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  1. Cheers, I'll have a hunt around meantime. Thanks very much.
  2. Sweeeet. Any links to the cases you're talking about? Thanks BigMac.
  3. Cheers pal, well anything I can do to help build this database. The guy John from FOS explained to me that exactly the same thing you've just mentioned BigMac, you're right on the money. IE: They will make an offer minus any Interest, and then I can decide whether I wish to take the offer or hold out for more. this would be even more time I'd imagine, but could well be worth the wait..... Hmmm.........more.......money.
  4. Hey all, Just checking in to tell you what's been happening lately: Sweet FA! Just kidding, I've been in touch with the FOS a couple of times to see how they're getting along, they're really helpful and nice to you if you phone 'em... They're currently waiting for the RBS to send them all the statements / details of charges that they need. Apaarently they've got a certain amount of time to provide the info by law. So, it really is a waiting game to do it this way, but much easier for the stress levels than the whole court route i'd imagine! Does anyone know of other people on here that have recently had success using the FOS, or are at the same stage as me? I'd love to read some stories, give moral support etc, but can't seem to find that many... till next time......cheers.
  5. hello hello, I phoned the FOS today, just to check they received my complaint etc. I also wanted to ask about how long roughly I could expect this process to take: The woman I spoke to said it would be around 3 to 6 months! wa wa wee wa!
  6. Hi, Just wanted to pass on what happened today, in the hope that it'll help folk. I phoned the Financial Ombudsman Services today, as I was concerned I'd overshot the deadline. I haven't, luckily. I spoke to a great guy called John, who logged my details as the first date of complaint, he also gave me a reference number to put at the top of my claim form, so that it is passed straight to him, for processing. Obviously I'm well past the 8 week period, so hopefully it'll get processed quickly. Don't know if I will get the full amount I'm asking for, (£1, 986 including 8% on each charge from charge date, back 6 years) but I will be quite happy if I get the charges themselves back. So, if anyone is at a similar point to me, I totally recommend you phone the FOS for advice, they're really helpful. Their number is 0845 080 1800. Now I just gotta wait!
  7. Cripes, just realised too that the bank's final say on the matter was on 1st December, and the FOS will get my complaint on wednesday, i'm cutting this really fine aren't I? crumbs.
  8. Excellent, I'll just let the FOS get on with it then, no idea how long it'll take, but i'm way over the eight weeks from the final letter from RBS, so soon hopefully! Thanks.
  9. Hi everyone, well I've not written for a while, but I have been busy. I researched a little about the FInancial Ombudsman, and basically sent off a complaint form to them today, along with all the letters I sent to RBS, and all correspondence i got back from Tommy Mclean. Fingers crossed they can do something! It seems that they can contact the bank and demand that they just pay the money back to me. If anyone is reading this and has successfully got their cash back using this method, can you tell me if you let the bank know that you got the ombudsman involved? Cheers.
  10. Hey, thanks. I think what I'm going to do is send my complaint based on my original claim, including interest. See what happens. The reason I was going to recalculate was because I was scared of it all being thrown out of court, but now looks like I might not have to do that! Cheers deneedenee! daverx
  11. Ok, so my final letter from the bank says something along the lines of "we're standing firm, please feel free to pursue this in court". So instead of doing that right now, I should just fill in the FOS form and wait? Also, my initial calculations were based on 6 years previous rather than 5, so should I re-calculate from the same claim date, or leave it d'ye reckon? cheers folks.
  12. Thanks for that, i'll be looking into this later. I wonder that because I originally wrote to them and got a final "NO" last year, it may take a bit less time for me? cheers, daverx
  13. Hi everyone, i refer you to my RBS thread. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/royal-bank-scotland-bank/43332-daver1975-rbs.html I've been away for a while, stalled my claim just before doing a Summary claim for £1,410 odd. (i had to recalculate my claim, so please ignore other figures in my thread). I got this reply the other day from "Bigmac versus": Hi there daver1975, been a while eh, you would be wise to read up on scottish forum as it is now advisable to pursue over 750 through the FOS. To do this you need to have the banks final say on your complaint or let the 8 weeks go by before starting, that time has obviously elapsed so start by downloading the form and send it away, bonus of this is you need not pay, only the banks do (400 quid per complaint) and remember to request the judicial interest before sending. I'm overall pretty confused. I've obviously missed a turn of events in the way we battle the banks in Scotland. I realise that FOS is the Financial Ombudsman, but I've so far never read about pursuing the claim through them rather than court. I've been rooting around here for answers, but I haven't found a whole lot yet. Is there anyone here who has went through this procedure? got any tips or a thread you can point me to? A thousand thanks from daver.x
  14. Wow, certainly have missed a lot it seems! I have absolutely no idea what an FOS is, but it sounds easier than the court route, simply from what you've written there. i'm off digging! if anyone wants to give me some pointers to similar cases, then i'd be very grateful! cheers, daver.
  15. Hiya everyone, Well, I've certainly let my battle with the bank lapse, (which is exactly what they want me to do i suppose), as I had no cash for the last few months to consider going to court, and I've been away for quite a while too. Now, I'm kinda getting my head round getting back into this, I could just get the court papers and go that route without even contacting the bank again, (after a few months), or I was thinking about dropping an email to Tommy Mclean, explaining that I've been away and I'm about to file a Summary claim. I suspect he'd be fine with me to go ahead and do that. I have another idea though, and I'd like to know if anyone thinks it's a good one or not. I may just send a new LBA, with my revised amounts, and see if it gets through. Like starting the whole process again, but all the time mentioning that I've re-calculated my claim, and i will be waiting 14 days before going to court. Has anyone done this? Do you think they keep records of previous aborted claims, or might it slip through the net? Cheers all!
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