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  1. I don't see why they should suspend all cases. Surely we as individuals should still have the right to take the banks to court when we want to and not have to wait for any other judgement. Also there is talk that the banks will propably make charges for running accounts if they cannot charge their penalty charges. If they do this then they are admitting these charges are a way of making money otherwise they wouldn't be looking at otherways of making money if they cannot impose these charges on us anymore! I won against Natwest after one letter and they repaid me the full amount of 2,682.50. I am now going for Barclays for my partner's and our joint account. Was just about to start the ball rolling is it worth starting or waiting for the outcome of this test case? Dag
  2. DAG

    dag vs natwest

    Cheers Vampiress. Will do that but I am loathed to go all thru this again. But even though my new claim is only for £80 its the principle that matters I suppose. Thanks for your help. Dag
  3. DAG

    dag vs natwest

    Thanks for that Vampiress. The amount offered was for the initial claim but as they did not reply in the initial dead line I then sent out an LBA and amended the spreadsheet to include charges up until that date. Their offer crossed in the post hence the offer being less these extra charges. To date I have not had a reply to my second letter which was the LBA with added charges. So if these charges were included in my LBA and I accept the offer in full and final settlement will they count them as part of my initial claim when I go on to claim them back in a separate claim. Sorry if this sounds a bit confusing!!
  4. Hi All, I received my offer for all my charges. This letter crossed in the post with my LBA with which I attached a new spread sheet claiming for additional charges taken from my account since my first spreadsheet was sent. I signed the offer but changed the bit where they say "in full and final settlement of my complaint" and crossed out full and final and put "as partial settlement as I am still claiming another £80 of charges in my second letter dtd 16 May. I rang them and asked when the money would be in my account they said I had declined the offer and assumed I was going to court. I told them that I had signed the offer but only as partial settlement and was still waiting for the remaining £80. I was told that I could not change their terms and conditions by defacing their offer and I should sign it and send an accompanying letter saying I accept the offer but would still like the outstanding charges to be refunded. How can I sign the offer as full and final settlement when it isn't. Should I just sign and then reclaim the other charges. Is this just stalling tactics on the banks behalf? I don't want to sign as full and final settlement in case they say I can't claim the other charges as I signed as full and final settlement. Can anyone advise on this. I want to get this in the post today if possible 'cause it's going to take another 2 weeks until they put the money in my account.!! Cheers Dag
  5. DAG

