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  1. This topic was closed on 03/07/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Just a quick note to say thanks to this site I have now won back charges on two old accounts with Halifax and one with BOS. It only amounted too about £700 but the sense of satisfaction is fantastic! I am in the buddy system if you need help! Just do things in the order they are set out in this site, be paitent, and it works. GOOD LUCK. Regards Tony.
  3. Hi, I have sent of my claims to Halifax this weekend (one to bank of scotland last week). Thanks for all the templates. I am claiming on two old accounts. This morning I noticed I had been charged £39.00 when my mortgage company put a DD through a day early and it failed. I phoned Halifax and explained, asked why they were still trying to make illeagle charges to my account and they imeadiatly dropped the charge! WHY ARE THEY STILL MAKING THESE CHARGES IF THEY ARE, IN LAW, UNJUST? Iwill keep you posted on the claim. I guess they will cave in when they see I mean to go all the wa
  4. Hi I just returned from the USA and have found that I have been charged £1.50 for each Debit transaction on my current account. In some cases this is more than the original transaction. I know, I should have checked this prior to travel! Given that the charges for small infringments of my banking contract are considered unfair, does anyone think that these charges may also be considered, unfair? @ £1.50 per transaction that will almost certainly have been dealt with automaticly by a computer it does seem excessive. Please let us all know what you think. Regards a much
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