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  1. Thank you so much for your help ukaviator. I REALLY do appreciate it. The council obtained a liability order in July 2001 (even this was more than 6 years ago). He's not lived there for 10 years and sold the house around 5-6 years ago. Obviously my partner hasn't lived there for quite some time and he didn't recieved any mail about it until recently (about 2 months ago). The new tenant has accepted responsilbility for the outstanding amount. Unfortunately the council will not remove the liability order and wish to maintain this order (to obviously collect their debt from 'someone', now
  2. Hiya All, I'm looking for a little bit of advice. (and maybe a little bit on hand holding) My partner had a letter from ***** Council just over a month ago saying that he owed council tax from 2001. He had rented his house out through an agent, and the agent no longer have any record because they only keep their info on file for 6 years. My partner has contacted the person that lived there, and they phoned the council to tell them that they lived there, not my partner. The woman at the council would not speak to the guy that lived there because of "The Data Protection Act".
  3. Just a quick update. The letter that he just recieved says that the liability order was 15th July 2001. Until today he knew nothing about it. PLEASE could someone help? I really am worried.
  4. Hi All, I'm new here. So I wanted to say a big HELLO. I do need some help/advice though. My partner hubby, rented out his house for a year through an agent in 2001. He today has recieved a final demand for some outstanding Council Tax that his tenant didn't pay. (way back in 2001) He's just been in touch with the letting agent that he used, but the letting agent has just told him that they only keep records for 6 years. He's telephoned the council to explain, but they are going to proceed with the recovery... whatever that means. How can they recover money from someone
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