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  1. I've not posted here in a long long time, hopefully someone can give me some advice. I've just been advised by Royal Mail that my post has been getting delivered to a similar address in my street but that it's my responsibility to get my mail back. Is this right? I've tried a few times to get an answer but either the flat is empty, or the person living there is away / not answering. There's some important letters that I know have been posted but have likely ended up there. Does anyone have any advice as to how to get them back?
  2. Thanks for the info, that explains it all much better than the options I was coming up with! However, life has changed for me in that I have been offered my old job back on a slightly decreased salary but at a new office and a new position that I was overlooked for before. I have emailed my case officer, only to be told that I now have another new case officer dealing with me. The old case worker reckons that I should still return my IPA form, for the new person to decide what to do next. If I don't agree with the IPA as it stands should I still return the form? My IPA is based on me having a surplus of £70 a month, but I am approx £80 worse off by taking the new job so in effect if i sent the IPA back based on the wrong income and expenditure I'll still have to send them a new SOA and negotiate a new IPA that I can afford? Argh, if I thought my head was going to burst before it definitely will now!
  3. I'm not sure about the 34 months either, but it's an amount I can afford to pay without ending up in debt again. Although he did say if any of my expenses went up to let them know straight away and they'd readjust, so he was a lot more helpful than I thought he'd be. Obviously with only 3 weeks left of my BR to run it's not ideal, but it's a lot better than what I was paying in trying to juggle my debts.
  4. Well I finally got to speak to my case officer, and after much panic and tears have sorted everything out. At first I thought he sounded quite harsh, but on explaining things he became much nicer and more polite (almost human!) I explained that if I could get a job closer to home then I would, but there's nothing going. I also explained that whilst I understand that my parents' mortgage and bills etc are of no concern to me, if I was to live on my own then I would be much much worse off. He also agreed that I could have all mail from them sent to my friends address (they've been brilliant throughout this, and were the ones who offered to put me up if I needed to.) I've also agreed an IPA over the phone, at a more realistic amount than what they asked for, but I need to pay it for 34 months for some reason.
  5. Thanks Ida, the situation now is that I cannot face lying to my parents over this anymore. They are becoming increasingly suspicious of the situation, particularly the letters coming in from AiB and have made it clear that if I'm in trouble then they can't have me living under their roof. I have some lovely friends who have offered to let me stay with them on the condition that I pay 50% of the rent and bills, and that I buy my own groceries etc. This is understandable, the way they see it, their house isn't a hotel and shouldn't be treated as such - I will also be using their gas / electricity etc whilst I'm there. This is only short term until things either calm down at home, or until I can find a flat I can afford on my own, or at least move into a shared flat somewhere. Can the AiB stop me from moving out, if it is likely to worsen my financial situation? I have already been off sick through stress of the situation at home, so for the sake of my mental health it might be a case of jump before I am pushed.
  6. Is it possible to have a correspondence address held by the AiB rather than your actual address?
  7. The issue I have with putting things in writing, is that my parents have now worked out where the letters are coming from, thanks to the AiB putting their address on the envelopes. Do you know if the AiB would accept an alternative address as a postal / correspondence address in the short term? Another thing I'll need to query with them is the fact that if I sign to agree the IPA, then I also agree to 6 month reviews of my IPA. I thought you just notified them of any changes as and when they happen. I'm not going through this rigmarole every 6 months if I then have to keep phoning them and checking things.
  8. Well I phoned AiB and my case officer is on holiday until next week and no one else will talk to me about it.
  9. I changed jobs, and notified the AiB with my updated SOA. It showed my increased salary and also my increased expenditure. My parents asked if I could pay more to the house because my mum's overtime has stopped at her work.
  10. I don't have a money advisor, I work full time 35 miles from home and I don't think CAB or anything like that is open at weekends. Thanks to getting points on my licence a couple of months ago, my car insurance has just rocketed by over £300 a year. It's just all come at once and I can't cope with this. I'm trying to find a quiet room at work so I can phone them. The other thing is, the end date of my IPA is down as June 2014, I thought an IPA only runs for 3 years including your BR year, I've got an extra year on mine?
