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  1. I haven't heard from BF since requesting them to recalculate the settlement figure 2 weeks ago; I also used this as a Prelim. Sent off the LBA today.
  2. Two weeks on and haven't heard anything. The courts have been closed due to the holidays and apparently also have a backlog!
  3. My N1 form was returned by the court last week as I'd only sent it 1 copy and they required 2! This turned out to be a blessing in disguise as I've been able to use Alan's detailed POC instead (I'd used Tonycee's originally)! Dropped off the N1 with revised POC at the court yesterday.......with a cost of 105.00 in fees!
  4. ps: thanks for making this a sticky! We'll definitely need this to strengthen our PPI claims going forward. Have a great christmas all!
  5. Alanfromderby, that's great! Thanks......although I handed my PPI claim yesterday using the Tonycee & Barclays PPI draft which is not as detailed as yours... What I'll do is add your bits to my bundle (if it comes to that) later on down the line........
  6. Brilliant! Thanks. I'll let you all know how I get on......
  7. Interesting! Please would you mind, PMing me the breakdown of your successfully claimed costs as I've currently started the labourous task of putting my costs together before I settle my claim with Mint? Did you put your application for a Wasted Costs Order in at a hearing?.....or by post through the court? If the latter, had you settled the claim with the defendant before putting the WCO in?
  8. Smartmartain10, out of interest what happened with your Wasted Cost Order?
  9. Out of interest, is a lender obliged to pay you your claim in full by cheque/BACS?....... or can they, by law, request the court to allow them take off what you owe them first and then pay you the balance?
  10. I done a very silly, silly thing! I have a judgement against Citicards and faxed them warning them that I'd be applying for a Warrant of Execution. I said that: 1) they need to clear off the balance on my credit card with them by 10/12/07 (I have an outstanding balance on my credit card account). 2) send me a cheque of the balance by 11/12/07 by registered post. They did neither of the above so I went to court a couple of days ago and have since been given a warrant number. The only problem is, in hindsight I'd prefer to have a cheque in the bank for the owed amount and continue to pay off what I owe them on a monthly basis until I clear the balance....... Do you think I should just fax them again saying that since they haven't met my request and have forced me to issue a warrant I want a cheque for the full amount and will not accept payment any other way?
  11. Notlam, when did you take out your loan with Lloyds? I'm putting together my Wasted Costs Order for Black Horse. The only thing is my loan wasn't a regulated one as of 2003 and so far the FOS hasn't been able to help me with 'anything' because of this.
  12. I was just wondering if we have any Particulars of Claim for PPIs? I know that quite a number of us have won our claims but would anyone like to share their POC content? I'm claiming against Blackhorse for a secured loan. Thanks:).
  13. Hi Cassie, the address you need to send it to is the addy you have from July..the Holbrock House one. The first thing to do though is the Send them this letter for non-compliance as suggested by Hellhasnofury.
  14. Yes they did:). .......I had no problems whatsoever with this claim......wish I could the same for the others! Anyway, there's hope yet! Will donate as soon as the cheque clears.
  15. Sent Prelim 10/09/07 - received letter from Mint offering me 51.84 (representing a refund of the difference between their original 20.00 and the curent 12.00 late payment charge and associated interest) out of the 418.53 I requested. Didn't respond to them and sent LBA. 18/10/07 - received letter saying they won't pay more than their original offer of 51.84. 9/11/07 - filed claim in court. They have till 30/11/07 to file an acknowledge of service. 21/11/07 - received a letter from the court that Mint has responded to the claim and intend to defend all the claim. This gave them up to 14/12/07 to file a defence. 14/12/07 - went to bed late last night and was woken up by the Post man; guess what? Mint had sent me a full settlement for my claim by recorded delivery I certainly wasn't expecting them to send me a cheque! I just thought they'd take the refund off my Mint card balance! I WON!!
