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  1. Thanks very much everyone. How do I go about claiming back "wasted costs"? Is there a standard set of rates that I would need to use to put my claim together? I have had 2 cases with Cohen / CL that haven't actually got to court. My first one was struck out as they never sent in the AQ!
  2. Thank you all very much for your help with this. I am pleased to report that I got a letter from Cohen's on Saturday stating: "After further consideration, our client has decided not to pursue this matter." They have attached the notice of discontinuance of proceedings. As you can imagine, I'm a VERY HAPPY BUNNY!!!!!
  3. Bump. My first deadline is this Friday. Do I need to submit anything at this stage? If so, is there a particular format that I should use? I only have my amended defence as the document that I'm relying on (see post no. 145) - I haven't received anything else from CL / Cohen's (other than a 'statement of account' showing what I "owe" them). This was sent to the Court back in May). I don't want to muck it up having got this far!
  4. Hi there, I too am being harrassed by DCA's (I have a thread on that already). Can anyone out there help me to get rid of them once and for all? Court papers were issued to me for a debt where the DCA didn't have the right paperwork etc (the usual stuff). Anyway, their claim was struck out. What I want to know is how can I stop it being passed to another DCA and having to go through the same process again? Unfortunately, my debts are not yet statute barred.
  5. Hi Bazaar, thanks for your post. Can someone explain what the terms mean on the Notice: 1. "Each party shall give standard discovery to every other party by list." - Is this a list of documents that each party is relying on in support of the case? If so, does this mean that I need to send something to the Court & CL / HC stating that I am relying on the defence that I've already submitted? 2. "The latest date for service of any request to inspect or for a copy of a document is 04 September 2009." - Is this the last date that I can go to the court and ask to see / hav
  6. Thanks oneofakind, but I'm not really sure what I need to do. Firstly, what exactly do I need to provide by 28th August - what is "standard discovery to every other party by list" and do I have to provide whatever it is to the court, Cohen's and CL Finance? Sorry if I seem to be a bit dense, but this is the first time I've had something actually be allocated to fast track and neither am I "legally minded"! Thanks for any help that you or anyone else can give me.
  7. Hi Pookey, I too have received statements from CL. One of the statements is for a claim they are pursuing at the moment, for which I've just received a 'Notice of Allocation to the Fast Track'. The other is for a claim which has been struck out by the county court Judge as they failed to comply with his order! I had just been ignoring them and haven't looked at them in detail (although there seemed to be quite a few lines on there!), but I'll now post them up when I get chance - maybe I can use them when I get my day in court! Wakieblue
  8. HELP!!!!! I'm back again. Cohen's / CL Finance just won't go away! After hearing nothing since I handed my defence in, I thought I should chase the case up. I contacted the court and basically the Judge hadn't even seen the defence - the clerk hadn't read through it and passed it up to the Judge! Anyway, the Judge has obviously now read my defence, as waiting for me when I got home from work on Friday last week was a 'Notice of Allocation to the Fast Track', meaning that the Judge thinks there should be a hearing - not sure why as they didn't fully comply with the order. I
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