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  1. Hi Mooreda, yes. Basically - I modified my motorbike so rang Bennett's Ins Brokers to inform them. They told me that my present insurer: Equity Red Star wouldn't insure modified bikes, and I'd have to cancel my policy and take out a new one. I was also informed that there would be a £30 cancellation fee on old the old policy and that they woudn't refund anything for its remaining 4 months. I thought it was bit much and told them so, I felt I was being conned and after some discussion and realising I was going to have to pay this £30 cancellation fee, I told them to go ahead and cancel the po
  2. Hi, quick question. I have started a complaint procedure against Bennet's insurance, regarding an unjustifiable cancellation fee. They have sent me an invoice for the money, with threats of giving sending the "debt" on to a collection company. My question is, can they do that whislt the issue is in dispute? Thank for any replaies. Dave
  3. I've just had a similar problem, I did post it on here last night but it seems to have disappeared! I have a motorbike policy with Bennetts. After I'd done some mods on it I rang to inform them, and was told that the insurance co (they said it was Equity red star but I'm sure it was AXA) didn't cover modified bikes, and I'd have to cancel the policy and take out a new one. I asked how much that was going to cost me and they quoted £135 F/C plus a £30 transfer fee. I asked how much I'd get refunded on my previous policy as it still has 4 months to run, and the girl told me that they
  4. Ozzy thanks very much for your help - a voice of reason in sea of beaurocratic confusion. All is now sorted, cant' thank you enough. Also thanks ever so much to everyone else who replied with words of help. It just illustrates how easily an innocent person can be held responisble for something for which they have no blame Very best respects to everyone Derv
  5. Arachnae, the problem is that I have already proved to them that I've lived at this address for 30 years by sending them a copy of my original mortgage agreement. I've also sent them proof that they don't even supply my gas, yet they still hound me. I really don't know what else to but go to a solicitor. I know nothing of debt matters having never been there so I'm not famillar with the workings of what will happen now, for all I know the next knock on my door will be the bailiffs! Derv
  6. Thanks for the replies so far - much appreciated. I've been to see my sister tonight and we've been thorugh all of the paperwork involved with giving up Mum's house. We have acknowlegement of the final bills from Powergen at the end of December 2005. We have however found another bill which was overlooked, dated May 2006 for the amount that Robinson Way say I owe. This reinforces the fact that it's neither Mum's debt nor mine as it's well after the date she ceased to live at the address, and also well after all the outstanding payments had been settled. It looking more like someone moved into
  7. Hello People - my first post here so please be gentle! I was searching the internet for information regarding a DC company called Robinson Way, when I found this forum and hoped someone could offer me advice Whilst away on holiday a couple of months ago during a phone call home, my son informed me that someone called Robinson Way had been trying to contact me. He said they seemed "very keen" to speak to me, but wouldn't disclose what it was about. Upon arriving home there was a letter from said company waiting for me They informed me that they had been authorised by Powergen to
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