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  1. HI Everyone, It has finally happened. Monument has decided to defend the case in court. I have dreaded this, but it now came to it. They defended it with 14 points, so full that I cannot type all here. Something about 'Terms' which I accepted when I opened the account, they also denied the charges constitute penalty charges or that they are in breach of the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999 or the Unfair Contracts Terms Act 1997. They wrote a lot of stuff. NOw I need help. what am i to do now. I did not want to go to court could someone advise please??????
  2. Hi All, Update I have taken Monument to the moneyclaim court. I got a letter from moneyclaim that they have served monument and that monument has filled the 'acknowledgement of service' form. a copy of this was attached. on the form monument ticked the 'I intend to defend all of this claim' box. Friends, is this good news all bad news? I am scared to death, don't want to go to court. Any advice would help now. Thanks
  3. Monument has sent back to me a 'Final response' that they will not pay back the full amount but if i want the half I should write them within 6 months. they also put a Financial Ombudsman service leaflet in the letter. Now it is certain that I am taking it further but I do not know if I should take it to the court or the ombudsman. Which one would be the best way forward from here? Thank you
  4. Good morning all, I need a bit of advice about this card. The card has stopped for about 2-3 years my credit limit was £250 but due to charges an all I am now owing about £780. I have reuested for the the statements and made a claim for £552.00 and a further interest of £109.05. I got a letter back from them which basically I do not understand what it means, please see as follows: After 3 paragraphs of confirming my requests they said: I can confirm that we are prepared to review late payment and overlimit fees that have been applied to your account prior to the OFT investigations into charges. I can further confirm that this equates to late payment and overlimit fees in the total sum of £552.00 that have been applied to your account which have not previously been refunded. In addition and further to the OFTinvestigation into default charges, our default charges have been decreased to an amount of £12.00 each. We are therefore not prepared not prepared to review any default charges that have applied to your account at this rate. Under the T & Cs of thsat account which you agreed to be bound when applying for Monument VISA card; a late payment fee is applicable if you do not make at least your minimum payment by the payment due date and an overlimit fee is applicable if you exceed you agreed credit limit at any time. Further to this interest is applied to any outstanding balance on your account at the contractual rate each month. 5 paragraphs later However, putting this issue aside, as a gesture of goodwill on this occasion only, I am prepared to refubd £276.00 which represents half of the total sum of the charges that I have agreed to review. I hope you will agree this is a fair and reasonable offer. If you would like to accept ...... In addition, I can conform that Monument will not be accomodating your request for refund of the respective interest charges that have been accrued on the aforementioned fees. These are the points I need help: What do they mean by the 1st 2 paragraphs I do not want the half because if I accept it I will still be in their debt and they could do whatever they wish with my account I asked for the interest because they too charge me interest on my outstanding balance which has included these charges I have paid over £500 on this account already, could I claim this back? Do you think I have a chance of claiming the whole £552 (and pushing it a bit - the interest)? Should I still be paying the standing order of £25/month or should I stop it? What should be my next step? I would really appreciate your help with this. Many thanks all.
  5. This is just a quick question and would really appreicate a quick response if I could get one. I have started calculating the charges on my cancelled credit card and I discovered that there are 2 main charges - over limit fee and late payment fee. I assume that I could claim back the over limit fee I am not about the late payment. Could I claim these back? Thank you
  6. Hi everyone, Just a couple of questions, I hope you can help me with them Now that there is a case pending on bank charges, can we start a new claim now or should we wait till the case is decided? If we start a new claim now would the claim be dealt with, since I think I heard that the FSA says banks do not have to deal with claims untill the outcomes of the case??? On my citibank account I have 2 sets of charges Charges on unpaid direct debits, Standing orders, cheques. These were unpaid due to insufficient funds and was charged £25 for each. I think I can claim back these charges. Charges on PAID direct debits, e.t.c. Even though I had insufficient funds (or non at all) in my account, they paid the funds but still charged me £25. Can I claim these charges back from Citibank? Thank you
  7. HI all, Thank you for your advice. I have had to take Nationwide to court (www.moneyclaim.gov.uk) before they agreed to refund the charges. However, they said they will close my account. This does not bother me actually as I have stopped using the account long before now, however, they said they will not remove the adverse records on my credit report. They said they have served me a default last year September but checking my credit reports on both equifax and experian it is just many 6s. it was these 6s i was actually concerned about when i called them only to hear that they have actually served me a default. How can I get the remove all this adverse records? An urgent answer would be appreciated. Thank you all.
  8. I have now filed against Nationwide on the moneyclaim website. I have said I would send another list of charges. Who would I send it to and how would I send it? I thought there would be a place to attach it on the website but i did not come across any. How do I go about this? Thank you
  9. Hi all, Thank you for your help on this website. It has been invaluable to me. I just checked my credit report and credit score on Experian. It says VERY POOR. This is trouble for me and i hope to do something about it, what can I do? I have checked all the information on it and they are all correct - no mistakes. I am on the electoral role, so that's not the problem. The main bad stuff on my report are: 1 default, 1 up to six months late payment (which is bank charges from Nationwide that i am trying to clear with them at the moment) and 2 late payments from last month (which I have actually paid at the beginning of this month). I heard that the default will have to stay on there for the next 6 years (?). Is there anything I could do to clear all this mess from the report. I am now more in control of my finances but with my score saying very poor i doubt if I could get a mortgage with that. I have heard of credit repair companies, what do they do? Can they clear the default from my report? I will appreciate any advice at this moment. Thank you
  10. Thank you for the advice. I have followed the step by step instructions. I did it for Natwest and Halifax and have had the charges refunded. The reason i am asking about Nationwide is, when the charges were applied to my account there was no money in it. I have stopped using the account since but the charges have since been accumulating. In the Natwest and Halifax issues, I had paid the charges already so when i claimed, they refunded the money, but Nationwide, the charges are being applied to my account and it is going deeper into minus each month - not that i have paid the charges. How do i claim for this? I have looked on the website for small claims but it is like it leans more on claimimg money paid, not removing the 'minus' balance on one's account, which is affecting my credit report. Could you please advise on this?
  11. Hi, I have sent a LBA to Nationwide and they have not replied even though the 14 day deadline has passed. I know the next step is court action (isn't it?) but i'd like to ask how to go about my claim. I haven't paid the charges. I stopped using the account when the first charge came in, the interest accumulated from £30 to over £200. How do i claim that, since the charges are not 'from my pocket' but on my account????
  12. Hi, I have sent a LBA to Nationwide and they have not replied even though the 14 day deadline has passed. I know the next step is court action (isn't it?) but i'd like to ask how to go about my claim. I have't paid the charges. I stopped using the account when the first charge came in, the interest accumulated from £30 to over £200. How do i claim that, since the money is not from my pocket but on my account???? Thank you
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