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  1. It's a long time ago now, but pretty sure I did. I think their point may be that I told them I would pay the bill when I had stopped using their gas/electricity so that it was all wrapped up in one bill. So annoying! This is stopping me from getting a mortgage! If I could get it down to 1 month late rather than 6 I think I'd stand a better chance with the mortgage company. I do not see how they can justify any late payments let alone 6! They never once charged me a late payment fee. Since when has a company that can charge a late payment fee not charged you!
  2. So I wrote to BG. I got this reply today. Bear in mind that in September 2010 they marked my credit file as 6 months late! Also, no idea how they failed to contact me. They had my mobile number, house number and email address. The email below reached me OK.. Funny that! As you’ll remember, you’ve recently been in touch and asked us to look into an important issue. I’ve tried to contact you, but this hasn’t been possible. As such, I wanted to let you know that I’ve been in contact with our Data Disputes team in order to follow up on your Experian record details, on your behalf. Upon speaking to them, I’ve been advised that, unfortunately, we’d be unable to amend your records, with regards to your accounts with us. As there was an outstanding amount on each account that remained unsettled when you initially brought your concerns about the estimated bill you received to us, both gas and electricity account were deemed ‘late’ by 12 September 2010. When you spoke to us and advised that you would be changing supplier and would pay the final bill that would be calculated upon your transfer, the length of time for the final bill to be calculated was dependent upon your new supplier providing us with a meter reading upon which to base our final meter reading. Whilst I’m aware that the processes that govern the transfer of supply from one energy supplier to another aren’t dictated by you, we were unable to produce a final bill for you until we had received meter readings from your new supplier. Whilst the transfer was occurring, the debit balance on your accounts with us remained unpaid, with no payment plan in place to ensure that the outstanding amounts were settled. As a result, your credit record notes this and this is why the default notices are currently reflecting on your account. I’m sorry if the advice you received at the time led you to believe that your Experian records wouldn’t be affected by transferring supply to an alternative provider and settling the resultant final bill. As there was a debit balance that remained unpaid, this has been recorded and I, unfortunately, cannot remove the late payment marker from your account. Thank you for your letter. As I am unable to take any further action with regards to your enquiry, I’ll now make the necessary arrangements to close your enquiry. If you feel I haven’t answered all your questions, or you‘re not satisfied your enquiry has been completely resolved, please feel free to contact me on the details above. I’d be more than happy to help you further. If you’d like information about our complaints handling procedure you can view a copy by either going online at britishgas.co.uk/energycomplaints, or by getting in touch and one of our advisors will arrange to send you a copy free of charge. Yours sincerely Christopher van der Heyden British Gas
  3. Hmmm, I certainly didn't miss any earlier payment.. I am with npower now and I only get a bill (and monthly payment adjustment) once every 6 months. I think this was the same when I was with BG. By the way, npower do not update my credit file at all. I think I'll be sticking with them, and advising anyone else interested enough to listen to me that they should avoid BG, and check their credit files if they are a BG customer. Anyone know if I can complain to the Information Commissioner? Anyone had any joy with them?
  4. Hi, I am after some advice. Back in late August 2010 i received an estimated bill from British Gas. I was paying by DD and had dual fuel. The amount of the bill was high. I spoke with BG at the time regarding changing my payments to that my payments covered my usage - therefore preventing me from having such a high negative balance with them. After discussing with them i decided to move to another supplier and pay the amount due to BG in full. (i owed in the region of £600 for gas and £350 for electricity). At this point however, i requested that BG send me a final bill, which i would settle when i moved supplier and i cancelled by Direct Debit. They said that i should pay the estimated bill and then any over payment could be repaid to me when the switch was completed. I did not like the sound of this as it meant i was paying BG more than i owed them. the switch progressed through September and October and was completed around the 1st of November. During that time i had a number of calls from BG who were still insisting that i paid the bill. I restated that i would be paying the final accurate bill once i had stopped using their gas and electricity. One customer service rep stated that if i did not pay the bill then there is a chance my credit rating would suffer. I questioned this and he said that it would be unlikely, but could happen. I though this was an empty threat as i was not stating that i would not pay my bill, i was a good customer up to that point and it was not like i did not have money to pay the bill. during the whole saga i never received a late payment fine or anything of the like which would indicate an escalation of the situation - if i had i would have been on them like a shot as my payments were not late - just being delayed to such a time that made sense for them to be paid. I ended up with late payment markers on my credit file. 6 months late!! For both gas and electricity! I noticed this had happened around March 2010 when i was just looking at my CRA file with Experian. I contacted BG by letter and ultimately had a conversation with a lady who was adamant that i was in the wrong and that she could not change the entry. At the time i was not in need of credit so i let it pass, feeling rather helpless about the whole thing. Now i need to move house and get a new mortgage. I found out the other day that i am really going to struggle (it'll be impossible!) with two 6 month in arrears markers on my file. I am going to take this up again with BG after the bank holiday weekend but wondered if anyone on here would have advice that may change the outcome from last time. The reason i was told the mark on my file was for 6 months is that the bills are paid in arrears. My billing cycle was March to September. Therefore at the point in did not pay the bill in September i immediately jumped to being 6 months in arrears (all the way back to March) !!!! This really does not reflect the discussions i had with BG at the time, and even if it was true that i had not paid the bill then the worst it could be is that a bill due in September did not get paid until the end of October - 2 months late at the very most. Does anyone have any advice? I am really stressed about not being able to get a mortgage due to some draconian process at a utility company! Thanks in advance
