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  1. hey mike, how are you getting on with your claim? i have got delayed with starting mine against argos, but am about to send off sar letter, which letter did you send for this? as i have one that i sent for the bank but it relates to a bank account and not store card.. claire
  2. hi thanks for that, i phoned them again today bu the guy who was dealing with my claim is of sick and apperently no-one else can help, i did however email their legal department and said i am due to put a judgement in soon, she said if i could wait until close of business monday and she is sure they will get back to me, i will see what happens monday and go from there.
  3. my mcol was served to the halifax on the 13th jan, they acknowledged on the 29th jan, they have until tomorrow to settle, i have not heard a thing even though i have rung them a few times. Would like to know what happens when i put a judegment against them, how long to they have then to settle - is it another month?
  4. still not heard anything, so i decided to phone the guy in the legal department again but was told he was not in the office and should be back on friday, was also told no-one else could help? i decided to email the legal department and i got a reply have forwarded details of my claim again and was told they would look into it. will wait and see what happens tomorrow -they have till sat to pay up before i start judgement.
  5. just another question, when i spoke to the guy at the legal department at halifax he said that the money would be paid bck onto the accounts which is was taken against, this is fine with my current account, but as i still have a balance on my credit card i am worried about this? although the claim is more than the balance? can they do this?
  6. have filed my court claim and was served to the halifax on the 13th, which gives them till this weekend to respond, they have acknowledged the claim - 2 weeks after they were served but i have not heard anything form them so i phoned the legal department yesterday and spoke to a helpfull guy he said he had my claim and i would be paid in full any the 10th - which is sat he also said he would ring me back to confirm but i have nto heard anything. In anyone else in the same situation? just wondered if i am actually going to be paid or if its going to drag on even longer.... just getting frustrated as i know i'm so close.
  7. Hi kezbag, have sent you a message regarding the above, as afr as i know you can claim all of the charge back,, have you recieved your statements yet? will try and help out. x
  8. at least they seem to have responded quickly which may mean you get this all sorted asap? i shall be posting my sar request tomorrow.
  9. hi dellydaisy, going to have to wait till friday to send my SAR as i get paid then, not sure how much my claim will be so far i have counted about £150 but i am missing quite alot of the older statements. i will be claiming back the £15 late payment charges. let me know how you get on thanks claire.
  10. wow well done, i am still waiting for a repsonse from the halifax, they have acknowledged the claim but so far not contacted me, will chekc my account though every day and see.
  11. Hi, just wondered if you have had any luck with la redoute, i have just started to go through some old statements but i don't have them all. have you recieved yours yet? please let me know. thanks k x
  12. Hi, just wondered if anyone else has claimed charges back from la redoute? i have not seen anything in the forum.
  13. kittenx

    Kittenx v ARGOS

    Hi, I am currently in the process of claiming back from the halifax - at court claim stage, i have been looking back at my other accounts. I have gone through some old argos statements and found a few charges for overlimit and late payment these are £14.00 & £17.50 charges. I am going to send a sar to see exactly how much they have charged me, - i can't believe how much companies get away with and at the time i didn't really notice. One question though, i have been up to date with payments for a few years on the argos card - will they put the money back onto my account to clear the balance? will they close my account? any advice appreciated. thanks k x
  14. Hi Maangov, i am almost at the end of a claim against halifax bank and now i want to claim against argos, i presume i preceed in exactly the same way as i did with the bank. any tips? are they easy to get statements from? could you possible point me in the right direction as to where i should send my sar and how much do they charge for this? thanks
  15. yeah i got downgraded a few years back, and i have put in a court claim , which they acknowledged today, so fingers crossed it will be sorted out soon. The halifax have told me that from next week i can no longer use the counter service for my cardcash account - how lame are they - i am opening another account with another bank asap i have had enough of the halifax.
  16. Yeah i was hoping for this week, but i just get the feeling it will be after 2 weeks and from what i have read some people have been settled but are still waiting for the money. But i guess a few more weeks will be okay , def worth it, i'm telling all my friends about this site and to claim back.
  17. After checking moneyclaim around 3 o clock halifax have now acknowledged the claim, which gives them another 2 weeks, how long does it take them to settle? or will they drag it out till the very lastest as seems to be the case with everything that they do.
  18. My mcol was served to the halifax on the 13th jan, and they have until the 29th (today) to put in a defence so far i have heard nothing. How do i know if they have put a defence in? will it show on the moneyclaim website? If i hear nothing today do i put a judgement in tomorrow?
  19. i am in the same position i have filed my mcol for both a current account and visa ( one claim) but i am over my limit on my visa account, however i believe that they will pay the money to the account you nominate? i intend to pay off my visa once the money has been recieved but the halifax are very awkward and i am thinking this wont be as easy as it should be. my boyf had a claim against hsbc and they replied and settled almost straight away. let me know if you hear anything?
  20. i am at the same stage, the mcol was served on the 13th, they have till this monday 29th to put in a defence so far i have heard nothing,hoping they will setlle soon.
  21. I am at the MCOL stage with my claim against Halifax and on my notice of service (the only letter from the court i have had so far) It stated that it was deemed serve on the 13th January and they had until 27th to reply. As yet I have heard nothing else from either the bank or the court. Im really worried...Also I have 2 more charges to add on to my claim, can i do this and if so how? Please help
  22. And the same for you Claire I knew we'd make it in the end but it feels soooo good that its all over as i checked today and my cheque has cleared meaning that that's it, it's over We win. and it feels great doesnt it!
  23. haha i'll try Latty, thanks for all your help, i couldnt have done it without you guys How do i change this to a "won" thread?
  24. Thanks Uniboy, you have been awesome. This has been my first, only and hopefully my last claim and whereas it was a slog it has been thoroughly worth it. do i need to fill in one of the surveys now?
  25. Great news!!! I received my cheque on Saturday and paid it into my account the very same day so so glad its all done and dusted and i cant thank you all enough. this money is going towards changing my life so i thank you all from the bottom of my heart! Dave
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