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  1. I am genuinely not interested in the BOS debt as it is statute barred, my apologies for adding it here. I will update once SAR is sent and responded to.
  2. Sorry for not responding sooner. I have done nothing other than restart the minimum agreed payment of £10 per month. I have searched and searched but have none of the original documents regarding this debt. Thanks for the time and answers so far. ps. not sure if this is related but today I received a letter from a DCA called INTRUM asking me if I wanted to pay off a debt which they said in their letter they were not able legally to take me to court as the timeframe to collect had expired. I am working on scanning this letter to post here. The letter from INTRUM today I have redacted personal info and all reference numbers. I did call them and asked what the original debt was but they refused to provide any info without me providing my D.O.B. which I wasn't willing to do so I told the guy thanks but no thanks. intrum.pdf
  3. The original letter which demanded payment was addressed to my address in NI. The most recent contact I had from them was a letter at the start of this year to ask me to restart payments as I had missed several due to my wife having cancer and the pandemic stuff, the letter threatened 'legal' action if I didn't . I have made two payments since. I generally do keep up with the payments but I know it will take many years to pay off. They do have my current address.
  4. I voluntarily agreed to pay a minimal £10 per month which they accepted via a payment card, nothing legal other than the initial letter saying we owed circa £4k. I don't have anything to show how much is still owing but I would hazard a guess it is around £3k.
  5. The house we lived in was provided by NIHE and we rented it from them although we received some housing benefit from the NI government. We were pushed into debt when they decided we weren't entitled to the housing benefit after they had been giving us it for approx 4 years and the debt is the repayment although we argued that because we had filled in all the forms correctly then the error was on their part but that's an argument for another day.
  6. Not sure if this is the right place but I will ask anyway. I live in Scotland now and have done for 5-6 years have a debt with the NIHE (NI Housing Executive ). Is the debt enforceable between NI and Scotland ? Is there anything they can do like bailiffs or sheriffs they can send to my home here in Scotland to collect on the debt or can they affect my current benefits ? For reference I have been paying a small sum on a monthly basis but the total amount I wouldn't be able to clear for many years.
  7. Hi Mike, I am in a similar situation to yours in that about 13-14 years ago I decided to take out a consolidation loan of approx £8k (can't remember who loan was from). Unfortunately due to losing my job at the time I fell behind with my payments and was struggling to buy a loaf of bread and had a new baby in the house too. My debt was passed to Blair Oliver Scott and I have been paying off a minimal amount(approx £60pcm) ever since. The last time I actually spoke with them on the phone about a year ago my debt was around the £5k mark:eek: Since Blair oliver Scott took over the debt I haven't recieved a single statement showing any payments that I have made in this time(is that right/legal?). Now, when I took out the loan the only thing I remember signing was some form that came when the delivery guy arrived with the cheque. Basically I am now wondering if my aggreement was legal, anybody got any ideas on this as this will be grinding on for another 10 years. Thanks in advance.
  8. I like many others heard about this from Martin on radio 2 and now want my money back. It all sounds a bit scary but I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I dread to think how much I have been charged over the last 6 years as unfortunately was made redundant during that time and got into all sorts of money problems(robbing peter to pay paul) and to this day have about 6K of various debts that is gonna take me another 8-10 years to pay off so if this works I will be a happy bunny. Good luck to all those who are going for it.
  9. Hi all, not sure if this is the right place to post but here goes. I heard Martin talking about this on radio 2 the other day so am going to have a go, but have a couple of questions. 1. Can I send the S.A.R letter to my branch or does it need to go to head office? 2. How do you guys calculate what you are owed? 3. My bank is in England but I live in N.I. now, does this matter? All responses are greatly recieved. Thanks again
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