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  1. If FOS is the route to go re claims against CB in Scotland, at what point can you approach FOS to act on your behalf? If FOS don't accept complaints if you have gone to court at what point do we accept that we aren't going to get any further? I'm about to claim for £3,500 ex interest but am nervous about the OA route given the consensus of opinion here. The series of small claims i was going to use now appears to be a non-starter. If the banks start playing the game on the basis that they know any claim above £1500.00 either has to go to OA or go down the FOS route, they can reasonably ignore
  2. But surely Amex have a resonsiblity to maintain my account in a correct manner. Am I not entitled to compensation for their mishandling of my account?
  3. Hi & merry Christmas to all:) Appologies if this is in the wrong section but I couldn't find a thread for American Express (does this mean nobody else has a problem with them?). Anyway, I need some advice over a current problem with Amex & would like members views on similar situations & outcomes, if possible. I had a standard Amex card for a number of years &, although not the cheepest means of using credit, I found it convenient in that I had to pay the full outstanding balance at the end of each month. I used the card principally for my business (I'm a sole tr
  4. Hi all. Any advice on the following problem would be much appreciated. Almost two years ago we bought a 2.5 year old Toyota Celica form a Toyota main dealer and used Toyota Finance for the bulk of the purchase price. The loan ran perfectly well 'till summer of this year when we were late with one payment & then, in the following month were late again. Toyota served a default notice on us before we had a chance to catch up with the payments & I am now in a constant battle with them. The gist of my problem is that they now claim that I have lost my right to an early settlement
  5. Hi all, I've posted another message on this forum with regard to PPI's on 2 loans I took out with the Clydesdale bank. I believe now that there was a degree of mis-selling involved in that:- 1. We were told that the PPI could be cancelled, which it can't. 2. We weren't told that the PPI would only cover 50% of the premium in the event of one of us becoming redundant (the loans were in joint names) which is a fat lot of good when you've lost 50% of your income. Aside from the above the PPI premium is really high. Do I have a case for reclaiming the PPI part of the loan? As always, a
  6. Can anyone advise on the validity of PPI insurance in light of originally being advised that the insurance could be cancelled at a lated date? Enquiries sometime after the loan was originated resulted in me being told that this was NOT the case. Do I have cause for complaint & refund of the PPI portion of the loan? Any help much appreciated. Mike
  7. Just joined in the hope of securing the advice I need in pursuing the Clydesdale bank for a significant amount of charges. From my reading of the posts, Clydesdale appear to one of the more aggressive banks in terms of refuting their obligations but I'll be pressing ahead anyway. I've already posted off a letter asking for details of all charges over the last 6 years quoting DPA. I'll let you know the response. Mike
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