  11. There is absolutely no doubt about it, that's for sure. I've never had a great relationship with them, this will just be the final nail in the coffin so to speak
  12. It's the AiB. The way I see it, if I have to "prove" that I live at my parents' address outwith being on the Electoral Roll, then it leaves me no choice but to move out. I'll phone my case officer tomorrow and see what they say, i've done nothing but cry since I read the letters.
  13. I now have 4 weeks until I'm discharged, and today I received an IPA for £120 a month. My SOA showed a surplus but nowhere near that, so what do I do now. The really worrying part is the other letter that's looking for 3 things: 1. All documents relating to your car including insurance documents (this was sent to them in February, surely it should be in my file?) 2. Break down of my transport costs for the month 3. Tenancy agreement (letter signed by parents to confirm you are resident in their home) I'm worried about the 3rd one as my parents absolutely cannot know about my BR, they will throw me out, no doubt about it. I really don't know what to do next, just when I thought I was moving on with my life, this comes out the blue. According to the letter I have 7 days to send them everything and I don't know what I'm going to do. Please can someone help? Thank you
  14. That's a relief, thank you! I included an updated SOA showing my increased rent and other outgoings in my email to them. On the whole I haven't found my local CAB to be particularly helpful, so I shall do a paper copy of the SOA I emailed to them, sign it and hopefully that will be accepted by them without having to go through a telephone interview.
  15. Thanks for that bluedogx, it's very helpful! I was allowed to keep my mobile contract in my initial application for BR, and also on my halfway SOA. By the time I have paid tax, national insurance and now the dreaded student loan payment (!) I am approximately £200 better off, but the only reason I sought a better paying job was because I was asked if there was any chance I could pay more to the house. Although I don't have a formal tenancy agreement with my parents, I do pay rent to pay towards their mortgage and bills. We all know that gas, electricity and food has gone up lately, and my mother's income has been cut almost in half - 30 hours per week down to 17.5 is sore on anyone's lifestyle, but moreso when you're on minimum wage. Will the AiB want to see proof of this? I'm not sure how I can prove this when my parents don't know I'm BR.
  16. I completed an income / expenditure when I applied for BR, and also at the halfway mark. I'm now 6 weeks away from discharge and have sent an updated income / expenditure showing my increase in income. I have included everything I can think of, so I suppose it's just a waiting game. The AIB (who is my trustee) has said this "if we need any more information regarding your incomings and outsgoings we will supply you with a Current State of Affairs or a telephone interview." so it's still not exactly clear what's likely to happen. They also said that they will pass the information onto the relevant department, who will be in touch in the next week or 2. Fingers crossed there's a backlog and it takes more than 6 weeks
  17. Firstly, sorry if this is in the wrong place, but I wasn't sure where else to post. I went LILA BR last year after being made redundant and being unable to secure employment quickly. Shortly after this I managed to get another job, but it was on minimum wage so wasn't asked to enter into an IPA. Now I have managed to get a better paying job, I will inevitably be asked to make payments which I accept. But I'm not sure how this works - I have done a lot of reading on this, and there's a lot of info stating that any new IPAs only look for a minimum of £20 per month surplus. Is this for the whole of the UK or just England and Wales? On my new salary (with increased expenditure that goes with it) I will now have a surplus of £86. Also, I have read a lot of people saying their tax code changed for the tax year in which their BR went through, but mine didn't change. Is this something that happens to everyone and I've just slipped through the net, or does this only happen if you're on an IPA. Thanks in advance
  18. Ok I dutifully sent off my state of affairs form within the requested timescale, and the only communication I've had with AiB is when they asked me to send my V5 log for my car. I've not had any request for payment or contributions from AiB or anyone else. Am I right in thinking that I'll have to complete one of these forms every 6 months for 3 years? I'm now 9 months into my bankruptcy and struggling for information on what happens next
