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  1. Anyone had any dealings with the above? anything I should be aware of?!
  2. wggr593, Sorry you havent had a reply until now, and It's probably too late now, but just in case its not, or anyone looks at this thread in the future, you would have to check the acceptance form you are signing.... It should state 'full and final settlement, in respect of vehicle damage' or similar... NOT: 'full and final settlement of my claim'
  3. But just on that note, i think credit hire is a horrible money making scheme, just my oppinion!
  4. JBMB, As far as I'm aware, a full recovery could be made. The credit hire is temporarily replacing the damaged vehicle, regardless of who should be driving it. Hope this helps.
  5. I do feel sorry for the staff who get free shares to top up there 'package' to make it somewhere near reasonable!
  6. Jean B- although I'm not answering your question directly, It may be worth getting a garage to have a look- take it to the dealer, get a note from them- stating that it is new/recent damage (they will be able to tell) and send that off to head office as well. Local Paper's always a good way to get attention too!
  7. hi RP, The bank will refund any fraudulent transactions, as long you and your O/H have not took any unnecessary risks- which you havent! I would speak to your bank first thing, advise them you've just seen the notices, and they will be able to advise you which cash machine you used, the branch can then say that is 01, that is 02. if in doubt, cancel those cards!
  8. Hi Mossycat, Your insurer's are correct, as CDW is not an essential cost, they don't have to, and therefore won't, reimburse that cost. CDW is optional- usually there's an excess of approx £250/£300, OR CDW @ £2 per day (or there abouts). Insurer's save money wherever possible, and had you been the owner of Car A, and paid CDW, Car B's insurer's would not reimburse you.
  9. Hi All, I'm sure I have seen the answer to my question somewhere..... but can't find it! When you send a CCA request, do you send it to the Creditor, or to the DCA? thanks in advance
  10. Hi Pampam, I would ask them for a copy of the terms & conditions, also, read your polciy booklet carefully, I'm sure it will be there somewhere knowing them lot!
  11. Hi Zugz, The insurer has no legal requirement to call you, although this would've been nice through common courtesy! They sent a letter recorded delivery, which you failed to collect- which isn't there fault, so they have sent correspondence to advise you of there actions, so it is unlikely that they will accept any responsibility. with regards to the premium, if they have canceleld the policy 'from inception', this would usually mean a full returned premium as far as i'm aware. Best thing you can do is: Write to the insurer's customer relations dept, explaining your issues. If unsatisfied, register the complaint with fos (financial ombudsman service)- will take a while, but they will decide who is responsible. hope it gets sorted for you,
  12. nothing wrong with my morphy richards... kettle that is! oops, the trip switch just went!
  13. further to the above, we seem to be doing rather well in terms of unanswered posts, the last couple of days have been fairly low. I have overcome my fear of being wrong, and now either answer confidently, or answer and say- i'm sure someone knowledgable in this are will be along shortly! this seems to work! (I hope!)
  14. Hi NewlifeZB, FOS are unfortunately slower than we would all like, but they are good at what they do.... if a default is recorded, and proved inaccurate (eg if Cap1 admit they are at fault/settle a fraud claim, they ar required to remove the default from you credit file.... dont accept an ammendment, make sure they remove it! Unfortunately, once a complaint is registered with FOS, there is little that can be done, other than to sit tight and wait, but at lease it 'should' be sorted by september when the application to extend your Visa permit is required. Hope all goes well, and keep us updated, AB123
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