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  1. Can I ask whether the company is private or public sector and how many people were there on the interview panel? I have been there and experience tell me that without enough evidence its very unlikely that the practice is challengeable legally or by a complaint. It would be much better for now to take care of yourself and concentrate on other things that you enjoy. Get out of the office at lunch for a walk, meditate.join a gym etc and eat healthy. Try to stay positive and instead of complaining possibly have a chat and let your manager know how you feel and your concerns (By now they may have already picked up you are not happy). If your job is at risk with a more collaborative approach it could turn positive however with a complaint be prepared for the worst. Remember also there is life beyond unhappy work and it could be alarm bells to seek suitable opportunities elsewhere. I would recommend Moodgym for CBT and positive thinking if you feeling depressed and really low because of work. Take Care
  2. Got confused- those early figures were based on my assumptions. These are the correct figures provided by both the council and bailiffs
  3. Why would they have seized goods that didn't belong to me? Am I right to assume that the seizure was invalid as the car didn't belong to me? Where should I sent my letter to- a little confused?. I am presuming to the council but not sure which will be the right department. If not resolved will try Local Ombudsman. Below is a breakdown of the cost Council Tax arrears £76 Court Fees(Summon and Liability) £213 Bailiff 1st Visit Fee, Jan 16th- £24.50 Bailiff 2nd Visit Fee, Jan 17th- £18.00 Payment made direct to council, Jan 17th- £289 Bailiff Levy Fee, Feb 3rd- £33.00 Bailiff Attendance/Van, Feb 3rd- £150 Payment by D/C- £1.00 Payment by D/C-£1.00(Charges for card payments- paid on separate cards)
  4. The council tax arrears were £176 . Liability and Summons cost £113. Bailiffs fee £250.. Just to clarify they clamped the car for about 10 minutes before I made a payment so no goods were ever seized. I am inclined to think that the Bailiffs fees are also way too high. Isn't that they should have charged me fees only for a 1st and 2nd visit. Where can I get this breakdown. from the council or bailiffs?
  5. Rundles are the bailiffs. The letter was hand delivered by bailiffs and at the time the amount due was £519. The owner of the car was never advised as bailiffs insisted the documentation available to be adequate for them to seize the vehicle. Although I disagreed they warned me for further fees if they were to wait for a longer period for the evidence.
  6. The actual council tax arrears was £178 and including fees £289, which was the payment made to the council. The fees paid to bailiffs fees was £250 bringing the total to £539 Below is just a brief summary Adjustment Notice- issued 5th of April Ist Payment date - due 1st of May and installments arranged to February 2014 Mid May- Council claims reminder send 11th June- Payment made and account up to date- Arrangements set up over 12 months Payment due 1 July pending standing order forms Reminder issued 9th of July followed by default on 16th of July Payment made 23rd of July Ist of August Summons issued with court date set 20th of September 9th of August Contacted council and advised not to attend court or make any payment as on jobseekers 20th September - contacted council querying liability order and the misleading advise given prior to court. 26th of September- An attachment to benefit set up- 20th October- DWP writes to the council to advise no longer in receipt of suitable benefits and attachment returned 5th of November- Income request send out by council- Disregarded as still receiving a weekly allowance from DWP 8th January- Account passed to bailiffs 9th of January-Bailiffs letter to make contact with arrears 17th- Bailiff 1st Visit 20th of January- Contacted council - Advised that the payment set up had been returned-Complained regarding advise given - Council insists correctly passed to bailiffs 31st January- Bailiff reminder notice-Contacted council to launch a formal complain- Council denies any wrongful doing-Advised full amount due £289 31st- Paid the full amount of £289- (Actual C.Tax debt less any fees £178) 2nd of Feb- BailifF visit and levied on car. I advise not owner but registered keeper- Car clambed. A request for car insurance is made and Bailiffs advises its adequate to prove registered keeper- I deny and tell Bailiff that I have a V5 document- Waits for a few minutes and advise charges for waiting- I offer payment and Bailiffs makes payment using automated payment system.
  7. The bailiffs confirmed LO was paid and that they were pursuing fees. I have a receipt of the LO payment to the council. What will be the process of pursuing the chargeback with the bailiffs?
