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  1. Hi LTP, In a bankruptcy scenario, a Trustee would try to realise your interest in the equity, but would consider a payment from a third party, i.e. your sister / other family member in order to avoid forcing a sale. This also depends whether there is any equity in the first place. Your pension would be protected however in this scenario as a Trustee can no longer claim this as an asset of bankruptcy estate. An IVA is unlikely to be accepted if you can not afford to pay a monthly sum of at least £150 into it. Your creditors are also likely to request that your equity is dealt with
  2. I have issued a money claim against Alliance and Leicester. However, I have since had another charge for exceeding my overdraft limit. Can I e-mail them asking for the charge to be fefunded (due to be taken from account tomorrow, and thus wil incur another over limit charge!) Or should I just wait and claim them back via the 3 stage rule once they have been taken from my acount?
  3. Can I ask, Can they refuse to accept if I offer to pay the entire amount? If I pay, is this akin to admitting to the entire amount? If so, will I be able to make a claim for charges even after admitting to the full amount owed to them?
  4. Just one further question to add to the above. In my defence can I include contractual interest on my charges and the interest at the rate of 29.9% or will I have to restrict it to just the late payment charges?
  5. Thanks BF. If I pay the amount I admit. Do I also pay the £90 costs that they have added! Or will they be dismissed should I be successful in defending the rest of the claim?
  6. Sometimes it is easy for posts in the lower echelons of the forum to disappear without trace after a few hours, so in a bid to try and get some advice quite quickly, I have decided to post a link to y other thread here. Any help and advice is greatly appreciated, as I'm rather lacking when it comes to legal issues and my rights http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/other-institutions/46373-advice-needed-ge-capital.html
  7. Amount owing to GE Capital = £400 Amount in charges = £150 Amount I want back including contractual interest = £200 I sent GE Capital a preliminary letter a week and a half back *Thursday, November 2nd) asking for the £200 back! I had stupidly stopped making payments agreed under my replayment plan until the dispute was settled. My last payment being September 15th, but had been regular until then! I received a letter this morning from Howard Cohen & Co Solicitors saying thus! Now, I know the normal preceedure is to say you cannot take this debt as it is in disp
  8. what contractual rate did you apply to the claim in the end?
  9. Am I right in thinking that if they do not acknowledge today, you automatically win and can serve judgement upon them?
  10. On my Capital One Statements, the figure for Purchase Interest is 1.168% Is the contratucal interest rate this figure x 12 i.e. 14.02 % And if I claim contractual interest, is it subject to Tax? Asking because I think the difference between the 8% and the 14& is only something like £30-£35
  11. Nearly everyone who has made a claim against Nationwide has had their account closed!
  12. I sent Mr Bacon a short e-mail saying that after looking at my chedule of charges I am sure my figures are correct! Unless they make up the difference I shall be persuing with my claim. When I contacted the member services dept. 2 hours later, it had been added!
  13. I have the refund for wehich I asked. I even e-mailed Mr Bacon for the additional £83 and it was in my account within 2 hours! But... I have noticed that there are 2 charges which werre added to my account after the last set of charges I have asked for. If I ask them, will they also refund these 2 payments and the interest on them, or will I have to go through the whole ordeal again?
  14. Yeah, I guess it's only fair that the money is paid off and I collect the outstanding! Just a bit galling in that if it wasn't for these charges, then I'd still have a £2000 overdraft facility available to me! Oh well!
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