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  1. Write to them again and complain - calmly - about their pressurising. Tell them you will only deal with them in writing, henceforth. Put in writing what your offer is. Attach a statement of earnings. Tell them you cannot afford any more. Advise them to take you to court if they cannot accept your offer. If they call again, get in touch with BT or your phone provider about 'choose to refuse' or other way of dealing with nuisance calls. They CANNOT force you to pay, make an attachment of earnings or do anything else without a Court Order - a CCJ. Don't worry too much about a CCJ, it isn't the end of the world. OK, so you maybe won't get a credit card - but you weren't going to get another one anyway, were you? So, no loss. Make sure your offer is something you genuinely can afford. Best wishes Natty
  2. Hi If they've offered you a full refund (and, I hope, refund of charges) I have to ask: what else are you seeking? Best wishes Natty
  3. A very brief flying visit just long enough to say CONGRATULATIONS Looks like it's been an even longer road than when I last dropped in. Well done for staying the course. Enjoy the moment (and the booty!)
  4. I agree entirely with Parkvale. Just as a matter of interest, I just had the round of my life on the golf course, with my new Callaway irons. thanks, NatWest - it was the money I got from you paid for them and the time I took to visit Callaway's European HQ, with its million-dollar equipment, to get custom-fitted. Shaft length - standard. Shaft flex - regular. Lie angle - standard. Loft angle -standard. I could have bought the bl**dy things off eBay!! W
  5. Subscribing because it's interesting. Westy
  6. Nothing happened yet..... hanks, Mr Bump, for that reminder about Barclays being...ahem...'clarified' about what constitutes a structured filing system under the Act...
  7. And i have your thread open, Trish, while I try to plough through their defence, in between making calls to America...
  8. Well, Sally, the vibes didn't work coz my golf was rubbish! Luckily, the guy I was playing with was even worse, so at least I didn't have to pay for the consoling drinks afterwards. But what a miserable old s*d he turned out to be.
  9. SAR sent today. The wheels slowly grind into motion.
  10. Just checking in. I have another claim to pursue and thought I'd start doing it now. My golf has been crap (though I won something a couple of weeks ago, by 7 shots - coz I didn't realise I was leading and therefore didn't have my customary collapse over the last three holes!) the last few days so I might as well find something else to do with my days.... W
  11. "I think this whole argument about deprival of benefit from funds perhaps carries a bit more weight when it is applied to Business accounts ?" It doesn't matter if the injured party is an individual, owner-operated business or body corporate. The bank's behaviour is no different towards any of the three categories - the injury is exactly the same, so the remedy is exactly the same. Statutory interest is at 8% (or whatever the court decides) regardless of prevailing interest rates, whether they're lower than 8%, as now, or higher, as in the early 1990s.
  12. Bong - Many, many CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I'm truly, genuinely, totally and honestly delighted for you. You have nerves of steel and the endurance of one of those bullfrogs that mates for about three days at a time! :D:D Your story and your contributions have been a huge help to many, many people. Great stuff - well done. Enjoy it!! And make sure you keep some back for that holiday. You richly deserve it.
  13. Hi, Dwarren CONGRATULATIONS!! A bit tardy, I know but I've been busy.... Playing golf and consuming real ale. Very well done - you deserve every penny!
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