  19. After a catalogue of errors I’m wondering if there’s any point in making a formal complaint about QuickQuid, and if so, who I would complain to. I applied for a loan, gave all my details but instead of using them, they dredged up details from an account I obviously had with them some time ago – email address was wrong, address was wrong, work was wrong and the debit card I was using to pay the loan back with was wrong. After 3 days, no money, so after going elsewhere I asked to cancel with QQ, told no the funds have been issued they’re just lost somewhere but once they’re in your account phone back and we won’t charge interest but we need proof that you don’t have the money – bank statement duly emailed. Money eventually appears the next day so phone to pay it back and was told I’d have to pay interest after all. Argued for a bit and was cut off. Phoned again and was cut off, phone again and had to listen to the same guy who’d cut me off laughing and joking about my complaint. Very professional. Finally got through to someone else who said I’d received the money the day after I’d taken out the loan. Told them this was from someone else cause I couldn’t trust QQ – told again I’d have to prove when QQ paid the money – emailed another copy of bank statement showing new payment being made. Eventually they took the payment for just the loan amount with zero interest but it’s cost me a fortune in phonecalls, as it’s all going on when I’m at work so is it worth my while complaining about their shoddy practices / customer service or am I as well to just put it down to experience and steer clear of this company from now on?
  20. Now it's all making sense, thank you! I suppose I'll just have to send off the form and wait for the reply
  21. Yes it's mum and dad, I pay them rent which includes payment towards council tax and utilities, but I do my own shopping, and pay for my day to day living myself. I don't have a partner or anything to complicate matters but it's the 'household income / expenditure' bit that's confusing me. How can you prove what you spend money on? I certainly don't live a comfortable life - I am above the minimum wage threshold by £30 per week but I want to contribute to my bankruptcy
  22. Thanks for your advice bluedogx I spoke to CAB only to get the forms required, they haven't given advice or help as such. I usually withdraw my rent as cash and pay that way rather than having a standing order leaving my account each month. I emailed AiB when my circumstances changed but had no reply from them so i'm just a bit worried that they'll want me to pay more than i can afford each month
  23. I went bankrupt 6 months ago through AiB, now it's time to complete my first Current State of Affairs form. I'm a little bit confused as to what they mean when they ask for entire household costs. I am currently living with relatives, so I don't know what their mortgage / council tax / utility bills are each month, nor do I expect them to contribute towards by bankruptcy. Am I expected to just put down what I pay towards them, bearing in mind they do not know about the bankruptcy, nor do I want them to know about it? I don't have anything in writing to confirm that I pay them what I pay each month. After working out what I pay each month, I am left with approx £100 per month to pay for "luxuries" like toiletries, birthday presents etc - are they likely to expect me to pay everything that's left over towards my bankruptcy? Sorry for so many questions, but I've had no notification from AiB to explain how things work.
  24. How did you inform your landlord that you were moving out? I was in a similar situation in that I moved out of a rented flat but my flatmate stayed on. I wrote to the letting agency who dealt with the property and asked for a copy of the letter I had sent them, informing them I was moving out and sent this onto Glasgow City Council who amended their records to reflect that I didn't live there when they claimed I did.
  25. Decided to bite the bullet and phone my branch, mainly to arrange to have my account changed to a basic bank account and also to find out what's likely to happen with this account. It appears Ida that you're right in that most banks aren't helpful when it comes to people who are bankrupt. He has advised that the account will definitely be closed as soon as the information has been received by their head office, but also advised that the account is frozen, which it clearly isn't cause I can still make payments and withdrawals from the account using my card. He also stated that until the account is closed the only way to withdraw money is to go into the branch during working hours with ID, which due to my location and working hours isn't possible. His only suggestion was to get my wages paid into someone else's account until I can open a basic bank account with them. So I suppose for now I'm stuck in limbo until I get the new bank account opened, which he reckons will take a couple of weeks at least
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