    DAG vs Barclays

    Thanks for your quick reply. I think I'll send one cheque and hopefully get it back, unless anyone else replies to the contrary. Many thanks DAG:-)
  6. Hi all I've just accepted an offer from Natwest for full settlement of my charges. Now I'm doing the same for my partner's account and our joint account with Barclays. I thought Natwest were supposed to be tough but I got my offer after one letter. So probably won't be so lucky with Barclays. Anyway I'm sending the SAR for the statements does anyone know if you have to send £10 for each account or just £10 covering both accounts. Grateful for a quick reply as I would like to get it in the post before I go on holiday tomorrow. Cheers DAG:-)
  7. Thanks for you answers guys. I thought that if the bank made you an offer of the full amount of charges then there was no point going further to the courts as they had paid up. I thought it was only if you did not get any replies of offers after the LBA stage then there was no option but to go to court and the bonus of that would be the interest as well. So does that mean if I want the interest then I would refuse the offer or take it as part settlement and then go for the interest? DAG
  8. Hi everyone, I have just received my offer from Natwest for the full amount (no interest) dated 2 May. Their deadline had run out so I waited till the 30th April when I knew they would apply more charges so that I could include these in my LBA with the amended spreadsheet. The LBA was sent on 1st May and crossed in the post with their offer. I rang them to explain that there were now additional claims that I had sent them. I was advised to sign the forms and accept the offer they had sent me but say that there were addtional charges that I wanted settled aswell. She said word it carefully. The form says "I accept your offer in full and final settlement of my complaint £2,682.50." My claim is now for £2,762.50. Do I cross out "in full and final settlement" and say I will accept the £2,682.50 as partial settlement but still request the extra £80 to be refunded aswell. I must say that after reading everyone elses posts and the hastle they have had from Natwest my claim seems to have been very easy. I have only just had to request my statesments which I got in a week and send one letter before they gave me an offer. I wonder why everyone else seems to go the court route! Would be gratefull for any advise on this as I now want to get this over and done with. Cheers DAG
  9. Paul, thanks for those numbers. I thought it was strange when I was told I could only contact them in writing, otherwise how else can you have dialogue to try to sort it out. I'm going to give them a call tomorrow to see what other excuses they can find. LBA is being sent tomorrow anyway. Onwards and upwards! Cheers Dag
  10. Thanks guys for your answers. Confirms what I was thinking. I thought if a letter of an offer was on its way already it would have been a bit too easy. Hey ho here goes again, the LBA tomorrow with the amended spreadsheet! Will post in 14 days hopefully with more news. Cheers Dag
  11. Thanks guys for your answers. Confirms what I was thinking. I thought if a letter of an offer was on its way already it would have been a bit too easy. Hey ho here goes again:rolleyes: , the LBA tomorrow with the amended spreadsheet! Will post in 14 days hopefully with more news. Cheers Dag
  12. Having sent the prelim letter on the 19th March the deadline for a response was due on 4th April, which I have not received to date. I waited for Easter hols to end before sending LBA. Meanwhile I had to contact the collections department to pay in some money to cover more interest and charges that are still mounting on my overdraft which is mainly due to their charges. I mentioned that I was claiming all charges back and had not received any response to my letter. The advisor told me that she could see on her screen that there was an offer of around £2600 and asked if I had I received it. I said no. To date (a week later) I still have no offer. My claim was for £2682 without the interest. I am going ahead now with the LBA, thought I might get away with not having to but maybe Natwest want everyone to work for their money. I am not using the account but it is still accruing unauthorised borrowing charges and interest (£150 since my claim so far). How do I claim these back as they have been charged after my original spreadsheet was sent in. Do I amend my spreadsheet that I send in with my LBA and will that take me over my 6 years worth of charges or is that ok. Also, how do you get back the £10 charge for the statements or are you only entitled to that like the interest if it goes to court. Thought the offer was too good to be true. Maybe it will cross paths with the LBA. Fingers crossed. Grateful to anyone who can answer my questions before I send off LBA within the next couple of days. Cheers Dag:)
  13. I sent my prelim letter 19th March. They had 'till 4 april to reply. To date heard nothing. Just about to send LBA and had to contact the colletions department regarding depositing money into the account to cover interest and more charges when they advised me there was an offer of £2600 on its way. That was over a week ago. Still nothing. Just rang today and tried to talk to someone about it but was told they know nothing at branch level and to contact customer relations which you can only do by letter. So going to send the LBA today. I was surprised to get an offer so early (not that it has happened yet) but maybe they are settling up earlier now. Will advise when I receive the money. The offer was for my full claim without interest. DAG:)
  14. Thanks for your reply Hedgey. That's great advice. Will do that. Here goes to another 14 days of waiting! Hopefully I will have some communication from them this time. Rude lot. Cheers Dag:p
  15. Hi all, I sent of my preliminary letter a couple of weeks ago claiming my charges. Should have had a reply today but nothing. So I am about to send off second letter (LBA) I am a bit confused though with the spreadsheet that I sent. I filled mine out with the 8% interest added. Since then have read a few articles and on one of vampires spreadsheets it mentions that if you include the 8% interest then the banks will know you do not know what you are doing and not to claim it at this stage. This had not been posted when I did my spreadsheet. Why then does the preliminary letter to claim your charges back include the xxxxx to put in the 8% charges! Also, on Martin Lewis' site it says that it doesn't matter if you include the 8% it's like a bargaining tool. Hence me being a bit confused. Before I send my LBA I would like to know if I should redo my spreadsheet and leave out the interest or send my original one again. Just when you think you've read everything then you come across more information which condradicts what you have read. Nothing seems very staightforward. I don't want to mess it up at this stage. What should I do. HELLLLLP!!!!!!
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