  5. Hello again! I'm having a bit more trouble and i'd like to ask for some help again.. As stated below, i asked Barclaycard for my statements. I still haven't received them yet - i'll be calling them in a minute! In the meantime i have got this letter: ___________________________________________________________________ Before DEPUTY DISTRICT JUDGE THOMSON sitting at Haywards Heath County Court, Milton House, Milton Road. etc etc.. Upon the Courts own motion. The Court has made this order of its own initiative without a hearing. If you object to the order, you must make an application to have it set aside, varied or stayed within 7 days of receiving it. IT IS ORDERED THAT The Claimant do file a list of all alledged unlawful bank charges including dates and amounts by 8 August 2007, in default the case will be struck out. ________________________________________________________________ Now obviously i can't do this since i have estimated my claim and don't have a the actual statements yet from Barclaycard. I think i need to apply for a stay and get Barclaycard to send me the statements ASAP. The problem i have is how do i apply for a stay? Is that the best thing to do? Any help is greatly appreciated! John
  6. Yes i did. I clearly stated on my schedule of charges what was estimated and what wasn't. They offered me a settlement which amounted to the difference between the charge and £12 for al the 'actual' charges - i.e they ignored the estimated portion. I respectfully declined their offer. I have spoken to Bcard today (Lucy60, your number was for Barclays Bank - who i have found to be much more helpful than Bcard) they said they would only give me my statements if i paid £3 for each one. I am fed up of all this so i have said OK and i will just have to add the statement fees to the total claim. Hope i did the right thing - besides the amount of charges, i now have £80 court fee and £177 statement charges invested in this claim - not to mention all the postage costs and the intial £10 DPA-SAR Anyone got any advice on how to fill out the N244 form if the change is only for the amount of the claim? Is it a complete POC change..? Sorry, i may have typed all of that and misinterpretted your question. I did send a reminder for the DPA-SAR and then i sent them the LBA but i have not taken it any further.
  7. Thanks for the advice guys. It's good to know others out there have the same isues. I will take your advice Lucy60, i would rather have the actual list of charges since i believe it will be higher than my estimate anyway. Thanks again, John
  8. Hello everyone. I need some help. I started a claim with Barclaycard way back in Feb. I asked for my statements which they only sent back to June 2004. I complained and was ignored. So rather annoyed i then initated a claim for estimated charges. It has now got all the way to court and i have a barclays defence (which is standard i think) but it specifically says i need to prove each and every one of the charges. Do i state in my statement of evidence that barclays failed to provide me with all the statements forcing me to estimate the claim. What i don't want to do is go to court with a weak case which i loose and cause more bad press for everone else... Can i stall the case and demand barclays give me all the statements meaning i will have to change the amount in my court case (probably a higher amount). Would i have to abandon my current case (and loose the fees) and start another..? Any help is welcome!! More details can be supplied via PM John
  9. Excellent. You'll have to keep us posted on how you get on. Best of luck! John
  10. OK OK i know I'm being hasty - it's just a breath of fresh air compared to my dealings with Barclays... I know there will be dark times ahead... Damn i wish I'd just asked that guy for the refund out right - i could have guessed at what, say £2000, and we'll call it quits... He would have said yes I'm sure.. Missed opportunities....
  11. So far at least...! I am currently trying to get my statements from Barclays and as quite a lot of people on here know Barclays are not playing ball.. Anyway, in the meantime i thought i'd call Capital One to see if i can get hold of my account number since i closed the account 2 years ago. That way i could send in a SAR and start the ball rolling with Cap1... Low and behold the chap i spoke to was a really helpful guy (don't remember customer services being helpful when i was actually a customer... ) he said he could only post my details to me and not give them out over the phone (fair enough). So i thought, as things seemed to be going really well i'd ask him if he could send me all my statements from my time as a customer with them.... he said "Yes, no problem" Can someone get this guy a job at Barclays....! John
  12. Why go easy on them? I bet you don't remember them going easy on you when they added charge after charge to your account. The simple fact that they are refusing to give you all your statements means that you have to estimate - so they are probably winning on that front already (they'll be certain to tell you if you have over estimated!). So don't under estimate your 8% interest or they will be winning on that front as well....! Out of interest (pardon the pun) did they offer you anything already? i.e 50% based on your estimation? Have they disputed your estimation? John
  13. From what i have read on this site you should total up what you think you were charged for each year, then apply interest for the yearly figure from the 15th June for that particular year. Hope that helps.
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