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  1. Unfortunately, the original poster has not replied. Their interview was on December 14th, hopefully something was sorted out for them by the investigators?
  2. Many thanks Nona/Gizmo. I hope to be able to put something back into the site also. I am a Benefit Fraud specialist, if I am able to help anyone I will do my best.
  3. Keeping Benefit Data on one system will not stop Identity Fraud. At the moment Tax Credits are paid by Customs and Revenue, Other benefits, such as Disability, Incapacity Benefits are paid by the Department for Work and Pensions. I work as a Fraud Specialist for DWP and I am always amazed that some of these double benefits are not picked up quicker than they are. If you have no joy after the interview, my advice is to write to your MP and insist he/she investigates. Believe me, all hell breaks loose when an MP letter arrives.
  4. Hi, I found your site after searching for some consumer information and have found it most interesting. I am a Civil Servant working within a "Criminal Justice" section. I have become very interested in the debate regarding Bank Charges and have decided to take on the Halifax and request the return of the last 6 years of bank charges, which have become intolerable. I will let you know what happens. Regards
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