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  1. Really? Did/ do the banks turn up for these hearings/ conferences?? If not, is it ruled in u'r favour?
  2. Hi again - thnx for all previous help - phoned court and told that the case management conference was to decide which 'track' this case should follow and for the Judge to offer directions if neccessary. I have been told we must go to this - is this normal?? Never heard of it before on this site??
  3. we have simply followed the letters in this site to get to this point. we included the particulars of claim from this site as per normal. their defence is roughly along the lines of 'we've lent you money that we didn't have to - say the charges are lawful as stated in our terms&conditions etc'. we had an offer early on of £1000 but our total claim is £3000 so was rejected. We have been asked for nothing from the court - we have sent a copy of the schedule of charges to the court when Barclays filed their defence and also a copy to the banks solicitors - we have heard nothing since from the
  4. OK - full order below: General form of judgement or order Before Deputy District Judge Fox sitting at Conwy and Colwyn County Court, (Address). Upon the Claimant not appearing and the Defendant not appearing EX PARTE/ WITHOUT A HEARING IT IS ORDERED THAT this matter be listed for a Case Management Conference on the 21st February 2007 at 10.30am. with a time estimate of 20 minutes. Date order made: 10 January 2007 Order Drawn: 11 January 2007 -and thats all it says!!
  5. not been asked for any court bundle either - when should i send this?? thanx again 4 any help
  6. thanks 4 getting back to me. nothing has been asked for - it does say 'upon the claimant not appearing and the defendant not appearing - ex parte/ without a hearing'. estimated time 20 mins. is the bank likely to turn up for this?? Oh, and can i still view any replies from Barclays thread?? thanks again
  7. Hi all, new 2 all this. We are currently fighting Barclays in Court. They have filed a defence and the court has given a date of 21.2.07 for a Case Management Hearing. Is this the proper hearing or something else?? Would appreciate any help or advice on this?? PS: how do u contact a moderator??
  8. We are currently fighting Barclays for our charges back. They have filed a defence and the Court has now set a date for a Case Management Hearing on the 21.2.07. Is this the hearing or is it something else - We've never heard of this before?? Very grateful for any help and advice on this. PS: How do u contact a moderator??
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