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  1. ahhh, on further inspection the rear of the ticket lists offence codes and number 18 states
  2. Hi guys, Ok here's the story the street I live on has residents parking only and requires a permit, which I do have, however an oversight be me has aloud the permit to expire. Today I go out to find a fixed penalty notice on my screen, issued by Merseyside Police. Far enough i thought, it's my own fault I have been done for this before. Anyway when checking the ticket I notice that the offence code used and the violation don't match. The offence code is 18 where as the violation as written on the ticket is: Now code 18 refers to: Now do I have a le
  3. Hi, first off I just have to say what a absolute fantastic site this is and the help and advice people give really does warm my heart. Just shows not everyone isn't out for themselves. I currently run a small family building firm with my brother and so far we have managed to keep our heads above the water. But the recession is starting to catch up and our order books are empty. I have personal debt of just under £12,000. A person unsecured loan (£7990 left to pay) a Credit card (£3000) Both these are with Lloyds TSB. I also have £600 outstanding on a buy now pay 12 months time loa
  4. Finally got my Statements back. Added up all the fee's and it come to the grand total of £210.00. I'm disappointed at my own good banking habits.
  5. Posted the letter via recorded signed for. And as yet the Royal Mail don't have any info on it being delivered. Now it's either been turned away by TSB or the RM have lost it, i suspect it's the latter as the RM are next to useless IMO.
  6. Well I've printed off my 2 copies of my S.A.R request, signed both. One is awaiting, with a cheque for £10, recorded postage on Monday. This journey is going to be interesting, I've been with the bank since I left school, some 17 years. I'll keep you all posted.
  7. Hi, I got here via the Jeramy Vine show on Radio 2. I had no idea this could be done and I've already printed my letter. but I have a question about proof of ID, should we send something, like a photocopy of a passport, along with the request or will the letter enough? Thanks Mark.
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