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  1. Hi Sally, if you go to the Bank templates library there are interest calculation spreadsheets that you can fill in and send with your letter as a schedule of charges. this calculates the interest for you! Good luck... Gez
  2. Well, Barclays wrote to me just before I was due to file my with MCOL, saying that they disagreed with my claim, but then the very next line offered me £500.00 to settle the claim! My claim was for £595.00 + £100 interest, so I've decided to accept their offer, although I know if I persisted I would get the whole amount back, but I'm happy with what they offered. Thanks for all the help, the advice on this site is great. Not sure how to move my thread over, if someone could help that would be great!
  3. Thanks for the replies, I do have another account with another bank I can use if the worst happens...
  4. A quick question.... My current account to which the charges relate is still overdrawn, within it's agreed limit, but how likely is it that Barclays will close my account and demand the overdraft is paid back immediately? Any answers would be a great help.
  5. Well... I've had a mad few months and not had time to chase Barclays, but it's a bit better now so here's where I'm up to: Sent Prelim letter 3rd April 2007 and got standard reply, 'we are looking into your concerns' blah blah... So I'm sending my LBA off tomorrow.
  6. Hi, Just found the rest of your thread, sorry Gez
  7. Hi there, I've just started out on the long road to claiming my charges back from Barclays, and was reading your thread with interest, how are you getting on? Thanks, Gez
  8. Hi there, I've received copies of my statements for the last six years from Barclays, and the charges come to a total of £595.00. I will now be sending a preliminary letter asking them to refund my charges. The templates in the Bank Templates Library are a great help. I also think the info available on this site is invaluable to people (like me) who can't afford expensive legal advice! So here goes..... I will keep you posted with my progress. Regards, Gez
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