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  1. Got some good news about them yesterday. Their 2 man delivery crew brought the new fridge freezer on 17 May. Whislt they were trying to get in through the kitchen door they managed to rip and mark the vinyl floor. Anyway they left the fridge freezer where asked and marked their delivery sheet to the effect that they had caused damage. After a phone call to their section manager the following day I was requested to get quotes for replacement as John Lewis were prepared to consider meeting part of the cost of replacement, fair enough I thought and arranged for quotes to be obtained. Spoke with the section manager last Thursday and was asked to send a copy of the one written quote I had so far to her. OH took a phone call on Friday from Carpet Right who said they had been given the auth by John Lewis to order and arrange fitting of the new flooring with no cost to me :D Very happy with this especially Carpet Right had quoted £466.40 to replace PS OH only told me this last night when I mentioned phoning John Lewis to chase the matter up.
  2. Abound is part of Littlewoods Shop Direct Home Shopping Limited who also run Littlewoods catalogue and the LX Direct catalogue. Both these are showing the camera as in stock so the group does have them available, depends as to wheter or not you could persuade them to get one transferred from one company to another.
  3. Just checked again and this is what is showing: Your Previous Orders print page Qty Item Catalogue No. Price Delivery Status Your Order Dated 29/05/2006 1 SAMSUNG PRO 815 VH8422 £285.93 Dispatched Also the account summary page shows this: balance: £ -321.20 ?????????? payment due: payment due: view statement goods on approval: £ 0.00 view details Available Credit £ 320.00 Recent Payments 04/06/2006 £321.20 04/06/2006 £289.43 ?????????? ?????????? Jol, I agree with Bookworm, kick up a stink as you ordered yours the day before me yet mine shows as dispatched having paid upfront. I presume yours went through on credit terms.
  4. Just a quick update. My order is showing as dipatched. Abound have now removed the camera from the website as it is now showing as out of stock and are not accepting any new orders for it.
  5. The correct cash price is £569.00, however if you choose the 100 wks option you get the chance to pay by debit/credit card later in the checkout process at the 100 wks price. Furthermore of you use the 10% discount mentioned earlier on this thread the price comes down to £285.93 and you can get a further £50 off by using the cashback offer Samsung are running on this camera until the end of July. Total effective price £235.93 Just waiting for them to refund £31.77 back to my card as they debited £321.20 inc delivery.
  6. Have ordered one and got the following Dear installspark Thank you for your order. YOUR REFERENCE NUMBER IS: ******** PLEASE QUOTE THIS WHEN SENDING AN EMAIL OR CONTACTING US BY PHONE. Qty Cat. no. Description Option Delivery 1 VH8422 Samsung Digital Camera Delivery within 3 week Thanks for your first order! 10% off your next order* The order has been forwarded for processing. When you shop with us again, all you have to do is place your order as an "existing customer" quoting the above reference number and give us your credit/debit card details. Should you have any enquiries please contact us at [email protected] Thanks for shopping with us abound Internet Customer Services They are now legally obliged to deliver the goods at the price stated as a contract now exists as they have debited my bank account by £321.20
  7. SP should have ensured that their prepay meters were reset to the current prices in a timely manner, where I work in a situation like this an appointment would be made to reset the meter and the theoretical debt on the account would be written off as it would be our mistake as the customer pays as they use.
  8. The only way there can be a debt on a prepayment account is if the meter was installed originally to claim a debt owing on an account. if this does not apply then I would strongly recommend speaking to a manager at SP, and if this does not get a satifactory response contact Energywatch on 08459 06 07 08.
  9. @ Mutzi Hi there, I work as a supervisor for a well known supplier, but not Scottish Power. Whilst there is a responsiblility on a customer's part to check the reads used to produce a bill are accurate, there is also the responsibility on the suppliers part to ensure that the account is billed accurately and correctly. This can be done as a catch up bill from previous estimates as has happened here, however it would appear that Scottish Power have chosen to ignore the actual reads provided by both you and a metering agency and are in breach of their own terms and conditions. What should have occurred, and although I base this on my employers policies it is generic throughout the industry, is you should have been rebilled to the actual reads on the day these reads were received, this probably would have resulted in a small catch up bill on the account. This should have occurred each time actual reads were provided following an estimate. Further to this had Scottish Power used these actual reads then future estimates would have been more accurate. Although all suppliers T&C's state that you must pay for what you have used, in this instance I would not expect a customer to be responsible for 100% of the amount of underbilling as they had taken all reasonable steps to ensure that a correct read was provided and used. This complaint should have gone to a supervisor or manager to deal with as they have the authority to reduce the amount owing and negotiate a longer period of repayment on direct debit. With the involvement of Energywatch you will on probability find that Scottish Power will agree to spread the cost of the underbilling over a longer period of time, and can be ordered to do so by Energywatch. However Energywatch, as yet, do not have any power to order compensation to be paid. @ diddled Currently there are only 2 valid reasons a supplier can object to and block a change of supply, these are incorrect technical details and debt over 28 days. Your friend may well find that they cannot change supplier as SP will object as they have issued a demand for payment which remains unpaid after 28 days, and will at some point in the process receive a letter from the proposed supplier stating they have received an objection. However if your friend is on a direct debit scheme SP cannot block the change of supply as per recent Ofgem/Energywatch rulings in 2005. The objection to change of supply where there is an oustanding debt over 28 days will eventually not be allowed, although I do not have a timescale for this, it is known that Ofgem/Energywatch are looking into this.
  10. You need to have documentary evidence from the manufacturer of the Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF) for the model of hard drive fitted. This is always quoted in hours, so you will need a minimum MTBF figure of 17520 hours to sucessfully argue that it was not of satifactory quality. JL are correct in their defense by saying that it is not unusual for a hard drive to fail, however the time period in which it can fail can be argued on the manufactures stated MTBF.
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