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  1. I have just attempted a different tach. I have made my own spredsheet and entered all my transactions, payments and re calculated the interest they should have charged, omiting the late payment and overlimit fees that they have charged. This has meant that I am now claiming interest from them for all the months I should have been in credit. It seems to me that it is only fair that I should be back into the position I would have been in, had they not aplied these unlawful charges, and if they can charge me 2.2% per month for being in debit then it's only fair that they should pay the same rate to me if they have collected to much money from me.
  2. I sent off the S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) to those nice people at Nat West on 26 Oct and recieved an acknowledgment on 28 Oct. Pretty impresive hu! It thanks me for requesting copy statements held by the bank and that they will forward any information required under section 7 of the Data Protection Act ASAP. This next bit has me a little confussed. Manual Intervention With reference to your request concering any 'manual intervention' to the administrative charges, these charges have been processed in accordance with the terms and conditions of our current agreement with you as a result of the activity on your account. In the event that you breach the terms and conditions, we will take the appropriate action, contacting customers when appropriate, or handling customer enquiries regarding their account status. When a customer has raised a concern in relation to this process, the decision will be communicated to the customer and where appropiate noted on the account. What are they trying to say, and how should I respond?
  3. Hi Gordon Yes I couldn't belive it, 29% on a £1000 loan plus £145 ppi. I was livid, I have been with this same branch since I left school 34 years ago, and my parents since 1960 when it was "The National Provincial". My wife has her own account and had got behind with a prevoius loan and had an overdraft. They offered her this new loan to clear the loan and and overdraft, on the contition that she returned her cheque guarentee card. I have only just found all this out. I had suspected for some time that she had money problems, and now see has admitted it and shown me the statements I can see that much of problem has been caused by these institutions racking up charges on top of charges. The reason she had keep it from me was that she was assamed and embarrassed. The fact that I have known for some time that see was keeping something from me has poisioned our relationship and I am angry that these companies put profit before thier customers and thier relationship. Sorry, I'll get down off my soap box now.
  4. I am just starting the prosess of claiming back the several hundred pounds taken from the bank account and many card accounts of my wife. She also has a bank loan (Nat West @ 29%). Most of the card accounts and the bank loan have ppi on them. Although she has a part time job, she is also a self employed partner in my business and so cannot be jobless. It is my belief that such policies are therefore not fit for needs. I am preparing SAR's, should I add a paragraph about the ppi and if so what should my aproach be at this stage? Thank you for help
  5. I am now going through my wife's many card accounts, most of which are charging her insurance. Whilst she has a part time job, she is also a self employed partner in my own business, and as such can't be made jobless. It is my believe that she would never be able to claim from such insurance and therefore it is unsuitable for her and as such should not have been sold to her. She claims never to have requested this cover. Will we be able to claim back all the past premiums that these companies have taken month after month? Thanks for your time
  6. I have just found out the extent of my wife's debts which total around 5K. This is made up as follows Nat West Loan £1000 + 145 insurances all at 27% interest Debitas (for Capital One) £1944 Creation £ 653 plus insurance (who are adding £20/mouth for being over her credit limit) BHS £ 700 plus insurance QVC £ 500 The Nat West loan was taken out to clear an overdraft, which I believe was caused in no small part by there charges. The others have been grown though late payment charges plus insurance and the fact that she would only make the minimum payments most of the time. Thats the background, now the questions As my wife and I are self employed, though she also has a part time job, the insurance is a waste of time as she cannot make herself redundant. Can we claim this money back as these policies are unsuitable for her and she did not ask for them in the first place. The late payment fees are £15 - £20, is this too high, 15 being close to the £12 OFT suggestion. Can they justify their charges because they have made nummerus phone calls to her chasing payment, to the point of harassment. Thanks for you time Steve
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