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  1. Sent SAR off to these guys nearly 3 weeks ago.Unfortuneately i have no account number for the credit card account as it was closed about 18 months ago and cannot find a statement anywhere. But i furnished them with all my personal details. Recieved a letter back informing me that they would not be sending me my statements as my information has been deleted from their main computer!!!!! I replied by saying they are in flagrant breach of consumer law which states that they must keep such data for 7 years before destroying it and as such if they cannot provide me with the said data i am quite within my rights to claim £1250 compensation for each item they do not supply. I also reminded them that the clock was ticking and my original deadline was still in force.Today i recieved another letter on much the same lines as the first but adding to get in touch with Customer Relations to see if they might be able to help. What should i say in this letter, any advice would be really good. Thanx,
  2. Hi Halifax have acknowledged my claim a week after it was issued, but i have not recieved an allocation questionnaire yet. Will i definitely be sent one? And if so how long after acknowledgment should i recieve it? The claim is for nearly £12000 so am not sure what is going to happen re the court, will they carry on treating it as a small claim as they seem to be doing now, or will they transfer it to a fast track claim? Thanx for any advice. Blucky:)
  3. I want to send the subject access request off to barclaycard and get the ball rooling as i know that they clobbered me when i had a credit card account with them. However i do not have details of the account number. Can i send off the letter just stating my name, address, D.O.B, and stuff like that, and hope they will locate the correct account and send me my statements. Or do i have to obtain the account number first, and if so, how would i go about it? Thanx all. Happy Prosperous New Year!
  4. Hi just wondering do you think that it would be ok to use this statement of evidence for a claim of over £12000 against the halifax, as this will probably be treated as a fast track claim. Should i just change the wording from small claims to fast track? Also could i trouble you for a copy of that letter re Lloyds TSB customer services recovery. Wishing you a great xmas and a very prosperous new year. Thanx again.
  5. I have started court proceedings against Monument,and need their solicitors details to send them a copy of the spreadsheet where can i find this? Also will be proceeding against Halifax, Royal Bank Of Scotland, and MBNA, so i will need their details aswell. Any help would be much appreciated! All the best B Lucky
  6. i am completing claim online and i am just wondering if i need to supply a schedule of charges along with the particulars of claim. If so how do i go about it? The bank has already been sent a copy. Help is much appreciated. Thanx and a merry xmas all, & a prosperous new year.
  7. MBNA have just sent me a list of transactions. Charges amounting to nearly £700. They have offered to credit my account with about a third of this in final settlemet. ( Very big of them). I am not quite sure how to word the next letter. I need to obviously send them the letter requesting that they repay all of my charges, but how would be the best way to incorporate the acceptance of this partial payment as an interim sum, but still making it clear that the remainder shall be pursued. I have copies of both request for payment letter, and rejection of settlemet letter, but not sure how to combine the two. Any help would be much appreciated. Blucky:)
  8. I have sent off prelim to halifax requesting over £8000 in charges. What is the right procedure if it goes to court, as the small claims court only deal with claims up to £5000. I am a little confused! Any help would be a great comfort. Thanx
  9. Hi everyone, i am beginning to get nervy. Have sent off prelim letters to RBOS- £434. Monument- £394. Halifax £3531! And a second account £8472! GULP!! Obviously first three are under the £5000 threshold for a small claims procedure. But how do i tackle the £8472! Do i still make a claim through the county court. Some advice on this would be really appreciated! B lucky!
  10. Hi all, this is my first posting so be gentle with me. Sent first letters off to Halifax and First Direct, on 31 oct. Recieved a letter from First Direct this morning along with my cheque,promising me 6 years of statements within 3 days by courier, and don't worry about the £10 payment they will do it for free. I won't hold my breath! Await a reply from the Halifax. B Lucky
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