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  1. Thanks for your comments. to confirm it is a student loan dating from 1993. it is with Erudio and Restons solicitors. As my daughter and son-in-law live 100 mile away so I don't have the paper work to post here. My daughter has been able to speak to a solicitor were she works, and she is giving them some advice. I will post more tomorrow evening as I am out this evening.
  2. Please help. My son-in-law has just received a CCJ from Northampton Court ordering him to pay £145 per month. The first he knew of this coming was when he received the N1 from the court couple of weeks ago. He didn't even know the loan had been sold off. He sent a letter requesting deferral but then received a judgement in default because they did not receive his letter (it turns out he sent it to Erudio in stead of Rentons solicitors). He is concerned that if he does not pay the £145 by the 10 Nov. they will send in the bailiffs. They a
  3. I am at LBA stage with this lot over an item that was returned to them and they claim not to have recieved, in spite of crediting the second item sent in the same package. I am also claiming a refund of all PPL payments as this was at best, mis sold. I see on the bottom of their letter head is reads "Authorised and regulated by the Finnancial services Authority in respect of Insurance Mediation activities only". Can anyone explain exactly what this means, are they no longer authorised to sell insurance?
  4. My daughter has just found that she has been credited with £38.00, however she already been credited £19.50 by the lending centre and explained in her letter to Borehamwood that she was seeking the remaining £18.50. She is worried that if they realise she has been overpaid, they may think she is being dishonest. I doubt they would ever notice and she should look on it as compensation. Should she return the £19.50 to that nice Stuart Hickley explaining his error, or just accept it.
  5. My daughter has just received the follow reply:- We explain all of our teams & contitions including our fees and charge etc. etc blah blah blah However, having reviewed your case and as a gesture of goodwill and without admission of liability or error, in this instance we are prepared to offer the amount of £38.00 paid direct to your account. To accept this offer in full and final settlement of your complaint please let me know by completing the attached form and returning it to us in the reply paid envelope proided. If you would like to discuss this offer please contact the numbe
  6. Well Played Paul. You've had me on the edge of my seat for weeks and I'm looking forward to reading the detail. I can't help wondering what the judge would make of the whole thing. Well done and enjoy. Steve
  7. Last week 10 companies were fined for misselling ppi. I have just recieved back all ppl charges from one card company and intend to claim them from Nat West, on the basis that I did not ask for it, and they did not check my suitabilty for this cover which they must do. I believe they are, therefore, guilty of misselling
  8. It would be useful to know if they are paying up quickly when people are not claiming any or all the interest.
  9. You might want to edit out your account number and sort code out of your post:rolleyes:
  10. I have 8 statements missing from GE. Mine are Sept 02, Sept 03, Nov 03, Jan - Jun 04. These seem to be outside the dates that they given to the Commisioner!
  11. Hi Kerry Thats the address I've used, and we got full settlement yesterday but only after I had filled out the N1, and would have filled it in the court yesterday morning, but had forgetten to get my wife to sign to form.
  12. This has got me on the edge of seat. Has there been disclosure from Nat West yet, or this is going to 10 Feb, and back court:o
  13. Thanks again Michael, Donation will follow when the cheque arrives
  14. I would add that in the last week I have spooken to OFCOM, the OFT and Trading Standards, and none of them seem to know the law, or seem to be able to do anything. I have say the help from people on this site is way better then any of these organisations, Thank you all, and lets keep it up.
  15. I phoned the OFT on Wednesday and was told there was nothing they could do, they said that if the calls were before 8am or after 8pm they would call it harassment, and that it could be reported to the poilce.
  16. ****RESULT***** I went to hand in the N1 this morning but realised when I got to the court that my wife had to sign to forms as it is in her name. However she phoned me at work this afternoon to say she had had a phone call from a very appologetic man at Creation who said sorry for all the phone calls, he was writing the account off, AND would be sending a cheque foe £350. :D
  17. ****RESULT***** I went to hand in in the N1 this morning but realised when I got to the court that my wife had to sign to forms as it is in her name. However she phoned me at work this afternoon to say she had had a phone call from a very appologetic man at Creation who said sorry for all the phone calls, he was righting the account off, AND would be sending a cheque foe £350. :D
  18. I am claiming contractral interest and need another eye to check my form please:- 1. The Claimant has an account **************** with the Defendant which was opened on or around 18 March 2003 2. During the period in which the Account has been operating the Defendant debited numerous charges to the Account in respect of purported breaches of contract on the part of the Claimant and also charged interest on the charges once applied. The Claimant understands that the Defendant contends that the charges were debited in accordance with the terms of the contract between itself and the Cl
  19. I am now filling in my first N1. I am claim back PPI and contractural interest, and wonder if there are any additions to the standard template that I could use.
  20. Have sent Prelim and LBA to Creation, they made a particial refund of charges and unwanted PPI on Prelim, but are still chasing "overdue payment". The LBA is for nearly twice the outstanding balance, and the 14 days from their recipt of letter is up today. However this morning we got another statement still showing PPI charges, in spite of telling them this was not requiered, miss sold etc. in both prelim and LBA, and another letter saying that their will be serving a Default Notice under Sec 87(1) of the Cunsumer Credit Act 1974. I have spooken to OFT, but they said they are not that well up
  21. I was thinking of sending them a contract I will invioce you the sum of £20 for my time in answering telephone calls from your company, staff or representives. If you telephone me after recipt of this contract, it will be taken as aceptance of this contract. If you do not wish to acept this contract, DO NOT PHONE!
  22. Creation Financial Services have ignored my letter which they received 4 Jan 07. This was sent after finally recieving 4 calls in one day. Someone phoned on the second and I explained that I had sent a letter on the 28 Dec. She said that when they get the letter that would put a stop to the calls, as they HAD to take our number off their system, but in the mean time she would put a 10 day block on the system. We got no calls until last night at 8:40. I have phoned OFCOM who say they do not act in individual cases, but have recorded the complaint. The OFT are sending a form to me, they said tha
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