  8. I initially fell in arrears with my Council tax after they had failed to provide standing order forms. I went on to make a late payment, which was immediately followed by a summons letter. After receiving the summons letter I contacted the council and was advised not to attend court as I was on job seekers allowance and that they wouldn't arrange or set up any arrangement before the court date. They didn't mention that they would be pursuing the debt and obtain a liability order. Upon receiving the liability order following the court hearing which they advised me not to attend, I contacted the council again asking them why they had not made it clear to me that they were still pursuing legal actionand why I had been advised not to attend court. They responded by saying that attending court would not have made any difference. Just to get things moving the council was clearly in power despite my concerns and they went on to tell me that they were to set up payment deductions with DWP from my jobseekers allowance.I did have some income request forms that they had sent along the liability order and asked if I had to complete the form and they advised me to disregard the forms as they were to set up the payments themselves.After this I was very positive and convinced things were moving forward. The council went on to sent me another income request form again which I disregarded presuming that the payments would be automated. Shortly afterwards the council passed the debt to bailiffs. I contacted the council to ask them why they had passed the debt to bailiffs after they had advised me that the payments would be automated from DWP. They then at the time told me that they had received the back as I was no longer on jobseekers I did ask the council why they had not written or contacted me to let me know that the payment had not been successfully set up. They responded by saying that I should have responded to the income and expenditure which I had disregarded following the advise that the payments were to be automated.The council then told me that I should respond to all the letters irregardless without presumptions of what had previously happenned and that I should have reported changing in circumstances although I was still getting a weekly allowance and nowhere had they mentioned before that I had to report. (Furthermore I was still receiving a weekly allowance from the DWP and without any other income). I was distressed by the council was adamant and they admitted no wrong doing and advised that they would still be pursuing the debt with Bailiffs whom they advised to get in touch with. I got tired off it and a few weeks later the Bailiffs came demanding a payment of £514 for a debt of £289 and advising that they will be returning to seize vehicles or goods in the next few days. I got in touch with the council again and launched a formal complaint- over the phone but they were more dismissive, intimidating, exercising power and worse more not listening. Requested the complain to be upraised and contacted by someone from the recovery department who went on to hang on the phone down for me and ask me to deal with the bailiffs. I wrote a formal complaint to the council following this but received a reply that they had done nothing wrong and that I still had to deal with the bailiffs. I went on to make an online payment of the full balance to the Council directly and not bailiffs. Finally the bailiffs turned up demanding payment and clamped down a car which I do not own. I am the registered keeper. They asked for insurance document for proof and said this was more than adequate to prove that I was the registered keeper. I have a V5 document but the bailiffs told me that they would start charging for the time, so I made a payment. Had a child who was there and very distressed and didn't want to cause any further distress and inconvenience of taking her to school without a car. They had already put clamped it and worse more not being an owner of the car would have caused further conflict with the owner. I have now spend all the money I had with me and have nothing left over to survive. Any advice?
  9. Requested a SAR from Halifax and they have sent me the information but there is no Default Notice or Termination Notice. I have 2 credit reports, which I downloaded online on different occassions which show different Default dates. I have also disputed the information before and Halifax seemed to have gone to mess up with the file following these disputes. At one time they told me there was no Default recorded and later wrote again to me apologising for providing me with misleading information. Currently the debt is with a DCA but the records from the SAR shows the debt has been handled with several DCAs. Should I make a part offer/full and final offer and ask them to remove the Default Notice? Total overdraft debt is in the regoin around £2300 which is made up of interest and bank charges. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
  10. She is a PA and was partly involved in the recruitment process. I vave a had a meeting with boss who seems to be clearly on her side. The boss started raising even more issues and that high performance is expected of me and compared me to another colleague who seems also overloaded and extremely stressed.
  11. Recently started a role a few months ago and there is a colleague who has been undermining me from the 1st day. I am told that I was never on her list of prefered candidates and that she would have hired someone young, bright, ambitious than me. Apparently it was the bosses decision to hire me. Recently there are other ideas that my colleague wanted me to support her so she could pass them over to the boss and this would then have been implemented by me. The ideas would have been a serious policy violation with a third party and I refused. Straight away after my refusal )same conversation) I was then informed that the company was actually thinking of getting rid of me in three months time because of poor perfomance. I asked my boss regarding this dismisal a few days later but she seemed to agree and undermined me even more. My confidence has been completely knocked off and some of my colleague have also even started to undermine me. What can I do?
  12. What about the other PCN they are chasing? Should they be combining these two together? I have no recall on this PCN but the council said this was issued 3 years ago. The original chase was for the recent paid PCN but the council seem to have picked on the old PCN and passed this over to Phoenix Bailiffs?
  13. I received a Notice Before Removal from Phoenix Bailiffs for two Unpaid Penalty Charge. I had however made a direct payment for the other PCN using an automated system to the Local Authority and it has been about 2months now since I made the payment. I phoned the LA and they confirmed receipt of payment but that I still have to pay the fees and the remainder of the payments direct to the Bailiffs .The Local Authority informed me that the other unpaid pcn was issued 3years and do not seem to recall this or have details regarding this one. I am now looking for help as to what I can do next.
  14. I filed a Statutory Uut of Time Declaration using a PE2 and PE3 form but the application was refused by the Local Authority. They refused referring to TE9 form (Don't understand why as I did not complete this) and cite that the Penalty Charge Notice on the form refers to a moving Traffic Offence PCN not a parking offence. The Local authority also mentioned that on review of the case the council was in possession of the address supplied on the TE9 form and that the Notice to Owner was sent to that address. They also provided photographic evidence of the PCN attached to a windscreen of the car. The TEC mentioned in their letter that I could complete the N244 form and file it within 14 days. However it is past the 14 days and I was wondering if I could complete a late N244.
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