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  1. i got my bog off letter from the bank today but i have 32 days not 28days so 2nd jan they bootin me mite jus go in the bank n very loudly state that im closing my account beforew thwey do as they threw dummy out of the cot after returning all my bank charges for past 6yrs lol!!!oh and..... am seriously peeved they paid the money in but part of it was credit by cheque which i still cant get to!!!!!!phoned them up and kicked off to no avail- saddos they'll do anything to keep hold of your money. i really think this bank needs to sort itself out and treat its customers better!!!anyhow bin readin thew threeads good luck evryone- im going back to claim on the other acc i had now its only £60 (yes its gone up i got another charge!!) as soon as chrissy out the way!
  2. well ive now figured out im £70 short so lets hope they pay the last bit or the fight will go on may seem petty but every bit counts atm and thats pretty much what i paid in court charges so they arent getting away with that one!!!
  3. this was followed by another £710 just yay! about £50 left to go!!
  4. thanku, mu husband is n ow worried that is all we are getting but i explain ed this is what they do although i dont know why would make more sense to pay it all at once!!!
  5. well its all beginning ive mysteriously had £174.07 paid into my acc. credit by cheque!!!!only another £900 odd to go then!!!
  6. oooohhh exciting stuff heres hoping we both get our money soon- like i said mine was acknowledged yesterday!
  7. im going to be checking my acc constantly now lol!! hope ur right redsue!
  8. just put nationwide building society its been acknowledged today so hopin they will pay up quick!!
  9. heres hoping the shops are calling to me- especially the new primark that opened friday lol!!!
  10. well n/w have aknowledged today. please let them pay up quickly now- how long do u think any1?plz reply
  11. i dont suppose it is wrong i think its just a case of with a prelim letter you have given them more chances to give u the charges back without court action iykwim, wait the 14 days theen you have given them plenty of chance. ps any advice ive given is just what ive learned from these posts and reading up so dont quote me on anything h2h
  12. im not certain on that it might be an idea to speak to a mod or someone and find out about that, unauthorised overdraft fees- i have claimed back for them at £20-£30 a time they rnt getting away with that!!
  13. oh rite gotcha lol!!u can claim what they have already taken definately that is what my claim is for, u cant claim for charges they havent taken yet though, just add them as they take them iykwim. hope i understood right and was of sum help to you!
  14. good luck hun i submitted my mcol on 24th so im just ahead of you- seems like theres quite a few atm.i hope they pay up what im owed soon as well could definately do with it in time for christmas!!!will keep u updated!
  15. what is the £528 for?and the £900?just a little confused by that sorry?
  16. the way ive done it which most ppl i think have on here is the preliminary letter, then 14days. letter before action another 14 days then courts this gives them ample time to do as you ask.h2h
  17. hi hun! im pretty sure u cant use mcol if you are trying for the exemption of court fees as there is a form u have to fill in, we r on benefits but im impatient so we jus went with mcol(plus im lazy n cudnt b bothered with the looooooong trek to the courthouse!). anyway good luck to you and heres hopin u have sum nice dosh in ur hands soon!!!
  18. hi again, once the 14days are up after the lba u dont need to send any more letters- theyve had their chance and didnt take it!!!!jus take the b******* to court!!!theyll know soon enough u were serious!!!!
  19. as they said weve all had the same letter they try to make you think you are wrong cheeky gits but we knopw better just stick to your timetable!!!oh and good luck!
  20. and they did the same to me!!!i filed mcol on thurs so im just ahead of you fingers crossed we will all be going spending any day soon!!!
  21. hi hun, ignore the letters they send to you they are the basic fob off letters we have all received they just want to stop you climing, stick to your timetable whatever they say(unless they refund!!!), im at the mcol stage but received the exact same letter.wait till your 14days is up then on with the next letter!!h2h good luck and keep us updated xx
  22. the tills will be ringin when i get paid the shops will thinkn its christmas- well u no wot i mean!!!i still hate waiting sooooooooooooooo impatient
  23. oooohhhh keep me updated if u get paid soon heres hoping i do too!!!!2days ahead!!
  24. when did u put ur mcol in??ru about the same as me or just ahead?
  25. huh no one ever replies 2me anymore lol:D !well now im playin the waiting game i am soooooo impatient and i have no idea how long they are taking atm 2pay up hope its quickly the shops are calling to me!!n like i said i hate waiting!hooooowwww looong?any guesses or has ne1 been paid recently?how long did it take?thanx
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