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  1. BUGGER !!! God if you only knew how much i need some money right now,you'd give me an award for what i just did to my £1,803 cheque !! It felt like i was ripping a telephone directory in half !! It's off in the morning post with a nice letter ,before i'm tempted to get the selotape out .
  2. Can i not accept the cheque as partial payment and stress that i am going to continue to recover the rest through court action if necessary ? Or will they have a case to close the claim by saying my encashment signifies my acceptance of a full and final settlement ? Help ???????
  3. I apologise for not keeping my thread up to date but i have been rather busy,anyway ,here goes.... I sent my letter before action on 11/12/06 to which i got no response. I then went on to file a claim with the courts on 08/01/07,which i have now found out the Yorkshire intend to defend. The following day (09/01/07 ) I received a letter from Yorkshire dated 08/01/07 telling me the banks position remains as outlined in their letter dated 21/11/06,however after looking through my statements,2000 -2005,they wish to resolve the matter without the disproportionate expense of a court action. Therefore they have enclosed a cheque for £1,803.00 , (half of what i am due ) tendered without admission of liability and in full and final settlement of my claim. My encashment of the cheque will be taken as my acceptance of this finallity. This letter is , ofcourse , without prejudice. To be continued ......
  4. Claim was acknowledged on the 20/12/06.Defence arrived today with an allocation questionaire.I have filled this in and gone to the court today to hand it in.I am currently on incapacity benefit so i filled in an x160 form to get an exemption for the £100 fee. I have been very busy of late and apologise for not keeping my thread up to date Oda
  5. Sorry if i'm asking what seems a very simple question. How do i place a link from my posts back to my thread or someone else's ? Oda
  6. Hi All I am now at the court action stage and have a couple of questions i need help with. Barclaycard made me a settlement offer of £200 that i politely refused but assured them i would accept as partial settlement.They replied that this was unacceptable and would not budge from their £200 offer ,then credited my account with £200 anyway. My account limit is £2,250.The £200 they credited brought my balance down to £2,358. With my claim being for £1,701.28 ,am i within my rights to ask for the refunded charges by personal cheque minus enough to bring my account back out of the red ? or do they have the right to knock the entire amount off my balance ? I would like to think that as it is my money,it would be my choice,once my account is brought back within their terms and conditions,as to how i spend it ? Secondly...with my claim being for contractual interest,is there a tried and tested paragraph to include in my particulars of claim to explain this.I have searched but the results are few and far between regarding contractual rather than compounded contractual interest. I am assuming after visiting vamps chambers that there is a difference although, as i read more threads ,opinions seem to differ and i note some confusion. Lastly ...can anyone give me an idiot proof explanation as to how i place a link on a post i make to someone directing them back to one of my posts or threads ? I'm sure its quite simple but i still don't know how ???? Any help with any of the above is gratefully received. Thanks very much ..Oda
  7. N1 filled in and claim filed 14/12/06.
  8. The reason i assumed there was a difference between the two was because when i visited vamps chambers,in the simple section, there is option 1...Throughout claim with contractual interest and option 2...Throughout claim with compounded contractual interest. Am i wrong in my interpretation Bong ? If so i am going to have to make changes on my claim . Slightly worried now as i have sent off my letter before action and my calculations may well be wrong !!! Oooooer
  9. Hi Bong Sorry to jump on your post .I'll keep it short.I've replied to your post on my Barclaycard thread but don't know how to bring it to your attention ? Nor do i know how to give you a link to my thread.Still very much a novice on the workings of this site.Sorry and thanks for your input .....Oda
  10. Thanks Bong. My claim is contractual but not compounded .As far as i'm aware this makes a difference as to how the interest is calculated.Is that right ? I assumed the interest is constant rather than continually increasing ? Therefore calculable ? Thanks for helping
  11. Hi All.Does anyone know how i work out the daily interest on my contractual claim ? I know the formula (claim x 0.00022 ) Is this correct only for an 8% interest claim? I am claiming contractual interest at 18% if that helps but i am stuck on this little query before i send my L.B.A. Please help.Read so many posts my eyes have gone square
  12. Letter today from barclays. They are sorry i am unhappy following their response to my complaint and note that whilst i am accepting the amount offered, i will be seeking the balance through court. As the offer was only a good will gesture as full and final settlement of my complaint,they are unwilling to pay me the sum of £690 as an interim measure.They acknowledge i require the claim settled in full but are not prepared to increase their offer. Should i wish to accept the offer of £690,please sign the acceptance form,if not,it would appear we are unable to reach a mutually acceptable resolution . They appreciate that this is not the response i was hoping for but trust they have fully explained the banks position. Obviously i'm not interested and will proceed as planned.
  13. Received an offer today 28/11/06 for £690 as full and final settlement.Have sent a polite rejection letter saying i will accept as partial payment and continue to recover the outstanding balance.
  14. Posted my Letter Before Action today as i have had no positive feedback from Barclays Bank regarding my repayment request.I have allowed 14 days and included a copy of my charge list from the prelim letter for good measure.
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