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  1. HI Frankie, Stick with it, Halifax settled my claim in full today a week after saying they intended to defend It might seem drawn out at times but in return for a bit of perseverance you will reap the rewards. I can't remember the last time I had jaw ache from smiling, but thats the feeling you get when you get back what is rightfully yours! Cheers Yorkster
  2. Hi Smartster! Stick with it, Halifax settled my claim in full today It might seem drawn out at times but in return for a bit of perseverance you will reap the rewards. I can't remember the last time I had jaw ache from smiling, but thats the feeling you get when you get back what is rightfully yours! Good luck and happy hunting Cheers Yorkster
  3. Here's a question.......why is everyone looking at me funny?? Is it something to do with the BIG GRIN spread across my face maybe??? You got it!!! Checked my bank account this morning to find the full value of my claim deposited!!! No letter, no denial or admission of fault, just a totally unexpected deposit Who am I to argue with they do it......I WON!!!!!!!!! I now find myself £2531.00 better off thanks to you guys on here Thanks again for all you help and support through what turned out to be a relatively painless experience. I'm not stopping here though, I've already been recruited to do the same for my sister so onwards and upwards!!!
  4. Hi Frankie, The court costs are itemised on the MCOL, as are the charges and interest. Its pretty straight forward to complete, it must be, I managed it! lol. I'm just ahead of you, they've replied to mine intending to defend, I wait with baited breath!!
  5. Good luck Motley! I'm just ahead of you, I sent my MCOL of at the beginning of Jan. So far they've acknowledged the claim and intend to defend, I suspect you'll be getting the same.
  6. Hi ockers, Stick to your timetables, not the banks. The letter you have received with regards to the 4 weeks is standard patter and can be ignored. I'm at MCOL stage myself, just waiting for their attempt at a defense. Good luck!! Just remember, you're the one in control, not the banks. Stick to your timescales and you WILL get back what is rightfully yours
  7. Ok, Halifax have acknowledged the MCOL and have responded by saying then intend to defend. The MCOL was served on the 8th Jan giving them 14 days to respond. The response was received on the 12th Jan, well ahead of their allowed time. My question is, the MCOL states that the bank have 28 days to reply to the claim, by reply does this mean enter a defense or their intention to defend? What time scales apply now?? As I understood it, the bank had 14 days to respond to the claim then another 14 days to enter their defense?? Is this right or am I getting confused?? If this is right, does the 14 days start from their intention to defend letter, or, from the 14th day after been served?? I hope this makes sense, any guidance would be appreciated
  8. Thanks Paul, Glad it worked out for you. If the claim had been settled before Xmas I would have maybe settled, but now with Xmas bills on top of everything the few extra pounds will come in handy Cheers . . . . . . .
  9. Hi Bowmansgreen, Initially you will only be claiming back for the charges and not interest. If the claim progresses as far as a court claim, then you can add 8% interest. You will find all the spreadsheets you need in the templates section. Hope this helps? Cheers, Yorkster _
  10. thanks for your comments Paul. You've obviously been reading the posts I have today. Had I read them before completing the MCOL I might have chanced my arm but too late for that now. At the end of the day I'll get my money back, with interest. I agree the interest wasn't the basis for the claim but why kick a £240 gift horse in the mouth?? I've waited long enough, whats another few weeks between me and my money? I've also read a few posts advising against entering into telephone and email discussions with the banks. From what I can see there are 2 trains of thought, both with their own virtues. I guess if you're after your money in a hurry and are willing to haggle then the phone call is worth a try. My view is that it is just the banks trying to cut losses. Those that have succeeded over the phone have eventually settled for a sum close to but not exactly what they are claiming (and entitled to). The banks may only save a few pounds on each claim but its big money for them when you think of the number of claims and how many court fee's etc they are avoiding. Personal preference I know, but I'd rather see them out of pocket, rather than me. It may only be a moral victory but any victory works for me
  11. I have to admit, I had my doubts when I first got told about this site (thanks Gunny!!!) but now I've taken the plunge it's not soo bad. The first time I was told about it I didnt really believe it was possible, and I remained skeptical until Gunny got his payout. Not wanting to be outdone I took the plunge and I'm glad I did, I've already had an offer from Halifax for just under £2k and I happily refused it knowing that I will get everything (£2500) if I'm patient. You really have nothing to worry about, if in doubt ask any of the thousands on this site that have had their claims settled. It's also nice to see a lot of them have hung around to offer support and advice to newbie's like us. In a nut shell, for the price of a couple of letters (recorded of course) you WILL get back all of your charges, money you thought you'd never see again!!! What are you waiting for?? Good luck, get writing and get back what's rightfully yours!!!
  12. Patience never has been one of my virtues but I'm getting some well needed practice! MCOL was issued 2/1/07. Received a nice letter from the court explaining the timescales involved. Halifax have until 21st Jan to respond and the clock is ticking!!
  13. To start with, Happy New Year to all Ok,on with the serious stuff! I'm ashamed to admit I have lapsed in my pursuit of Halifax due to a little too much festive spirit however I am back on their case. Having still not heard anything from the Halifax, I finally completed my MCOL yesterday. All appeared to be going swimmingly until I was handed a letter by my wife which arrived on the 22nd Dec. The letter was the standard denial from Halifax but surprisingly it contained a uncharacteristically generous goodwill gesture. They were offering just over £1900, the initial claim was for £2400+. Either the Halifax is in a festively generous mood or they are trying to minimise their losses by making more substantial offers in the hope of saving £500 as opposed to £2400. I have to admit I had to think long and hard about what to do next, but at the end of the day, the remaining £500 is rightfully mine so the final decision was easy, carry on with the MCOL. Herein lies the dilemma! Due to the timing of their letter (arriving the day the LBA expired, I decided to ignore it and proceed with the MCOL. I have since read on various threads that the court want to see you have entered into dialogue with the bank in an attempt to resolve the matter. Should I send off a no thanks letter even though I have already started court proceedings?? I don't want to unintentionally give the bank ammunition by not responding as their letter reached me on the last day of their 14 allowed by the LBA. Any help/guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Ok, question?? I'm just drafting my MCOL claim statement ready for tomorrow but have a query. In the Section 69 interest statement there is a calculation for continuing daily interest. My question is, does the 'Total value of claim' used to calculate this figure include the 8% interest you are claiming?? Or does it just cover the charges? I suspect it is the total + interest but I want to get it right first time Any guidance would be greatly appreciated :grin:
  15. I'd just ignore their letter. This is just another delaying tactic!! Once the 14 days has passed from your prelim fire off your LBA. Try and keep your questions on your own thread then everyone can track your progress If you have any questions, post them on your thread and they will be answered as people browse by. Good luck with your claim
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