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  1. hi there i have recieved my preliminary hearing for 16th april but all the documents need to be sent by the 2nd. i thought id get a head start and get the bundle together but when i read i just thought i dont understand any of this and what does it have to do with claiming charges back. i really need to understand what its saying as i dont want to look stupid in front of a judge. with regards as to what to put in bundle i was going to put in my letters and schedules oive sent and all the replys ive had. also the mcnamara interview also the oft statement and the houses of parliment statement
  2. hi there im also in the same position but my date is for april. and like you bunnykins the court bundle has gone over my head. when youve put your bundle together can you let me know what you used so i have a rough idea of what to put in. cheers kerry
  3. hi there im in the same stage as you and have a preliminary hearing in april. i too have got the court bundle but i dont understand a word of what its saying could you give me some help and maybe ideas of what to put in it as im very confused by it all. cheers kerry
  4. thanks bmw i think i will have to sit down tonight and read through the faq's and look at the court bundle again!!! how boring!!!
  5. thanks for replying to me ive got all me letters, statements already as i printed copies for myself when i sent them it was just the link for the court bundle i didnt understand. i know court might never happen and i may be getting ahead of myself but i really want to be as prepared as i can be.
  6. can anyone give me an index of what they put in their court bundle as ive read the one on here and i really dont understand it and am still totally confused!!!!
  7. thanks for that maria i will just wait to see what happens when i send back my aq form and in the meantime send off my schedule. ill have a go through but dont think ill be able to understand it. keep me posted on what you put in your bundle. kerry
  8. oh right cheers for that i will have a proper read through and try to understand it the best i can!!!
  9. yes i will do ta i never really thought
  10. anyone that can help give me any ideas of the court bundle and what they put together please feel free to let me know as im very confused!!!! kerry
  11. hi there mum. i have already found the court bundle and have found it of no use as i dont understand it. No i havent been asked to send it to court yet but i want to get it all ready so its not left til the last minute. All i really want to know is do i print the whole lot out or just certain parts?? kerry
  12. thanks for the two replys. i may be stupid but im still confused!!! do i need to print the whole amount of the court bundle or are there certain parts that will apply to me?? i know i have to send schedule of charges to the bank and the court and will do this on monday but what about getting ready to go to court. No one has really written what they used in their court bundle and why???
  13. well ive looked through the court bundle and cant understand any of it and what it has to do with taking barclays to court. do i just need to print out and send off or do i need to understand it or what????? im confused. HELP!!!
  14. well i looked at the zip file for the court bundle and couldnt understand what all those 40 pages had to do with taking a bank to court and what they all meant. ANYBODY WITH ANY IDEAS PLEASE FEEL FREE TO LET ME KNOW. KERRY
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