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  1. nw - i also did not send my aq to cobbetss - just to the court?
  2. hi thanks all for replies - well iwrote/faxed to court today pleading ignorance - and yes i did just add 8% to total - i can only hope that they will look kindly on me and give me another chance til i get statements and so i can do it properly - please keep talking to me - i do appreciate it - julie x
  3. so will i have time to wait for my statements and then fill in the spreadsheet and send to court/cobbetts?
  4. hi nattie - thanks so much for your quick response - and yes - boy what a lesson learnt! wont be doing that again - ive kept every other letter ive sent but obviously not the important things!
  5. thanks for your email - do you mean carry on with the existing claim but do the charges right now on the spreadsheet? or go through the whole claim process again and lose the £120? can i ask for extension or something with court? thanks again x
  6. hi there - i think i have messed up and dont know whether to bail out and start again - if i can?! am in the court proceedings etc but today received the AQ from Cobbetts and in paragraph G it stated that the court should strike my claim as i havent given any particulars of claim. Earlier this week i received a letter from them saying they didnt receive my schedule of charges etc - the problem being i didnt use the one on this forum to work out interest etc cos my computer was down and dont have printer so i just highlighted all charges on the statements they sent me and sent them back t
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