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  1. totally forgot to send a letter of approapiation, so we have struggled through with the help of close family A&L have charged me approx £250 per month, so now i will have to try and get those charges back or i will be forever in debt, 4 years ago i won against nat west so i have a good idea of how to go about this,but has it changed since that court case. i have tried to read my way through the success threads but i have trouble concentrating now, so any pointers will be more than welcome please sar is printed and ready to go. thanks in advance luco
  2. no i havn't got another account. so i think a letter of appropriation should be sent, correct?
  3. having got my charges back from nat west 3 years ago i now find i need to do the same with a& l, so any advice is welcome please. on 12th feb this year i had quite a bad stroke i get ssp monthly, i knew i had to cancel all my direct debits but i forgot to do it last week a& l phoned me to tell me i was £280 overdrawn and could i pay this off now i explained the situation to her but all she said was we will continue to charge you £5 a day untill you clear the debt. unfortunately i cant follow this through so my daughter will take over this thread and finish it for me'hopefully she wi
  4. wow that was quickjust got a reply to my mail. Thank you for your email. There is a balance outstanding of £24.50 for bailiff costs. This is for call made to you on 7/12/2009 prior to you making a payment direct to Medway council. As a good will gesture I have removed the costs for the 2nd call on the 11/3/2010. Please make payment of £24.50 on our website www.whyte.co.uk so that can return the case as fully paid. If this fee remains unpaid and further bailiff calls are necessary you will incur further costs for this action. Kind Regards Whyte &am
  5. saint -luco 1 luco mansions chatham kent thank you for your letter dated18march 2010 warning of further legal action could you please confirm the amounts owed and who they are oswed to also could you please detail why these amounts are owed. i look forward to hearing from you regards saint-luco have just sent this mail to whyte and co, i think it could have been worded better but it tells them what information i would like. normally i wouldsend a, recorded delivery,letter.is iyt ok to use email. any thoughts on this please. after my telecon with thrm on tuesday i am exp
  6. mrs l uco has been told her job is safe but it seems like mine may be at risk now,so instead of start a new thread i thought it may be easier just to add it to here. sorry for any con fusion
  7. sotrry i should have up dated this yesterday she spoke to her boss and he said her jobwas safe
  8. kent north of maidstone rochester chatham and gillingham
  9. and now its my turn,i have benn off work since i had a stroke on feb 12th. i am expected to make a full recovery an d am looking to go back to work as soon as i can, but i have just been told 2 people have been offered my job i have always told my boss i would be backas soon as i can he phones me every week to see how im doing the phisiotherepist says i need to go back to normal as soon as possible the only thing stopping me at the moment is i need an automatic car as my work is 25 miles away the other side of the dartford crossingb and the is nopublic transport that goes there. do i have any
  10. she has been back at work for 2 days nowand no one has said a word to her.
  11. have todsy recieved aletter from said bailiffs warning of further legal action, it says amount if paid today£42.50; levy fee£42.00; total due£82.50. i phoned them and asked what theses fees are for especially as no levy has been taken she said pay by thursday or the bailiff will visit. i told her 4 weeks ago i had a stroke so surly the bailiff shouldnt visit my home, her reply was weve been dealing with you since december so your illness makes no difference she then said i have made a note that i have told you that you could get more fees if you havnt paid by thursday oh by the wat the£42.50
  12. on the 12 th of mafeb i had a stroke and was in hospital for a week, mrs luco visited me every day bless her, when i was discharged the physiotherepisi asked her if she could take a week off as he didnt think i would be able to cope on my own. mrs luco asked her boss and he made it understood thay hr was not happy with her taking time off as whoever covers her needs a crb check done. any way yesterday morning i got up and was coming downstairs when i fell and had to be taken to the hospital,she tried to phonr her boss but no answer so mrs luco's mother phoned for her ,this after noon mrs luco
  13. ifanyone is interested i would gladly make arrangements
  14. cannot believe it, thouht i had said goodbye to this thread in december. but this mornin a bailiff from this company turned up i spoke to him out of the window he said i need to contact the council as they still say i owe tax despite paying it in full, before christmas,when i pointed out i was ill and he shouldnt come to my house any way he said that was my fault for not making sure the council had marked my account unfortunately i cannot find my account number so i have emailed the council asking if they csn send it to me, i would fone but the last timr i did i was on hold for 45 mins
  15. last update for you, have seen the doctor and am getting a letter to give to the council, went to see my boss, the tax will be paid tomorrow morning also when i saw the doctoor she said this has gone on long enough and has got me an appiontment with a vascular surgeon before christmas, so hopefully an operation soon after. once again thank you all for the brilliant advice and support given luco
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