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  1. wow didn't realize so many people have been scammed by these people, my wife got caught by this company today so i have phoned the bank stopped the card and ordered the visa dispute form and too boot i have sent them this letter one way or the other i'll get our money back luckily my daughter is a solicitor so it will go over to her for us
  2. well the saga goes on with Rockwell now tring it on ........
  3. Hi SFox yes i sent recorded delivery and printed copies of the signed delivery record and have attached to the relivant letters.
  4. hi all not beeen in for a while but our muppet friends are givin me a little hassel and i need a little help please i have had RW chasing a debt which i didn't owe i CCA them, and had a letter back saying they will not be chasing the alleged debt but now, MH are chasing i have cca them 3 times and sent them a letter stating i don't have any knowledge of the debt 3 times but still they keep writing what do i do next this all dates back to 2006 for RW (first letter) and beginning of Aug 08 for MH. All they keep doing is sending me letters saying i owe the money but have not given any proof of the debt either they own it or i owe it. Can anyone help with waht i should do next ?
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