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  1. Greetings again, Jackie! It would appear that I am catching up with you! The same as what you typed above has now occured for me also
  2. So, I amend the Particulars of Claim, as per your link, into a brief-er version for the first page of the N1...? Excellent - will do, thanks Will do It certainly does - Many thanks, Zoot
  3. I had the same happen... Received a letter today "from" Mr Udy, thanking me for the letter (LBA) and advising that the original letter referred to (Pre-Lim) was not received. They will do everything they can to get back to me with a response within 4 weeks... I will therefore wait for them to investigate the matter... Yeah, right!!
  4. Any responses to my query above, regarding completion of the N1 form?? Saw an excellently worded "Brief details of claim" in a thread just before my last post of this threads, but now unable to locate and the Search function is not able to assist... ...and also would like some guidance regarding the "Value" section and how much information is needed in there to pacify the court process? Am trying to get this to the court in the next week, so any responses would be grately appreciated! TIA, J.
  5. Ooops! Looks like a possible falling-out has occured!! Look forward to reading how this continues, please keep updating teddea
  6. I am currently drafting the text of my N1 (hard copy)... Could I please ask what others have input to the "Brief details of claim" and "Value" sections on the first page? Any advice appreciated J. P.S. I have been reading through the relevant forums and will continue to do so, but due to the sheer size of the info, having trouble nailing the above!
  7. Hey Jackie, Many thanks for your reply - it is appreciated Are you sending to this address?; Mr Rob UDY Executive Response ERC Dept Capital One PO Box 5283 Nottingham NG2 3HX Will indeed stick to my timetable and go get 'em...
  8. Does anyone have any thoughts to the query above - still no responses to either my initial letter or my LBA (still within deadline) - any one else getting replies from him...??
  9. Haha!! It's looking that way! Have been drafting the N1 during the last few days in preparation! EDIT: Also to add, I have just read your thread regarding your own battle with NatWest - made excellent reading and well done on getting your settlement
  10. Received response to LBA today from Sir Higley. Same as others have received; along the lines of "not able to add anything constructive." Not long 'til claim is filed
  11. Would also be interested in the response to this query EDIT: found this guidance; http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/natwest-bank/36606-brief-details-claim.html
  12. Greetings! Have sent the initial letter and will be, tomorrow, sending the LBA to Rob Uday. Did not receive any acknowledgement to my initial letter and just wondering if this is a current "norm?" Have others been recieving replies? Onwards and upwards...!
  13. Thanks for your response, elppa
  14. I am preparing to send my LBA... In the template, it states; "very disappointed that you have failed to respond to my letter of the [XXDATEXX]." I have received a letter from both the original receivers (an acknowledgement of receipt) and also the regular letter from Stuart Higley, so the above opening paragraph does not really apply(?). Are there any suggestions as to alterations? Thanks
  15. Firstly, thanks to all who have contributed information to this site, to date - it appears full of excellent guidance Have been reading through the forums for a fair few weeks. To re-cap on my current situation... I sent my initial, pre-lim letter 14/09/2006 - Received generic response, stating that matter referred to Customer Relations Unit. - Received computer generated "from" Stuart Higley (seen in other threads), advising that charges are fair and to be sure that Proceedings are served on the London addressed. LBA to be sent shortly, at 14 day deadline... Keep watc
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