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  1. They take as long as they like unless you put a rocket up them. I would give them a deadline & then involve the FOS
  2. I am in exactly the same position. I have written back telling them that I have reported them to the FOS. Im not sure your loan is governed by them but it is certainly worth you writing back to BH telling them you are not satisfied and are intending to take the matter further. They try the fob off with everyone
  3. I am claiming just short of £10,000 from BH. I havent been given a claim form just a letter from the Essex address saying not mis sold go away. I have filled a claim form out for the FOS as my loan started in June 2005
  4. Had a letter back today from LTSB Cockfosters branch. Basically says BOGOFF you had the paperwork you signed it tough. It does say however, that we cant complain to the FOS as the agreement was signed before Jan 2005. Enjoyed drafting reply to the effect "you say we cant read the agreement was June 2005"! REally hoping the FOS find in our favour now as doesnt look like we will get anythign voluntarily
  5. I too are new to this and have been taken for the same ride as you. There are a lot of vulnerable people out there. Why dont you write to LTSB and give them 14 days to cancel the PPI on your policy and say that at the end of that timescale you will notify the FOS if no satisfaction. If they cancel the PPI then claim back all you have already paid. If they dont download the complaint form from the FOS website & let them intervene. In any event IMHO you should be claiming it back from LTSB but it would help you to get the monthly payments reduced. I sent a letter claiming all mine back 5 weeks ago now after 3 weeks sent a reminder. After 4 weeks sent in an official complaint to the FOS Im waiting to hear from them now
  6. Thanks for that WS. I suppose only the recordings that they think are helpful to them will see the light of day!
  7. They just sent us a copy of the agreement within 10 days of asking but no other paperwork. Do you know if they keep tape recordings as this would be very interesting
  8. Thanks Loukim. I have downloaded the complaint form and am busy filling it in now!
  9. It has now been amonth since I sent the initial letter with no response at all from BLackhorse. Can anyone help with whether the complaint forms for the FOS are available to download rather than having to write to them about it first? Also if CC proceedings are issued on behalf of a debt recovery company who have bought the debt from a credit card are they entitled to bring the claim on the basis that I am in breach of the CCA agreement I entered into as I didnt have any agreement with them the agreement was with MBNA? Shouldnt I be paying back what they have bought the debt for not the original amount? Thanks if anyone can help me
  10. ITs been nearly a month now since I sent 1st letter without any response. IF nothing by next Mon Im going to report to FOS as you suggested
  11. I have signed the petition. Thank you very much Podgy Dad your posting is very helpful I have clicked on your scales. I will go down that road as you suggest as the Court fee would be £225 which I cant afford at the moment! Was reading on another website that lots of people appear to be getting their money back after a couple of letters. Hope its the same for us
  12. Have not heard a sausage from Black Horse so sent them 2nd letter yest giving them 14 days before I issue Proceedings. I dont want to go down the FOS route as it may take months and also I have read on here that even if the FOS find in your favour the insurers can still decline to deal with it? Im adamant this was missold as I only intended to take the loan out for 1 year & told the sales girl this. Has anyone had any success v Black horse on a voluntary basis?
  13. We purchased the above policy from you in June 2005 but now believe that we were mis-sold this policy for the following reasons: This is due to the fact that we paid a single premium for our policy but did not see it through to the end of it’s initial term after paying back our loan earlier than planned on the 16 June 2006. Also, due to the fact that we were not given the correct information when the policy was sold to us, as Your salesperson stated / implied that taking out the policy would assist our credit application. Your salesperson did not tell us that the policy was optional Your salesperson stated / implied that taking out the policy was essential for us to get the associated credit Your salesperson did not give us full information on what the policy would and would not cover for example that certain medical conditions were excluded, including a condition which my husband suffers from. We are concerned the sales assistant that sold us the policy has no financial background and the policy was not sold in our best interests. Having recently looked at the paperwork for our loan we now realise that we have paid for insurance that we did not know we had taken out so could not have been explained to us. Unless you can satisfactorily justify to us that the policy was fair and reasonable we are requesting a full refund of all premiums, and subsequent interest on those payments. As we believe we have been deprived of this money we also expect 8% statutory interest, the amount a court would award, to be added to each payment made. We look forward to a full and prompt response to this letter and for the matter to be concluded with eight weeks or we shall be contacting the Financial Ombudsman to investigate my complaint. This is the letter I sent. I havent been given the settlement figures yet so dont know what PPI was applied to the final figures. They have only sent me a copy of the original agreement which I had anyway which shows the figures as per the first post here. The loan was taken out after the new regulations in 2005 yet we didnt get any additional paperwork for customer needs or for the PPI in accordance with the agreement. I know it sounds numb but I didnt even know I had any PPI until I read this forum and thought I would check. I am absolutely certain the salesgirl did not even mention it when pushing the loan onto me or I would not in a million years have agreed to it
  14. When you applied for your egg CC online you will have been asdked to tick a box if you didnt want PPI applying if you didnt tick box they automatically add on & its at a phenomenal rate as I understand it you need to look at whether you would ever have been able to benefit from the policy & claim misselling on that basis
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