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  1. Right need a little help with these guys. Sent off my sar and the statements were returned with a cheque for £400. Refused that and sent off my LBA with a request for the full amount plus contractual interset. Now the 14 days are up as of today - should i send another reminder, try calling them or just go ahead and enter the county court claim against them. If i go down the CC route how do i explain my interest charge as part of my claim.. Any help greatly appreciated!
  2. Dont have a statement from them - all they have sent is a list of all items. Ok will call tomorrow and enquire what rate of interest would have been or is now. Secondly just tyoing all the charges into a spreadsheet, i am right in thinking i can charge for overlimit fee as well as late charges?
  3. I closed my account with them in march 05 - do i need to enquire what the fee was at the date or is the rate it is now ok?
  4. After reading through a few threads i see this is very normal. Becasue all they have provided me with is a printed statement i have no idea what my interest rate was - can i just go for an approximate at 22.9%?
  5. Need some help with these guys! I sent my SAR with a £10 fee off to them. They have cashed my cheque. Today two envelopes have arrived from them. The first was a letter containing a spreadsheet of my statement/charges and saying that they had provided these free of charge. But said that if i wanted more information i had to send them a back a form and with a further fee of £10 and identification. The second form was a cheque in part settlement and included my £10 fee in the total. Now i dont want this, i want everything i can get - including interest etc. But now what do i do - do i have to sned them another £10 and this form to work out what interest they charged me. Do i keep the cheque and not cash it or do i just send them their cheque back. Why should i pay £10 again when they have already cashed it? Help me please!!!!
  6. I'm going to try and claim back from GE Capital as had numerous accounts with them over the years. My only problem is that i closed all the accounts down about 2 years ago and as a result have no idea what my account numbers with them would have been. Is there anyway of asking them for the statements when i don't know any info - can i just put the address i would have been at at the time in the data request letter? Thanks!!
  7. They went into liquidation a couple of years ago i think. But the store cards were held through GE Capital at the time.
  8. Is this any good?... Thank you for your letter dated 12/12/2006 I respectfully decline your offer of settlement and request, once again, that you return to me all charges imposed on this account. Please note a County Court Claim has now been issued, and as a result of this I will be looking for the reimbursement of any costs and interest applicable. I will accept the sum offered only as part settlement. I trust this clarifies my position.
  9. 28 Days is up on the 2nd January so not long now.. If anyone can help me write this letter it would be great! The letter they sent me is in responce to my letter before action, that i sent back in November!!
  10. Thanks! I was going to refuse it anyway but should i just say that I dont accept your partical offer as the claim has been started and am now looking for the full amount plus interest and costs. I work in credit and am constantly processing claims against people and defending as part of my job, but its all so much more scary when its you!!
  11. Hi, I'm all new to this and is the first time i have posted anything. I followed the procedure and entered a MCOL against Hsbc which they have acknowledged and currently in the 28 day waiting period. This morning I got a letter from them offereing me a part settlement, the claim was for £1130 and they have only offered £1000. this would mean that I would lose the interest that i am now entitled to and also the court fee of £120 that I have already paid out. I don't think I will accept this, but can someone please give me some advise and let me know if I should?? (Sorry for stealing somebodys elses thread just wan't sure where else to put this!!) Thanks
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