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  1. Well, I just dicovered that one could claim charges on mortgage accounts even if they've been paid up and decided to check it out.... I couldn't find a single paperwork on my BF account (which is surprising as I keep everything!.....I mean everything!!) not even my account number.... Then lo and behold, a couple of days later, they send me a 'sales' letter in the post....u know those ones asking u to use their services again!.... Anyway, I called them up and managed to obtain my old account number (I took out the loan in October 2001 and paid it off with a remortgage in August 2003. They also gave me the previous loan amount as 13k, and the total I should have paid under my agreement if it ran the 25 years term as 38k. When I redeemed the mortgage I paid back 16k apparently but like I said I have no paperwork. What I will be doing on Monday is calling my current lender for a copies of any paperwork sent to them from BF just in case I get no favourable answer to my SAR (which I'll also be sending out on Monday). I think I'll get a name and fax number on Monday and ask if they used the Rule of 78 on my account....
  2. Hi guys! Have any of you had any progress since your last posts? I've been following the thread and now just about to embark on 'taking on' BF.....
  3. The sample spreadsheet I need is that which I can calculate: CHARGES + INTEREST CHARGED ON THEM + Contractual Interest! BankFodder, Bramstoker, JonCris, GlennUK, Michael Brown.....anyone! Please can you help with this?!? Thanks.
  4. I just wanted to find out if there's any chance to get a 'copy' of anyones spreadsheet to see how you applied the above. More importantly I want to see how the figures are calculated on the sheet. I've spent the whole day on the site and have gotten great info but it's a shame we don't have actual sample spreadsheets to cross check what we're doing. I'm at the N1 stage but having read various threads want to amend my claim as I used the statutory 8% but now want to use the contractual. I'm still confused about applicable interest......HEEELLLLPPPP!.....I'm tearing my hair out! Thanks
  5. Further to Mcarrenos post above, should I seperate my Natwest current account from my Natwest loan account?
  6. I've spent hours on this site and would like to say a big "thank u!" to everyone. This site is fabulous!!.....I'm on my way to financial freedom....finally!! I have an old Barclays business account. In regard to business account charges, can one claim back charges such as those for credits and debits to one account, maintenance fee, account control fee (for going overdrawn)?
  7. I'm in the same position as Keez. In November, I was trying to start making some repayment to start clearing my closed (I asked for the account to be closed as I was just accruing charges) Natwest loan and current account and offered them £50. I also requested a breakdown of charges. At the end of November I travelled out of the coutry and only got back to find a CCJ in favour of Natwest for the sum of £12k! (I wasn't around to defend the claim)......What in the world do I do as I made quite a lot of effort to sort the debt out!! HELP!!
  8. Hi, not sure I'm posting this in the right place but just wanted to introduce myself!
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