to) and Barclays certainly don't (dispite their saber rattling).
  9. no this is their court defence issued on the 28th day of a 28 day time limit. needless to say following our chat we are happy people (maybe he told me a good joke!!) just hang in their if you have issued you court claim.
  10. Bookworm sure will donate- money will take about a week from barclays, then a donation is on the way!!! if it wasn't for the guys and gals here we would not have had such a result
  11. As mentioned (but not mentioned) in the Keith Jerimiah post, the wife and I are very happy today. Can't discuss why, maybe it's the weather or maybe it's because we actually spoke to Keith and he told us something to make me smile If you fancy being happy after the 28 day stage of your claim, give him a call and have a chat.... He is a very nice man..... a very very nice man. (and very open to dialogue). Just don't give up- the light is definately at the end of the tunnel.
  12. I have actually spoken to the illustrious "Mr Jeramiah" and without giving too much away, I would suggest that others here give him a call once the defense has been lodged by barclays- If only Barclays was run by him. He is the first sensible person I have delt with with barclays. As I said, can't say too much but (nudge nudge) but my holiday to the US in Feb 07 is now a reality!! . Just give him a bell and lay the "cards on the table"- you may get a free "easy to attach Cheshire cat grin" !!!! I'm so happy, so happy, so VERY happy
  13. Guys & Gals, The date is getting close now for barclays- defence to be submitted by 5th june!! Just a quick query. We have a claim issued against barclays with an acknowledgement submitted by them. Am I correct in saying that if they do not submit their defence within 28 days of issue of the claim, I submit a judgement by default. As the have acknowleged, they can't apply for it to be set aside as they have received it (is this correct). I am just trying to calm the wife as we really need this money and these muppets are draaaaaggging their feet. She is considering caving a
  14. Hi, We recently started action against Barclays, following advice and help from this site. We finally issued claim with moneyclaim online on 1st May and received yesterday from the court acknowledgement from Barclays, with an intention to defend whole claim. Is this standard tactics from Barclays, or a change in policy? I have tried to reassure the wife, but I think she just needs confirmation that it is a "game of chicken" that Barclays are playing! Any thoughts would be useful. The person filing the acknowledgement was Keith Jeremiah from their legal disputes dept. tha
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