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  1. Hi Apologies for hogging someone elses thread, but in response to your question Unitedfront, I did write to the original company in February 2007 requesting copies of the credit agreement etc. They responded to me in March 2007 and then I wrote back to them requesting further information (see next paragraph) in March 2007 and never anything back from them at all. The account was then sold to one other company who sent some nasty letters but the debt was not acknoweldged and it has since been sold to Buchanan Clark and Wells who say they will come round to the property, and up till now we h
  2. Hello I'm new to this thread but just thought I would say "well done" (or whatever else is appropriate) in relation to the letter from AK confirming the account is now closed. I came on here for some advice on whether my account was statute barred - and having read your discussions above, I believe it is, and am now sending a copy of letter M (from the templates page) on the expiration of accounts under the Limitation Act 1980, and also a letter informing the collector that a personal visit is not granted too. However, just to be sure that I am correct in this, would someone k
  3. lol - we redirected with the post office - just didn't tell new owner
  4. Hello I'm sorry if this subject has been tackled on here a trillion times, but i'm having issues with the lovely Cabot. A good few years ago they wrote to me informing of an outstanding debt for a store card. I sent the SAR and heard nothing from them - nothing infact for possible 3 or 4 years. However, recently they have started once again to send letters to me in relation to this account. I began printing my credit reports in April 2008, and none of them have details of this account on them. The letters from Cabot are becoming quite threatening and nasty now. I'v
  5. Hi I went to Salford County Court, but can't remember the Judge's name without referring to my papers which are at home.
  6. Hello Well, to cut a long story short, there'd been a massive mix up with the papers and 3and a half claims have been settled. Went back to court this morning and sat with a Judge, no rep from [problem]/ Lloyds turned up because it would appear that they believe all 4 cases are closed, but the Judge and I agreed that one was still open. Anyway, the Judge explained to us that he is actually in favour of the banks, and had we not have already had 3 claims settled then it was very likely that he would've thrown the case out! PHEW to early settlements is all I can say!!!! Anyw
  7. OH, Recieved 4 refunds now, for 4 bank claims, but [problem] refer to the court reference number and not the account number, but when the court gave use the papers with the reference numbers on they didn't link them to the account numbers either, so we don't know which accounts have recieved what amount. Does that make sense? We need to contact [problem] and see which accounts received which refund, as altogether the refund money is about £1,500 less than what we ask to claim back. Why is it such a long drawn out process? Will keep you posted as/when things happen. Cheers
  8. Hi Sanpez I was in a similar situation to you, and didn't receive the response from Lowell witihin the time period, so I wrote to them informing them that they had committed the offence and they could chase me through court but as their fine would be 5x more than what they were chasing, it really wouldn't be in their best interests. I never heard anything back from them at all, but then I checked my credit report and found there was a default on there, so I wrote to them asking them to remove the default, and copied my previous letters and within 7 days they wrote back saying the default ha
  9. Thanks PatD and Gallen for your comments. They have the car back and are repairing the damaged parts, and will return it to us when this is done. It took a bit of disputing to get this far, but glad we read up on trading standards site - and quoted them the law!! Cheers Pat for answering Gallen's points, no MOT isn't the same as unroadworthy, and sold as seen means nothing at all if a dealer willingly sells an URW car. Anyway - we're getting there now and should be able to use our new car soon. Thanks again, your help is much appreciated. Have a good bank holiday
  10. PS does 'sold as seen' allow the car to fail MOT on 7 counts some of which are illegal??????
  11. Hi Please help as soon as poss - having problems as we speak!! Impulse buy of vehicle yesterday - reduced price by dealer by £300 for MOT and Tax. Went for MOT today, it failed on 7 items. Was advised by garage not to drive it - some things are illegal (they say). Contacted the dealer we bought car from. He said that the invoice said 'sold as seen' and 'no warrenty' (their spelling!) and that a refund cannot be offered. Was told by dealer that if we returned it to them (over 50 miles away) that they would give it an MOT. Now,(a) as the vehicle is not roadworthy we should n
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