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  1. I requested all information from Experto Credite back in July 2010, only today have they responded with a letter, stating that I need to go back to MBNA to get this information. However Experto want me to propose to them repaying the outstanding balance. Is there any recourse in the fact that Experto admit they have limited information but are not providing it as requested as well as the time it has taken them to respond? Also can I not refer the debt back to MBNA as a result of the response from Experto, given that MBNA hold all the information?
  2. I guess there is also a question that an interest rate hike is considered Unfair, so is there a route via to getting it reduced citing the UTCC Act?
  3. No she didnt get that choice, and she had a couple of overlimit fees, that was because they didnt take enough on the minimum amount.
  4. interesting reaction there from Halifax - when did your interest rates hike start? Also you state recent laws, I havent been on this site for a little while, can you show me a link to this law?
  5. Hi Dotty It backfired on the Caggers or Halifax? Is there a course of action that we can take to deal with this issue? thanks
  6. Hi all Been a while, hope you are all well and fighting the good causes. Need some advice from members here on what to do about a situation that has been ongoing for my wife and her Halifax Credit Card. My wife has had her card for a little while now, she started off on zero % interest for a period of time, during which she made each month regular minimum payments, via direct debit, after the period of 0% interest, it went up to just above 15% as per her agreement, again direct debits each month, minimum payments. However what Halifax decided to do was, they increased her interest
  7. thanks CB - who do I write to though given that my debt has been passed/sold on to Experto Credite? Experto were the ones who requested the Credit Agreement from MBNA - but if I want all my information to include bank charges, notices of defaults etc, do I request this from MBNA or from Experto?
  8. anyone have a view on how i should approach this, I was thinking I should write to Experto asking them to confirm if they have sent me everything under the SAR - just to make sure they have nothing further up their sleeve. Also want to obtain from them a list of all charges, when and for how much. I think there is a case under the UTCCR to reclaim all my charges back Any help/guidance would be appreciate
  9. so you are basically saying Ida, i dont have any recourse? Even though they didnt provide me with a copy of this CCA some 50 days later? The fact that they have increased my interest rate from what was agreed at 15.4% to over 35%? Anyone else have an opinion on this issue?
  10. how could that be, i havent signed for anything, and this agreement could have been knocked up by anybody - the dates could have changed, etc?
  11. exactly, and as far as I can recall, they sent me out a form which i signed and sent back to them. I requested from them a signed copy of my application, and they have informed me that this is all they have. Thanks for your help and input, much appreciated
  12. Hi Citizen B There was no signature on this - what you see, with the exception of my personal details ie address and credit card number is the entire agreement. My application was online and yes it did have payment protection.
  13. hi guys started a new thread and posted the CCA from Experto here is the link to my thread - any suggestions or assistance is/would be, as always, greatly appreciated http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/mbna/238406-mbna-cca-valid.html#post2648297
  14. alimehmet

    MBNA CCA Valid?

    Hi Guys and Girls I requested back in October a copy of my original CCA from Experto Credite as my debt had been passed over to them. It took them nearly 6 weeks to send me a copy of what they have on file. Given that they exceeded the statutory limit to return, I have now put my account in to dispute. However I have recently received from Expoerto my supposed CCA. Here is the full copy of it Any advice or suggestions on what I should next would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance Ali
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