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  1. This topic was closed on 09 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. I've scoured the web and council websites and actually think I've found the answer to the question myself. It looks like it's a set amount of £63 per week housing benefit leaving him to find the rest. However the is the discressionary payment which he will have to apply separately for but there is no guarantee because once the council have used them up that's it for the year.
  3. Well what a day, he's out, God complete nightmare. So talked to the housing association who say they think it's 7 days which is a bummer as we need 8 days before his place to live is vacated but they are going to get back to us on that one. Have to say the bailiff was exceptionally nice, he knew we were leaving, and stood back and let us pack the last min essentials. We actually got out everything bar the furniture, which we couldn't get out today if we wanted to since we couldn't get a van for love nor money. My car poor thing has been treated roughly today and has pretended to be a
  4. He didn't raise it, not that I can tell, he's been trying to get some kind of answer from the housing authority for the last two days and nobody knows, he's getting passed backwards and forwards... I thought he had two weeks, but depending on who I've talked to I've had Once he's out there's no going back in to he has a week, to he has two weeks. I'm sure I read on the gov website it was two weeks but who knows
  5. As the title says, my daughters boyfriend is being evicted at 1pm tomorrow. We've soent the last two days packing up his stuff and if I could hire a van tomorrow things would be fine. Well not fine but you know what I mean. Anyway I tried three local van hire places today and they have nothing available until next week. The boyfriends phoned the housing association to explain we can't get the stuff out in time, as we can't get a van, and could we arrange a time when we could go back in the next week to get the stuff out. The person he spoke to had no idea how to help, said she woul
  6. Ok, different question. Daughters boyfriend again, is about to be evicted n Thursday. If I take him in he's going to be 45 miles away from work. He doesn't drive, and the bus will cost him over £20 per day to get to work.... Coincide ring he works 4 hrs a day at £7.50 per hour this isn't going to be feesable and he's going to loose his job. Is the pending homelessness a valid reason for not being able to get to work? And could he be able to claim JSA?
  7. What I should also said is that his new rents £450 per month, going on the previous housing benefit if his weekly rent is £103 per week will the housing benefit be £60 per week leaving him to find the rest?
  8. Can anyone help me. My daughters boyfriend is about to be evicted on Thursday, we tried to fight it but it was upheld today and it's brough forward a couple of questions. He's currently getting housing benefit because he works only 16 hours a week, until this week he was only getting a percentage of his rent, now my first question is this, is it a set amount he gets or is it a percentage of his rent? I don't know if I'm explaining it well. But his rent was £95 per week and he had to pay £35 of it. Is this a percentage of the rent taking into account his earnings or is it a set amount
  9. Hi honey bee, I'm going to do that I have a couple of questions, hopefully somebody might be able to help
  10. Hi honey bee The judge didn't want to know, there was the evidence to prove that his total rent was covered until at least April and his payment record showed that he was paying £35 per week religiously. I can't help thinking just how unfair this has been He was talked into taking a part time job, but lost his DLA when it became pip and because of it he lost his housing benefit because it also meant he lost his working tax credit because he was working to few hours to qualify. He was stuck in a part time job that he couldn't quit because he then would have had problems claiming jsa
  11. Well today didn't go as planned and it's been a total wash out. We couldn't get a suspended possession order and so he needs to be out by Thursday at 1pm It's been a complete cock up from start to finish. He's been paying the difference between his housing benefit about £35 per week religiously, yes he had arrears but thought that he was ok once his housing benefit was restarted. What they failed to tell him was that it wasn't backdated so he had arrears. Also added onto the arrears were all the legal costs etc which made the figures look worse than they were. The judge ignored the
  12. Ok, The cabs been on the phone, they don't send out people to represent them, they are only offering advice. They said that they will email a letter for him to take with him This is bad isn't it
  13. He's waiting for cab to call him back, they said they would phone him back today. The hearing time and date was quicker than we expected, they said that this was the only one available before the eviction will take place.... I don't know enough to be able to help him though that's the problem.
  14. They have a court date... 10am tomorrow. The civic legal people didn't get the forms to them in time so the cab helped fill in the forms and they have a time now. Now I'm worried about somebody going in with him, he really doesn't do well in situations like this
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