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  1. Thanks for that. I used a broker so I understand why they've charged the 500.00 for broker fees; I didn't pay the broker directly from my own pocket.
  2. Midge61, are all the 3 loans with BF?
  3. Greedfighter, thanks for the posting. The 585.00 is actually stated in part 7 of my agreement; part 6 was seperate and was for the broker fee of 500.00. This means that I agreed at the start of the contract that I'd pay this......doesn't it? As had been suggested on this thread, I called the Consumer Direct (formally the Trading Standard Agency) and they said they can't go over any calculations for consumers, that I should the FOS should be the ones to do it. So I called the FOS, who said they wouldn't so it either! The adviser was very helpful though. He told me that since I settled the loan more than 3 years ago, it was outside their remit. Apparently, as of April 2007, the law changed and they'd now look into any complaints which involves disputes of settlements within the last 3 years with BF:). I'm just finishing off my Prelim and will add that I'd like them to give me a breakdown of the 585.00 legal charge. I'll keep you updated:).
  4. Thanks for that! Was up till 3am recalculating the figures using the Rule of 78 formula on the The Office of Public Sector Information website.....It wasn't an easy task!! Looks like they made me overpay by 1,400! On Monday, I'll be sending them a copy of my calculations (as my prelim) as well a copy to Trading Standards to cross check the figures for me. I'll also be claiming back the default interest of 21.17 and collection activity charge of 352.50. This gives a total of 1,900 or so. The grand total with 8% statutory interest (not 100% sure if this applies) is 2,800...:grin:
  5. please ignore my request above!......didn't finish reading the thread.
  6. Reidnet, please could you send me the legal arguments you used?
  7. ps: has anyone else sent their BF settlement figures to TS and gotten a reply?
  8. mcfadwmc, did you check these yourself or you sent them all to Trading Standards? Also do we just send it to our local TS Office or a particular one? Which one did you send yours to? Thanks.
  9. Greedfighter, thanks for the feedback. You said ".....the redemption figure not that it is any use really: as I understand it it is up to you to show that irrespective of whether they've calculated the figure correctly or not, that whatever the figure is, it amounts to more than their actual loss." I'll do a bit of digging but have you come across any CAGERS who've actually been able to do this and won their case?
  10. I think we could really do with some help on this thread especially because none of the regulatory bodies have been of help to date.... As simple as this might sound, Midge61, "How do we PM a Site Helper(s)?"
  11. I think they're more than prepared to send the breakdown of figures ONLY to those who DIDN'T take out PPI! From what we have on the thread, they've refused to communicate with most claimants......after all, they won't put out their dirty linen without a fight!
  12. From the info in the letter BF sent, I was charged: 1) Default Interest(for non / late payment) = 21.17 2) Legal & Documentation Fee = 585.00 3) Redemption Administration = 58.75 4) Collection Costs = 352.50 They say that the Legal and Documentation Fee is " ....non-interest bearing and covers all costs incurred during the underwriting process associated with the loan.." They say they "..defer payment of this amount until either early settlement or the end of the loan". Steven4064 has kindly informed me that I can claim 1) and 4) so that's my homework for the weekend! Apparantly, I just need to follow the 'reclaiming charges route'. i.e. send them the spreadsheet, send Prelim in 14 days, LBA within another 14 days and then court if necessary. Is there anyone else out there in my same situation?
  13. I've checked the info sent to me by Blemain Finance and it appears I definately didn't pay for any PPI......bang goes my dream of a new car for Christmas!.....but have they calculated all these figures properly? Can anyone help? The calculations are on the following pages. For page 1 click here and page 2 is here. The statement is here. Can any of you 'Rule of 78' Guru's work out if they've calculated this correctly?
  14. Ok...I've taken a look at the figures BF sent me. If want a peek at the letter, click here ,and page 2 is here. The statement is here. Can any of you 'Rule of 78' Guru's work out if they've calculated this correctly? ......think I need to start my own thread on BF & Rule of 78;)
  15. Steven4064, thanks for that. Need to scan Blemain's Rule of 78 calculation on my account.....don't know if they calculated it properly.
  16. pps: my last email that should have read "....from the day the charge was put on the account till now?...."
  17. Steven4064, ps: do I added interest (contractual or otherwise) to the default interest and collection costs from the date of redemption till now?......as we would normally do for credit cards, etc?
  18. Steven, by the way, if I want to scan a document for 'all' to see, how can I do this? I know I've been told before but can't remember!
  19. Oky dokey......I'll get cracking on that....... Thanks for the prompt feedback!
  20. Hi all, I handed in my letter and OFT print out to the court this afternoon. Let's see what the District Judge comes back with.
  21. Thanks for the feedback........Brilliant! I'd better get on with this then...... Errrrhhhmmm, do I put a spreadsheet together for these 2 items (as we do for refund of charges), do Prelim, LBA, etc. Or do I write them and give them 8 weeks, etc like we do for PPI:???:?
  22. Hi Pete, I've looked at the loan agreement which they sent me and the costs incurred are the ones stated at the beginning of this thread.
  23. WendyB, I've written my letter now:-). I'll also be sending the judge a print out of the Q&A about the test case from the OFT site. That should give him a quick lesson in 'OFT Case 101'. If he'd read this in the 1st place he/she shouldn't have ordered the General Form of Judgment!;-)
  24. C_Allen, maybe now is not the time to give up! Fight the cause!! You never know how it'll turn out..... The challenge I found with NOT accepting partial payments is what you are experiencing now. My personal school of thought is to ACCEPT any payment(s) and tell them you're accepting it as a partial refund......I don't think this weaken one's case as it has been suggest....but hey, I'm no expert! For my Blackhorse claim, I've received 2 payments as partial payments and now trying to get them to pay the contractual interest. At least if I don't got the CI, I've got the rest of what's due to me:-) C_Allen, are you now going to contact them to accept their last offer to you?
  25. WendyB, THANKS A MILL FOR THAT! I was already 'dreading' having to write the letter to the court as I couldn't find a template for this......
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