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  1. Just Thought That I Would Let You All Know, That A Settlement Has Been Made Between Me And The Bank And, They Have Payed Out At Last. Took A While But Worth It In The End. The Thing Is It Is A Long Haul Don't Give Up To These People And At The End Of The Day It Is Your Money So Lets Get It All Back. I Would Just Like To Thank You All For Your Help And Support In All This Much Appreciated. A Big Thank You To Those In The Chat Room You Well Deserve It Cheers All Have A Great Xmas And New Year And Again Cheers
  2. The bank owe me 3k with interest and offered me 2023pounds got to n1 form in court waiting for a date for hearing
  3. no they took off the interset but with it coming christmas and having two kids its a hard decision
  4. got a offer though dont know weather ot except it or not
  5. got a offer off the bank but dont know weather to except it or not HELP
  6. just letting you know that i have been to the courts to hand in my N1 claim form had enough of waiting bank took to long i give them 14 day they replyed back saying the were looking into my claim and i waited another 10 like they asked still no reply so the courts here we go
  7. just looking around and wondered how u r getting on with your claim
  8. The royal bank of scotland have made me a offer of 515 pounds but they owe me 3k now I have accepted that offer as part payment, that was over 2 weeks ago, and not heard a thing since. So I have made a appointment with a solicitor to see if I have any chance of winning my case ( first half hour free ) can anybody else tell me if I am doing the right thing as I am not legally minded and not sure what I am doing.
  9. 1ST sent a letter to royal bank asking fora full list of charges (got that back today) without money being sent to them for it now got to do my spread sheets but don't know weather to add charges as refarrals not quite sure if anybody can help please get intouch second I would like to appologise to bankfodder for the email this morning sorry ok 2nd done my calculations now found out that the bank owe me 3k plus not inclueding intersest and fees going to send letter of now asking for it all back with a full list of charges that they have took out of my account. 3rd just received a letter back saying that there charges are fair and reasonable what a load of, they have offered me 515 pounds out of k3000 so sending of another letter rejecting the offer see how we go from there
  10. just like to say hello to you all first of all and, I sent a letter to rbos wanting my money back from charges just recieved a letter back saying they are looking into my case and will be contacting me at the end of the month (hope). If they don"t just wondering what to do next send them another sars letter or what, any chance anybody can help.
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