  16. Received a letter today from Citi saying "..further to your recent request,I am writing to advise you that the final settlement figure on the above account as of this date is xxxx until 15/12/07. When making your payment please allow 7 days......." These people are really confused! They are the ones meant to be paying me back monies!!.....or maybe this is just protocol before they make me the payment. Let's see.... I called them and my balance is still the same so they haven't paid any monies back to my credit card yet.
  17. Update: Sent Prelim, LBA and ended up claiming through the court 4/10/07. They had 28 days to file a defence and they didn't. I didn't hear a peep from them. 31/10/07 - I got a judgement against them. 16/11/07 - they sent me a copy of their application to set aside as they claim they hadn't received the claim form and intend to defend the claim! 6/12/07 - called the court to find out status of the claim as I had been informed that Citi had filed a defence. Apparently Citi made an application to set aside the judgement but hadn't paid the fee for the application......I was told that this means that, legally they can't process the application and I can go ahead and issue a Warrant of Execution. 7/12/07 - Filled my Warrant of Execution form and faxed a copy to Citi (0870 905 0710) giving them a final opportunity to pay up. I asked them to clear the balance on my card with some of the funds and send me the remaining monies by registered post the following day......of course I told them nothing about their goofing up and not sending payment to the court! This bought me some time to get my application for the warrant into court on Monday. If they found out that they'd left out the payment, they could send it to the court b4 I get there to apply for my warrant!! 10/12/07 - heard nothing from them. I called the Complaints department (I'd asked to speak to Brian Smith their solicitor and was told to call this department on 0800-146-1888) to get an update and was told that faxes have a 48 hours turnaround......who cares? I'm off to court tomorrow. 11/12/07 - applied for the warrant with 55.00! I spoke to the Baillifs at the court and they advised I use the registered office (i.e. 87 Castle Street, Reading) instead of using a local branch address as it's been suggested by some on the forum. 13/12/07 - received a confirmation from the court that my warrant has been issued!.....that was quick. However, it's been sent to the bailliffs in Reading to handle.
  18. pps: I was told that since my local TS doesn't do calcs of figures, I have to get help from the local Citizen Advice Bureau....I'm not going to bother! I sent my Prelim to BF yesterday. I also added which formular I used and from which website I got it. I'm claiming the: 1) Overpayment of 1,752 2) Collection charge of 352.50 and 3) Contractual interest of 1,370 Let's see how it goes!
  19. ps: if it's any help, you can reach Consumer Direct on 0845 040 506 or 020 8799 9200:)
  20. I called Consumer Direct and was told that although some local TS's calculate the figures for you, not all all of them do so. My local TS doesn't do the calcs so I asked if I could use a TS who could help calulate my figures and was told that it doesn't work that way! Apparently, you can only use your local TS.....fullstop!
  21. Update: Sent Prelim for 349.91; they paid me 111.00 as a gesture of goodwill. Banked the cheque, waited for it to clear and wrote to them accepting the 111.00 as part-payment. Sent LBA for the balance of 238.91. 15/10/07 - I got no reply within 14 days so filed claim in court. 30/10/07 - They wrote me and said they'd be sending me another cheque for 153.38 as settlement..... however refused to pay me the contractual interest of 85.53 I was claiming for. 1/11/07 - received a letter from Blackhorse solicitors saying that they will be defending the claim. They have till the 17/11/07 to submit their defence. 14/11/07 - received the 153.38 cheque, banked it, waited for it clear. 27/11/07 - wrote them that this again is accepted as part-payment and I'm awaiting the balance for the CI. 3/12/07 - They declined paying the CI saying I should return the cheque for 153.38 and send them the details of my solicitors! 14/12/07 - Wasn't sure where I stood since they've paid most of the claim and I still has the claim in court. Called court to say that they haven't paid balance. What next? Was told I could get judgement against them for the CI as they hadn't filed a defence and hadn't paid up the monies in full. I'll be doing this on Monday!
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