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  1. It was missold on a few fronts. It is a single payment premuim, this was never expalined to us. My husband was due to retire in 2009 and no explanation that there are restrictions for the retired of which we fall into. Also my husband had pre existing medical condiction, nor was any explanation given to the fact that albeit there would be a payment back to us after 5 years we would still be paying for it for the full term of the loan. Re the county court that would not apply as I live in Scotland
  2. I finally sent of my letter to First plus re misold PPI. The loan was taken out via Loanmakers. I have had a reply from first plus saying they are unable to investigate as it was taken out via a broker Loanmaker. who have now ceased trading and to contact Financail services Compensation scheme. My point is surely Loanmakers were acting as an agent for First Plus and therefore they have a duty to ensure that Loanmakers do not miss sell on theri behalf. Just wondering what steps to take now and any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. You will ned to check the terms of the Payment insurance agreement, does it specifically state that you have to be employed by a uk employer.
  4. Troughmaster Do you have the name of the person who dealt with your claim Thanks
  5. The Loan was arranged through a Broker Loanmakers, does that make a a difference , I am unsure.Though I will send of sar today thanks
  6. I wonder if anyone can help me, having read all the recent headlines re ppi i had a look at a loan we took out some 30 months ago with first plus. To be honest I am unsure why I took out PPI as have never done so before with anyother loan and wonder if it was pressure form the sales paerson but I cnat recall. I do also know that my husband had surgery for a back complaint some 6 years ago and see that this may make the policy for any furture claims invalid, agin not sure if this was discussed. Do I make the claim re this point or were we misold becasue it is a single premuim policy and I can now see that we will be paying for this after 5 years but only covered for 5 years( it is a 10 year loan) I dont want to write to the company and sound as if I dont know what I am talking about, which clearly I dont. I have a copy of the loan agreement, but is there any way I can get hold of the telephone conversation. Any help appreciated ta
  7. Try this link Home - Statute Law Database Should give a note of legislation currently in force and the date of when it came into force
  8. Sent my letter off mid Oct saying thanks very much but only accept as partial payment please give me rest back or I am taking you to court. Received letter today saying they are giving me the full amount . Whoopee.
  9. Thankfully the judiciary is separate and independent from the executive. Thus can not be influenced by whichever party is in power . Yes the executive can legistlate and may be lobbyed in order to reach a favourable conclusion for whoever is doing the lobbying. Unfortunalty the legaslative process from Bill to an act of the scottish Parliament can take anything from 9 months to a year or longer. A Private members bill can be made by almost anyone(remember ELaine C Smith ) however the process is slightly different. In respect of the limit in the small claims courts being raised , this was as a the result of the McInnes report commisioned in 2001, Therefore you can see how long the process is to make any changes. I am not saying it is not worth trying, anything is, but be prepared for the posiibility to be let down; sorry to be so negarive just think you need the all the facts
  10. Basically what it means is the problem was the building societys not yours. They had no interest noted against your property ie if you went bankrupt the building society wouldnt have claim as a secured creditor. That is appalling that only after you contaced the Law society she moved her butt. If I was you I would speak to the building society and let them know and also send a copy of the letter to the law society. No doubt you paid a fee for her services!!
  11. I would be very wary about this. What do they mean by "the Standard Security has been returned to us by the Registers of Scotland, unfortunately we didn't receieve this, please sign the enclosed Security and return in enclosed stamped addressed envelope. Maybe I have missed the point but from what they are saying the standard security was returned but they didnt recieve it and they want you to sign something else they purport to be the standard security. Phone the Registars office and ask them. Possibly the solicitors forgot to register the standard security.Only when it is registered agaisnt your property do the mortgage company have any personal right against you. ie you default on the mortgage or say become bankrupt then they have first bite at the cherry on your property so to speak. On this basis I would want to know what they are getting me to sign.ie is the address of the property theron, is you neme theron is the amount thereon etc, is the name of the Bukding society thereon. Let us know how you get on . Finallly look to the Conveyancing and Feudal reform (Scotland) Act 1970 Schedule 2 Forms a and b , for a style of how these forms should look
  12. What does CCA mean. Received cheques in the post today, will follow rest of plan through
  13. Sent off my LBA on 3 september for 5 different accounts with MNBA total request approx £1800. I recived letter today offering goodwill gesture for accounts with varouis amounts totalling approx £900. They will send me cheques within next 10 days. I intend to accept in poartial payment and claim rest back from them. I note with interest their letter states "MBNA disagrees withthe OTS interpretation of the law and contunues to maintain that its default charges have been fair blah blah" OH yea
  14. glad to hear your good news, I am just about to send of my lba to abbey hope I am as lucky jo
  15. This is re my husbands credit card although I deal with all the payments(fool). Wonder if any one can help. I know that now £12 is the amount credeit card companies are allowed to charge for late payment overlimint fees and therefore obtaining that money back would be impossible. However what my gripe is the fact that even with payment being made the account is overlimit and it for a number of months has allowed him to take out money even though he is over his limit(I made hiim cut the card up on Saturday). Surely that is immoral and you would be able to calaim that back. Help thanks
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