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  1. Hi everyone, I recently sent a letter to Barclays accepting their offer as partial payment and that I will continue to claim the remainder. Amount of £1,000 although im claiming over £2,000 Has anyone else done this and Barclays have still credited your account even though you advised you will be claiming the remainder? I just wondered if they will still give me the partial offer even though ive said im going to continue to get all my money back. I guess they could get nasty and refuse to give me anything and let me continue with the court proceedings. Anyone had this? KJ01:smile:
  2. ok Finally a response from Barclays. They are offering me £1,000 in settlement with a form to sign and return in agreement. I am claiming for £2,400. Shall I accept this as a partial payment but inform them that i will continue to claim the remainder or shall I decline this?? Advice please.... KJ01:oops:
  3. ok Another letter arrived today to state they have noted my comments but are unwilling to refund me anymore. I can phone to discuss this with the person in charge of my case if i want. I think its time to start the proceedings... i bought the 'small claims' pack as advertised on this website so will open tonight and get the ball rolling. If theres anything else anyone thinks i should do please let me know Will keep you all posted, advice and comments appreciated KJ01:p
  4. Thanks for the advice - i have already written to accept it as a partial payment and have now written back to point out the information they got wrong and that it my final LBA. After this i will start the claim. Do you have any idea where i can start with the court paperwork - i have no idea where to begin???? KJ01
  5. Hi Ryjayel I have received a letter from Barclaycard saying they will not offer any more money as a refund and reduced the charges to only £12. I have to get back to them now however not sure on the next step. What did you do next? Do i respond with a letter or start the court claim? Another problem if i start the court claim it prob wont be before xmas and middle of Feb i go away for 4 weeks abroad - what if the court date is around then? Can we re-arrange a date? Hope you can help KJ01
  6. Also sent my LBA to Barclays as they decided to ignore me.... still awaiting a response....
  7. ok Now I have a reply from barclaycard saying they are not willing to refund any more monies and that they think the charge of £12 instead of the higher amount is fair etc... What do i do now????? Any ideas anyone, i need to get back to them within 8 weeks or they wil lclose their complaint file. Help very much appreciated here KJ01:oops:
  8. Thanks for the advice everyone. Luckly ive now heard from barclaycard who are dealing with my complaint and will be getting back to me end of this month. Its Barclaysvwho have seemed to ignore me. I need to chase them as they have had 2 weeks now - should i send a chaser letter or the 'letter before action'? Anyone?? Kj01
  9. Ok I am claiming £360 from them and have sent my payment letter following the statements received. I have had a letter to offer me £144 which would mean my charges would only be £12 each.... i have now written back accepting this as a partial payment and that i will still be claiming the remainder. This was on the 2 Nov 2006. Today i received a letter to advise this had been passed to the complaints team who will be dealing with the case and they will get back to me by 24 Nov 2006. Also have a claim going throught with Barclays but noreply yet !!! Anyone else getting ignored by barclays or barclaycard?? Any advice would be appreciated KJ01
  10. Hi Ryjayle I am in the same situation as you - barclaycard offered me an amount so my charges were only £12 each time. I have since written and accepted it as partial payment but that i will continue to get the remainder. Today received a letter to acknowledge it as a complaint.....Also checked my acc and they have so far credited this back to me so i now know they have received my acceptance. They are getting back to me with a decision by 24th Nov !!!! Just waiting now !!! How is you situation now??
  11. ok well I have an update. I made claims on both Barclays and Barclaycard. Barclaycard have now got back to me and have offered me half , this is based on them only charging me £12 instead of the higher amount of £20. They also suggested that the charges are fair and are always advised on the reverse of each statement!! The cheek !! I have now written a letter back accepting the offer as only partial repayment and that i will continue to claim the remainder and are quite prepared to go to court if necessary !! Im yet to hear from Barclays, it will be 14 days since i sent it on 10/11/06. Does anyone have an idea what my next step would be with Barclays? Shall I leave it a bit longer and then send them a chaser letter? Help would be appreciated if anyone knows? kj01
  12. Hi Sophie I am at exactly the same stage as you - I have had a smaller offer however I now want to write to Barclaycard and thank for the partial offer which i will accept but state that I want the full amount back and will continue to take them to court if necessary. I cannot find a letter in the templates to state this so am trying to find someone who can help. Have you managed to find a letter yet? KJ01:)
  13. Hi everyone... I have now had a response from Barclaycard who are offering half of what I am claiming for. I intend to turn them down however does anyone have a good letter to write saying that I will accept the offer of £144 a a partial payment and that i still want the full amont back etc.... Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  14. Thanks for the advice, this is where they have really stung me !!! Going to send the letter today, wish me luck everyone !!
  15. Hi Katy Sounds like you shook them up a bit nice to know they are offering something... I have now received my statements as originally requested and am about to send my 2nd letter to request the refund. Have one question though (any help would be great)... can i claim back the charge they have applied to my account each time i wrote a cheque they had to clear for me? It started at £20 a time and eventually went to £30??? Help appreciated from anyone before i send my letter...
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